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Character Demo - "Childe: A Letter to Snezhnaya" | Genshin Impact

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  • 게시일 2020. 11. 08.
  • "Dearest Sister, I've been away for so long, I've almost forgotten the cold of our home..."
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댓글 • 10 526

  • Nette
    Nette 년 전 +9963

    Mihoyo if you're reading this:
    Please don't kill him I'm begging you.

    • shook
      shook 10 일 전


    • • Random Things •
      • Random Things • 23 일 전

      Mihoyo : I can see you... but I won't.

    • Lumine
      Lumine 23 일 전

      @spark teppei is an ordinary guy. Tartaglia has a vision so he can withstand the effects of the delusion

    • nana ♡
      nana ♡ 27 일 전

      @stic same

  • Maria Nielsen
    Maria Nielsen 년 전 +6291

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THE SECOND RERUN!! Wishing all Childe wanters becoming Childe HAVERS!

  • Kaeya Alberich
    Kaeya Alberich 년 전 +4029


    • Naega Byeonhae
      Naega Byeonhae 6 개월 전

      did he come home?

    • Gab
      Gab 9 개월 전 +1

      @Ko thank you

    • Ko
      Ko 9 개월 전

      @Gab congrats~

    • Gab
      Gab 9 개월 전

      @Ko I got him. And Itto and Jean lol

    • Lyna Hoover
      Lyna Hoover 9 개월 전

      I WAS HAPPY HE IS MY FAV CHARACTER!! I WAS SO SCARED BC I GOT KOKOMI ( win my 50/50 after Raiden) SO I WAS SCARED BUT I WON MY 50/50. It was the best thing!! And after I got eulaaaaa

  • simple weeb
    simple weeb 11 개월 전 +1469

    Trailer : 11 month ago
    Views : 11 million
    Chide : 11 of the fatui harpringers
    Perfectly balanced as everything should be

  • Yuki
    Yuki 년 전 +19519

    “If you were smart, you wouldn’t charge *into unknown danger* ”
    -Childe, who charged *into unknown danger*

    • Farhan Saleem
      Farhan Saleem 2 개월 전

      childe: I am the danger

    • Sophia Michaelis
      Sophia Michaelis 3 개월 전

      Okay yeah that's fair

    • The Lucas Fong RWF
      The Lucas Fong RWF 4 개월 전

      Childe: I didn't say i was smart

    • Gbee
      Gbee 4 개월 전


    • Gbee
      Gbee 4 개월 전

      Into the unknooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  • The Truth
    The Truth 년 전 +3850

    "Dear sister, I'm about to get another rerun in 2.2. I really hope they didn't kill me like Signora"

    • urmomJani
      urmomJani 7 개월 전 +1

      How can hoyo kill their one and only fav child(e)? /j

    • Maple Syrup
      Maple Syrup 7 개월 전 +1

      Hes getting rerun again💀

    • Sof Not Fun
      Sof Not Fun 7 개월 전

      ye thank for the spoiler (not really tho)

    • eLav
      eLav 10 개월 전

      @AyatoMainOverHere *for now in Genshin* since if you look at Honkai, even playable chars are killed and are still in the game, just a heads up-

    • AyatoMainOverHere
      AyatoMainOverHere 10 개월 전

      Childe can’t die. If the character is playable, they won’t die in the game. This stands true, for now.

  • Cinnamo
    Cinnamo 2 개월 전 +144

    It's been quite a while since Tartaglia appeared in the story and I must say... I just hope to get more of him. From 3.0 leaks I do believe he is going to play a role, but I really want more
    He is quite a rememberable character and surely on the top of my tierlist. This guy is chaotic yet so sweet, I want him to be with us all the way until the end
    "But don't worry about me. No matter what happens, I'll do whatever it takes to keep myself alive"

    • Micaela
      Micaela 6 일 전

      He's gonna be in an event in inazuma in 3.2

    • Axel Kjolhede
      Axel Kjolhede 9 일 전

      "If you make a promise, you keep it, if you make a mistake, you apologize. And if you give someone a dream, you defend it to the end..."

    • Shannon Samaroo
      Shannon Samaroo 2 개월 전 +6

      I want his rerun

    • ajaxbased
      ajaxbased 2 개월 전 +12

      i feel the same way. i really like how interesting his character is, and honestly hes just a normal (ignore the crimes) nice guy trying to live for his family.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 년 전 +747

    Guess this opportunity really isn't that hard to come by with the amount of reruns my boy gets.

    • ok
      ok 17 일 전

      Nah, this opportunity _is_ hard to come by i started playing in 2.5 i want him so bad 😔

    • Comrade Icez
      Comrade Icez 11 개월 전 +6

      This might be his last for a while

    • k.c33
      k.c33 년 전 +10


  • tohru adachi gf
    tohru adachi gf 년 전 +548

    I know everyone comes back to zhongli’s when a new demo comes out, but I come back to this one. I still think it has THE best music out of every other demo and it’s not even me being biased. it just suits him so well 😭

    • Christina Justicia
      Christina Justicia 7 개월 전 +3

      people love zhongli's demo simply bcs how they presented it, like there's lots of story telling in his demo, but music wise i agree this is one of the best music they've ever released, i always come back to childe's demo alongside with albedo, imo this demo and albedo is the most underrated one and both have a great music, keeps giving me goosebumps no matter how many ive watched it

    • Waddledeeznutz
      Waddledeeznutz 11 개월 전 +1

      bro that username I can't 😭

    • Katherine B.
      Katherine B. 년 전 +1

      This, Zhongli, Eula, Ganyu, Albedo and Hutao are my favorites

    • Creative Name
      Creative Name 년 전 +10

      While this trailer's visuals are honestly nothing special compared to something like Zhongli or Kazuha, I still find myself coming back to this one much more than either of them. I don't know if it's the music or something else entirely, but there's something about this trailer that makes it super satisfying to watch.

    • ML Pino
      ML Pino 년 전 +1

      My favourite is Albedo's theme

  • KC Shura167
    KC Shura167 년 전 +15070

    “Dearest Sister, today I just slayed a wind dragon, a wolf spirit and now I’m going off to face an evil clone of myself. I’m having the best day right now.😁”

  • Dani 🖤
    Dani 🖤 년 전 +2039


    • Christina Justicia
      Christina Justicia 7 개월 전 +2

      unfortunately i played the game on 2.4, he is one of my favorite character
      now i just need to wait for another year for his rerun i guess🥲

    • Arya / Elia Del
      Arya / Elia Del 9 개월 전 +2

      i tried to get him at his rerun but he refused me and i got Hu Tao just after 10 wish at my pity, i want to cry. I hope he will come again

    • Abir Toumi
      Abir Toumi 11 개월 전 +1

      Hi sorry I got him now I was being rude earlier

    • Hot Single Horses
      Hot Single Horses 11 개월 전 +1


    • kukupalad
      kukupalad 11 개월 전

      @Trashtalia you don't sound like you're joking at at all

  • lidya
    lidya 4 개월 전 +73

    childe's theme is superior to literally everything else

    • an.
      an. 8 일 전

      ​@PyroKunohhh that's what you meant- i guess i agree lol. mhy pls give our murderous precious harbinger a new vid 🙏!!

    • PyroKun
      PyroKun 8 일 전

      @an. Tartaglia's trailer is mid compared to the newer ones, he deserves a new one !!

    • an.
      an. 8 일 전

      @PyroKun no, it aged very well.

    • PyroKun
      PyroKun 9 일 전

      This didn't age well

    • hot and spicy
      hot and spicy 3 개월 전


  • chibishoyo
    chibishoyo 9 개월 전 +140

    I actually played Genshin Impact because of Childe. I like his character design so much it made me play the game. The power of this man holds. Now that I've seen this trailer, I'm definitely saving up for his rerun.

    • H
      H 7 개월 전 +3

      @STARSONIC thank god, i have times to save up

      STARSONIC 7 개월 전 +1

      well i hate to tell you this but childe had his rerun a few patches ago so it might take long for his 3rd rerun to come.

  • Nastaran Kooti
    Nastaran Kooti 년 전 +276

    "Dearest sister, I'm reruning again. Your brother will bring even more money home. Rest assured Tonia❤"
    BTW I CAN'T WAIT TO BRING HIM HOME FINALLY!! I failed his first banner and skipped the rerun for eula. NOW I'M GONNA GET HIM AAA

    • V Duck 73
      V Duck 73 11 개월 전 +1

      Update, did u get him?

  • Crystal Blitz
    Crystal Blitz 년 전 +10149

    Man I just- I can’t choose zhongli or childe they both got me going: AHHHHH

  • ngc 6205
    ngc 6205 4 개월 전 +27

    he's literally the reason why i came back into the game on january 2022 after quitting at the beginning of 2021. and really no gameplay gonna surpass his for me. seeing the hate and the bullying (if we can call it like this about a ficitonal character) towards him, lol... just remember that this dude doesnt care about everything else except his family, nation and the tsaritsa's goal. i sometimes think its cause he was showed as a complex one since the beginning, always switching vibe, tone, etc. having a lot of nuances right from the beginning could have confused people so they sticked with him being a bad guy idk. anyway. this demo gave me so much thrills and still does now. being my vanguard too haha. with itto and thoma, i'll always find him so unique. BUT I MISSED HIS RERUN DAMN, PLEASE MY MAN COME BACK SOON

    • Boku Kun
      Boku Kun 3 일 전

      @Pers Saukko soon

    • Pers Saukko
      Pers Saukko 2 개월 전

      We need another Childe rerun😭

    • ngc 6205
      ngc 6205 3 개월 전 +3

      @ajaxbased hahaha! he is so hot yes! i spent all my pulls on him, got him and then had to stop play the game. but i totally agree with you; what i find sad about fanon is that it makes him usually dumb and weaker than a lot of other characters. for me too he is one of the best written character, cause we see so many sides of him and when you discover his lore it is so complex (the dude does plays, dances, and just saying his name is hardly connected with achilles myth). i swear when you play him he literally dancing. hope we'll get him on his next banner yes 😍

    • ajaxbased
      ajaxbased 4 개월 전 +13

      his lore and overall character is definitely the best written and most interesting for me. apart from him being hot, i just love the guy lol. fanon childe is just so wrong..it makes me cringe but whatever. anw hope u get childe soon! we'll be childe havers :)

  • Barry West-Allen
    Barry West-Allen 년 전 +1058

    The Childe simps are too powerful, they've manifested rerun two times in one year

  • Halcyon Actual
    Halcyon Actual 10 개월 전 +69

    Childe in 5 years: "Dearest sister, I just had my 11th rerun, the players look angry but I think they love me"

  • SaRa_S
    SaRa_S 년 전 +400

    I know many people are mad about his (potentional) 3rd banner and all, but PLEASE GIVE ME THIS MAN
    He didn't come home 2 times already and I really want him😫 he's not considered the best, but honestly, I don't c a r e, I just love him
    We have a chance Childe fans, the man is coming home this time~ good luck to you all!
    Childe wanters will become Childe havers soon~

    • H
      H 7 개월 전

      WAIT REALLY?!!!

    • Potassium
      Potassium 11 개월 전

      @Amaira mhm

    • Amaira
      Amaira 11 개월 전

      @Potassium good for you

    • Potassium
      Potassium 11 개월 전 +4

      I got him this banner cause my friend told me to (i was saving up for hu tao) and he is actually my main now, he is unironically amazing

    • Saoirse 0605
      Saoirse 0605 11 개월 전

      update: i lost my 50-50. i wanna cry. cause seeing how ppl have been reacting it's not sure yet if he'll have another re run for a long long time. i'll keep pulling but i usually get around soft pity and that is FAR away. TT_TT
      that aside, really really good luck to you. If i dont get him i wanna see more childe in co op at least.

  • LittleYato
    LittleYato 년 전 +13597

    Imagen being Childe, living in Snezhnaya, being frozen everytime practicing abilities

    • Ali 2005
      Ali 2005 2 개월 전

      @Serious Coffee Cup I see, you are a man of culture as well

    • Neil Galvin Leopoldo
      Neil Galvin Leopoldo 2 개월 전

      @Francis Baconelectro+cryo = superconduct = more cryo i dont get why electro has more power

    • Sarah Dzelilovic
      Sarah Dzelilovic 3 개월 전 +1

      He doesn't get wet while using his elemental

    • Kaizu
      Kaizu 4 개월 전


    • Hot Single Horses
      Hot Single Horses 5 개월 전

      Childe doesn't apply hydro to himself
      although, in Snezhnaya, he'll probably be fighting using popsicles at this point.

  • Lider
    Lider 년 전 +347

    "Dear sister, I'm having my 2nd rerun soon~ People are really angry, but I hope that at least few of them will pull for me"

    • Ribonella
      Ribonella 11 개월 전

      I did and I ain't regretting it kssksm

    • Suga's Swag
      Suga's Swag 11 개월 전

      I lost the 50/50 to qiqi in his first day of banner but today I got him at pity 65, I don't regret, all I spent was worth it, he's so fun to play

    • Ray507
      Ray507 11 개월 전

      I won 50/50 and I got him wtf

    • L
      L 11 개월 전

      I DID

    • Jeongguk.
      Jeongguk. 11 개월 전

      oh wait I got it

  • megumi
    megumi 년 전 +148


    • kai
      kai 11 개월 전

      did you get him?

    • Silver Ring
      Silver Ring 년 전 +3

      Ty, you too!

  • Crfsbegum
    Crfsbegum 년 전 +111

    Imagine having a character with 2 elemental bursts
    I wish he came home

    • Skylia
      Skylia 6 개월 전

      aaaaa i joined just ONE banner late, during the itto banner TT and i had a case of beginner's luck (featured 5 star in first 10 pulls) so if i had joined during childe, i would have done literally anything to get him

    • Potassium
      Potassium 10 개월 전 +2

      @Gab i also started playing the game during yoimiya banner, ive been saving up for raiden shogun, but i lost the 50/50 to diluc (i was happy about it), and when kokomi came, i wanted to pull for her but after some time ive heard childes getting rerun... so i decided to pull for him instead

    • Gab
      Gab 10 개월 전 +1

      @Irece jk I agree

    • Irece jk
      Irece jk 10 개월 전

      @Gab That's great! I too joined after his rerun and now that i got him he is such a fun character!

    • Gab
      Gab 10 개월 전 +1

      @Irece jk Yess :D I got him on my 60th wish

  • jt
    jt 년 전 +112

    the first trailer that got me hooked on the game, and the first 5 star that i whaled for

  • Zan
    Zan 7 개월 전 +30

    He was just obeying Tsaritsa’s orders to do what he is doing, if you hate Childe for what he did and love Tsaritsa, it doesn’t make sense :V
    Also if you like Scaramouche and other Fatuies , but hate Childe for what he did, it also doesn’t make sense C:

    • marziy
      marziy 5 개월 전 +2

      He's not really a *good* person he's kinda just in the middle

    • Immersive
      Immersive 6 개월 전

      @soaly sulffúr dont care + didnt ask + ratio

  • The One
    The One 2 개월 전 +5

    I wish Griffin would someday say “Dorogaya Sestra” like how the Japanese VA said it 😢😢😢

  • The Casul
    The Casul 개월 전 +7

    Why is no one talking about how he slides down the waterfall?! It's so freaking awesome!

  • Dodo
    Dodo 년 전 +88

    Good Luck everyone who's gonna pull for him in 2nd Rerun ❣️

    • Bingle Cheese
      Bingle Cheese 11 개월 전


    • Chezeet
      Chezeet 년 전

      I claim this!

    • stronk
      stronk 년 전

      Thanks. Good luck for your future banner.

    • Romy
      Romy 년 전


    • PovoloRN
      PovoloRN 년 전

      @Iz Tung ahhh, now I understand

  • NekoMint
    NekoMint 년 전 +9189

    “Your brother has just been taking care of some trivial matters here, really.”
    *tries to drown Liyue*

    • Liz'
      Liz' 2 개월 전


    • KarahPlaysGamez
      KarahPlaysGamez 4 개월 전 +1

      @BunnyCakes PFFFFFFT- 😂😂😂

    • Daimon
      Daimon 5 개월 전 +1

      @Аnn Kisla well not rly we don't know who the villains are.. the archons may be for all we know honestly genshin has a lot of gray area u can't call any char outright bad or good rn

    • Just Sol
      Just Sol 6 개월 전 +2

      *tries to commit genocide*

    • sleep1ng_bear
      sleep1ng_bear 6 개월 전 +1


  • AAdelaide
    AAdelaide 년 전 +25

    Please dont kill him Mihoyo!!! We need to meet him with his family ;____; The biggest injustice will be breaking the promise he made to us

  • Bzzzt Bzzzt
    Bzzzt Bzzzt 년 전 +183

    I want Childe so much but I missed both his banners😭
    Edit: YOU WON'T ESCAPE CHILDE I'M GUARANTEED!!! pls come home early😭
    Edit: GOT HIM!!! C3 Chongyun and Rust! Then I also got Sara and Stringless in Standard!!!

    • Isa
      Isa 년 전

      @LpsAster AYYYYY :DDD

    • LpsAster
      LpsAster 년 전

      @Isa 13th october :>

    • Isa
      Isa 년 전

      @LpsAster WHENNN

    • fart pee pee
      fart pee pee 년 전

      He’s coming in the next update!! ^^

    • Dog In a box
      Dog In a box 년 전

      Ugh I still want xiao but I also want childe!!! Maybe the event will give me enough primos and he will come home early? I have garunteed so I might pull for childe.

  • チョタニラクシット

    It's official that Barbara and Childe are most favorite characters of Mihoyo

  • Notprathamm
    Notprathamm 년 전 +43

    Edit - ( I GOT HIM !!! )

    • MelatoninCorpse
      MelatoninCorpse 11 일 전

      @JerNyte are you ready for 3.2

    • JerNyte
      JerNyte 년 전

      @Angeli Fiona yes

    • Angeli Fiona
      Angeli Fiona 년 전

      @JerNyte it's confirmed

    • JerNyte
      JerNyte 년 전

      @zhongli_simp_lmao mihoyo normally do live stream 2 weeks before the actual update

    • zhongli_simp_lmao
      zhongli_simp_lmao 년 전

      @JerNyte Wait the livestream is that early? I thought we'd have to wait till next week :D

  • Contagious Cornstalk
    Contagious Cornstalk 년 전 +3566

    Childe: “If you were smart, you wouldn’t charge into unknown danger”
    Also Childe: Charges into unknown danger

  • Trace Macmillan
    Trace Macmillan 7 개월 전 +18

    A letter to Ajax (Childes character theme) is one of my favorite tracks in genshin this far as it perfectly reflects childe as a whole. Triumphant and upbeat, but also with a layer of sadness as if reflecting his past and the time he had lost when he fell into the abyss

  • t.obiyouu
    t.obiyouu 년 전 +46

    Heck yeah, let’s go for that 2nd rerun miHoYo. Ima bout to blow my wallet for this man🥺

  • Just a Youtuber
    Just a Youtuber 년 전 +44

    "Dearest sister, there's rumors revolving I'll get a 2nd re-run for 2.2. I don't blame them, after all; this opportunity is quite hard to come by"

  • akira
    akira 11 개월 전 +22

    why is he literally the most badass character in the game

  • Fresh Appleseed
    Fresh Appleseed 년 전 +8300

    Thieves: *doing literally nothing*
    Childe: "I see you have chosen death"

  • RedFlower Disaster
    RedFlower Disaster 2 개월 전 +8

    Its July 20th 2022, Happy Birthday Childe! Our great warrior Tartaglia and wonderful brother Ajax!

  • Kaøri³²¹⁶
    Kaøri³²¹⁶ 3 개월 전 +13

    I don't care if he almost destroyed Liyue, he is still one of my favorite characters

  • Flash yo
    Flash yo 년 전 +25

    It's time for the people who missed him in his previous 2 banners a chance to have him
    Edit- I won the 50/50 with him

  • Dylan
    Dylan 년 전 +24


    • Gab
      Gab 년 전 +1


  • TheNerdBrigade101
    TheNerdBrigade101 년 전 +5696

    Childe: having a peaceful day
    Also Childe: it’s quiet, too quiet. Time to murder.

    • A Pei
      A Pei 년 전 +2

      He likes to fight doesn’t mean he likes to kill

    • Aphyrodite Ash
      Aphyrodite Ash 년 전

      This Klee energy

    • Nikhil prince
      Nikhil prince 년 전

      Yes loo

    • Sera Mukherjee
      Sera Mukherjee 년 전

      I hate quiet too.Boredom is also pain.Death might just be better than boredom.
      Sorry peaceful people-

    • Sera Mukherjee
      Sera Mukherjee 년 전

      I feel the same except no murder more like prank-
      No wonder people are relating me to characters like hu tao and hanako

  • fi
    fi 11 개월 전 +22

    I like how Childe is the 11th Harbinger and this video has 11M views and was posted 11 months ago

  • ajaxbased
    ajaxbased 5 개월 전 +8

    will he get another rerun tho? im suffering childe-less

    • marziy
      marziy 4 개월 전 +1

      around 2.8-3.0 hopefully :copium:

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 5 개월 전 +6

    His demo never gets old, I enjoy it every single time I watch it.

  • Vika Peters
    Vika Peters 년 전 +7

    To all the childe wanters: GOOD LUCK! YOU SHALL BE A CHILDE HAVERS!
    To mihoyo: don't kill him please i will cry :'((

  • Mayo Linist
    Mayo Linist 년 전 +2698

    That transition when Childe is sliding through the waterfall is really epic!

  • rue
    rue 7 개월 전 +8

    The most inaccurate part about this is his plunge attack in melee form

  • neb sam
    neb sam 2 개월 전 +5

    I have been playing Genshin 4 months now but I don't have childe yet even tho I hear people calling him the rerun archon,but I will wait patiently for my boy to get another rerun cause I really like both his character and design

  • Pandikaw
    Pandikaw 년 전 +45


  • leukemic
    leukemic 6 개월 전 +23

    Just one more rerun of him HoYoverse, please.💔

    • Dadian
      Dadian 3 개월 전

      I need Polar Star lol! Even though he already claimed Aqua and TP HAHAHA!

    • ajaxbased
      ajaxbased 6 개월 전


    • Sankara Narayanan
      Sankara Narayanan 6 개월 전

      Yes Please

  • Qiqi Yeo
    Qiqi Yeo 년 전 +6832

    bgm really suits him... really shows his lust for battle behind his exterior

    • vanya nara
      vanya nara 년 전

      @Brendon Elders letter from ajax

    • Brendon Elders
      Brendon Elders 년 전

      Anyone know the OST at 0:55?

    • SkyeTheCat
      SkyeTheCat 년 전

      @TheBoltMaster bruh, you can make any character a dps if you build them correctly

    • Lol lol
      Lol lol 년 전


    • kiky
      kiky 년 전

      May i know the titke of this holy bgm, sir?

  • Noir Gost
    Noir Gost 년 전 +16

    To this day i love this man so much, never ever i regret to pull childe

  • labib 099
    labib 099 9 개월 전 +7

    The riptide effect is so satisfying, never regret pulling him

  • Aru
    Aru 7 개월 전 +14

    Manifesting Childe’s third rerun

  • Avynera
    Avynera 개월 전 +6

    Ajax is that kind of character we love and hate at the same time

  • 유라누나
    유라누나 10 개월 전 +8


  • Issei Ddraig21
    Issei Ddraig21 년 전 +28

    Childe: "I have a sister…"
    Aether: "I have one too… she's still missing though"

  • lalisd
    lalisd 년 전 +29

    I'm so glad he is getting rerun
    Childe you are coming home

    • Crowned sKULL
      Crowned sKULL 년 전 +2

      22 primos........didnt expect him to be the next banner........ *cries*

  • Neyvee
    Neyvee 8 개월 전 +12

    god i love this man so much he has such a cool character and it makes it in tearing that hes a villian, but at the same time hes kinda a goodish guy? either way, i love him lots, i lowkey got bullied tdy for having him all over my cam role💀

    • marziy
      marziy 5 개월 전

      can relate, i have too many pictures of this dude 💀 also he's not evil nor good he's just in the middle really

    • airborne snow
      airborne snow 8 개월 전

      lmao wtf

  • Viamii
    Viamii 년 전 +1682

    Childe: Slides down a waterfall
    Venti: _Wouldn’t gliding be faster?_

  • Yury
    Yury 9 개월 전 +9

    This comment is a petition for the right pronounciation of Tartaglia's motherland.
    "snEzhnaya", stress on E

  • Anish Gautam
    Anish Gautam 10 개월 전 +7

    The music in this demo trailer is so good!!!!

  • anqelic mxrii
    anqelic mxrii 년 전 +22

    I'm trying to give myself some hope like-
    - Using his Demo OST for my alarm for days
    - Watching his VA's cursed videos.
    - Singing some songs his VA covered
    - My school icon.
    - Finishing my Homeworks then starting to farm primogems until 2am even though I have school :)
    Now I just hope Jean/Diluc/Qiqi/Keqing/Mona won't ruin my pity...I love them all but I don't need them yet, I need my Ed Sheeran first. ❤️

    • anqelic mxrii
      anqelic mxrii 10 개월 전

      @Nika Leona nope, Diluc came home instead :')

    • Nika Leona
      Nika Leona 10 개월 전

      @anqelic mxrii Did you get him?

    • anqelic mxrii
      anqelic mxrii 11 개월 전

      @Saoirse 0605 more, I did some sprial abyss, achievements, world quest and daily check-in yesterday I think

    • Saoirse 0605
      Saoirse 0605 11 개월 전

      just a side question- but farm primogens? like by opening chests right?... right?

    • factsoars
      factsoars 년 전 +2

      good luck!! i have him set as my discord pfp and my banner!!, will set him as my yt pfp soon and my school icon lmfao

  • irkeria ღ
    irkeria ღ 6 개월 전 +6

    Интересно, найдутся ли те, кто потребуют изменения персонажа и Снежной, ибо очень много кто настроен по отношению к русским негативно? Я парочку таких встречала в коопе, надеюсь, что подобная ерунда не начнёт набирать обороты.
    Ps. Я знаю, что даже если эта херня и всплывет, но хоеверсы скорее всего, просто оставят это без внимания или негативно выскажутся в адрес "активистов". Не нужно писать, что переписать историю и культуру региона не будут, ибо это очевидно

  • chieftheearl
    chieftheearl 년 전 +12101

    “Dear sister, Zhongli's trailer has been released, they dont want me anymore. Im going home"

    • SukieMEI
      SukieMEI 년 전

      @rachm oh yeah, especially when he turns his blades into a polearm sheeshh

    • Little Koo
      Little Koo 년 전

      @SnowStorm dw he’s coming back next week, I’m saving for him too heh

    • Ben Schmidt
      Ben Schmidt 년 전

      @MR INVINCIBLE i have a feeling it'll be sooner than that ;)

    • br uh
      br uh 년 전 +1

      Day after day feels like i push against the clouds

    • yumi
      yumi 년 전


  • renstxrm
    renstxrm 년 전 +17

    can't believe I can finally pull himand get him guaranteed since I missed him 2 times already on 50/50s

  • uraalice
    uraalice 년 전 +8

    Back again since his rerun was just confirmed! Good luck to everyone trying to get him for the first time!!!

  • Toma Yuu
    Toma Yuu 8 개월 전 +11

    "Dear sister, I just had my third rerun some months ago and I'm once again preparing for my fourth before Sumeru comes out. They call me 'Mr. Worldwide' after all."

  • what
    what 년 전 +16


  • spiderdude2099
    spiderdude2099 년 전 +33349

    “Dear sister, today I killed a bunch of people. It was lit.”

    • ♡L O V E A B L E♡
      ♡L O V E A B L E♡ 년 전

      @Hiro Cortez kaeya was first husbando sis. Him and childe are a lit duo
      childe makes everything wet and kaeya freezes it
      this sounded so bad

    • Tooru Oikawa
      Tooru Oikawa 년 전

      @Comical. childe has 3 siblings i think teucer, tonia, and i forgot the other one name i think they are all younger than him

    • Tooru Oikawa
      Tooru Oikawa 년 전

      @Kichona Cho me too

    • BananaKirb
      BananaKirb 년 전


    • Hazal
      Hazal 년 전


  • Aheel Islam Aurnob
    Aheel Islam Aurnob 11 개월 전 +5

    When i started playing...i was so sad knowing that theres already 2 runs of tartaglia and i cant get him. But i got him in his 3rd run i am soooo happy. He was my favourite character and soo fun to play

  • Elise Marie Melencion

    Before playing genshin this man was everywhere and now that I have joined and his rerun banner release's around my birthday, hope he comes home 🤞 I haven't lose the 50/50 for 3 times hope I will win his too 😔😭
    Edit: I rolled on my bday and I finally lost the 50/50 to diluc. 😥

  • Amy V
    Amy V 년 전 +6

    I'm happy have Childe rerun in version 2.2 but please don't kill him 😭

  • Luxray
    Luxray 3 개월 전 +7

    What the heck only 12M views ? This demo is criminally underrated.

    • minami _uuu
      minami _uuu 3 개월 전

      @Luxray hm well I guess you're right about that...

    • Luxray
      Luxray 3 개월 전

      @minami _uuu Yes but also this one is older. It's normal for newer videos to have less views. Also, some other demos are in my opinion not as good as this one and have more views.

    • minami _uuu
      minami _uuu 3 개월 전

      ayy not really- 12M is a lot compared to other demos..(which are mostly below 10M) even raiden's has 11M iirc...

  • peepeepoopoo
    peepeepoopoo 년 전 +18965

    "dear sister, i will come back when im done mastering the chopsticks"

  • Michelle
    Michelle 년 전 +11

    I have not been this in love with a character in so long, if he ever comes back for a rererun I swear ill c6 him
    Update: I have c6 Childe :)

  • Rihonin
    Rihonin 년 전 +13

    Having him as C1 already just makes me go “reach for C6? Eh why not, Third’s time the charm!”

  • valirant.
    valirant. 11 개월 전 +3

    good luck to everyone wishing for him!

  • =• 𝙠𝙤𝙞 !
    =• 𝙠𝙤𝙞 ! 6 개월 전 +9

    I like seeing the community love and hate childe at the same time lmao

  • TsukasaPlayz
    TsukasaPlayz 년 전 +3680

    I tried this waterfall jump in game and dude I died
    Edit:I nvr expected these many likes and comments thank you so much

  • sunny raiin
    sunny raiin 11 개월 전 +4

    happy one year of this demo! i still remember the feelings when i watch this video and thats also the day i knew childe for the first time in my life. really bring back so many memories❤

  • Tata
    Tata 년 전 +5

    ''Deaterst sister, I am having another rerun after people skipped me for the archons. After all, this opportunity isn´t quite hard to come by.''

  • Tm_sgr28
    Tm_sgr28 7 개월 전 +9

    I miss Childe in Liyue

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 년 전 +4

    I absolutely love this, the music, the voice acting, everything! I really hope I can get him this time.

  • Lana
    Lana 년 전 +5878

    "Dear sister, some people are disappointed at Zhongli being support. I bet they regret not pulling for me"

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe 년 전

      @Coral sorry tarta sauce I want weapons, and I don't have that much of a good bow

    • Coral
      Coral 년 전

      "dear sister, I'm back but the hype only on venti and rosaria, guess im getting skipped this time too.."

    • The last sky
      The last sky 년 전

      Can't relate since I always pull for the husbands. Now im building my c1 Childe after I've neglected him for a long time since I got him.

    • Lana
      Lana 년 전

      @Jon Doe cool, gl on the pulls. i've got my event pity ready

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe 년 전 +1

      @Lana I'm thinking about saving for zhongli rerun(whenever it comes) since I believe It's best to focus on my actual characters

  • dawg
    dawg 년 전 +8

    Make his foul legacy transformation playable.
    Like when his hp is less than 40%, player can choose to use his ult to enter foul legacy transformation, he uses his electro delusion, converts all his hydro dmg bonus to electro dmg bonus, he receives a atk boost, a crazy movement speed boost. He can stay on that stance for 7 seconds, and after 7 seconds automatically triggers a plunge attack with his electro spear. No elemental override on the foul legacy transformation stance, his hp will be deducted to 10% of total hp after the plunge, and there'll be no way he can recieve healing during his foul stance.
    Will be epic fr

  • Not so Khush :)
    Not so Khush :) 6 개월 전 +12

    no hydro user will ever top you

  • UtSnow
    UtSnow 4 개월 전 +6

    Rewatching this since 2.7 is delayed and he'll probably get another rerun

  • The Dark Night
    The Dark Night 11 개월 전 +6

    I was at 73 pity and got him in my first ten pull, won the 50/50, Then when i was trying to get chongyun constellations, HE CAME AGAIN, C1 Tartaglia-

  • Zhongli
    Zhongli 년 전 +5584

    Don't be shy, give childe banner back
    Edit: childe banner coming back on 1.4,(cry in no primogems who want venti and childe) :')
    Edit 2: i must skip for childe and venti banner because saving is batter than wasting (saving for baizhu/tohama) sad but i will wait childe rebanner again ;)
    Edit 3:
    You can earn 7,800 primos in 1.4
    You can earn 2,520 primos by doing daily commisions
    You get 5 acquant fate in free battle pass (800 primos)
    Overall=11,120 primos
    Edit 4: idk why but at least i have rosaria, no primogems left huhu childe scammed me....
    Edit 5: zhongli came back, i think should i pull C1 him or save again 👁️👄👁️
    Edit 6: goodluck for pulling elua, yanfei and zhongli ✨
    Edit 7: i heard kazuha leak, and Don't know what gonna pull (cry no primogems)
    Edit 1.7: i just enjoy golden apple archipelago,👁️👄👁️ and my primogems is waiting for childe
    Edit 2.1: childe have new rerun finally my primogems is ready :)

    • Zhongli
      Zhongli 년 전

      @Bzzzt Bzzzt thanks for reminding me ;)

    • Bzzzt Bzzzt
      Bzzzt Bzzzt 년 전 +1

      Now Childe's the rerun archon with his 2nd rerun

    • Axeloth
      Axeloth 년 전 +1

      This comment is incredible

    • aether
      aether 년 전


    • final boss69
      final boss69 년 전

      Didn't want him tbh...literally i was pulling for rosaria and hoping to get some cons but well it is what it is ")

  • Tohmato
    Tohmato 11 개월 전 +5

    Bro I still can't believe I finally got this guy, I even got his weapon. 😩💛

  • Akabane
    Akabane 9 개월 전 +4

    everytime there is something new in genshin, i always comeback to this character demo❤ i just love ajax too much ig? 🤣🤣

  • Joey
    Joey 9 개월 전 +5

    Dear Tartaglia, thank you for carrying my abyss since 1.4 with 36* for 15 th strike in a row until now. Your skills with other teams xiangling, bennett, raiden, fischl etc can speedrunning and destroy any content in this game 🙏

  • El
    El 년 전 +37

    "Dear sister, I want to have Tartaglia and Tohma."

    • Endah Pirdaningsih
      Endah Pirdaningsih 11 개월 전

      @Zagi Productions but thoma is blonde

    • Zagi Productions
      Zagi Productions 년 전 +1

      They should both come on a banner and call it “h🅾️t readhead mania”

  • Glyx
    Glyx 년 전 +8140

    “Dear sister, I am going back to the limited banner. Too bad everyone has spent their primos on Hu Tao and Venti”

    • TheAlmightyPUH T.A.P.
      TheAlmightyPUH T.A.P. 11 개월 전

      @koko well I feel it’s weird for me to call them husbando’s since I’m straight. Plus like I said that’s not how I see them. I see them as bro characters so I call them bros.

    • koko
      koko 11 개월 전

      @TheAlmightyPUH T.A.P. im a straight girl but i still call the women in genshin waifus. its no biggie

    • koko
      koko 11 개월 전

      chulde will once again lose to hu tao

    • AlexY
      AlexY 년 전

      "IS THAT SO?"

    • Utsuho Amaranthi
      Utsuho Amaranthi 년 전 +2

      “Dear sister, I am going back to the limited banner again. Luckily no one spent their primos on Kokomi”

  • Ma Emilia Galarza
    Ma Emilia Galarza 11 개월 전 +6


    • hk
      hk 11 개월 전

      awww congrats !!!

  • None of your buisness
    None of your buisness 9 개월 전 +6

    Please Don't kill childe I love him
    I mean my lumine does...