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New Area Announcement: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths | Genshin Impact

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  • 게시일 2020. 01. 12.
  • Head south from Mondstadt and you will arrive in a nation known as Liyue. The most prosperous merchant port in all of Teyvat - Liyue Harbor - sits facing the open ocean.
    Until this very day, the presence of the adepti can be noticed in the area, adepti which the people of Liyue believe to be lead by the Geo God, Rex Lapis.
    ▶Closed Beta丨Testers Wanted◀
    Located in the east of Teyvat, Liyue is a bountiful harbor with unique architectural style, bountiful landscape and rich natural heritage. Travelers, now it's time for you to explore and uncover the many mysteries that shroud this Eastern fantasy city.
    Beta Sign Up: genshin.mihoyo.com/en
    *Please note that travelers who had signed up before need to sign up again. If the page shows that you have already signed up, then there's no need to do it again.
    You will have more chance of being selected as a tester by participating in events on our Facebook page and official forum. Don't miss them!
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    Official Website: genshin.mihoyo.com/en
    Facebook: GenshinImpact/
    Twitter: GenshinImpact
    Instagram: genshinimpact
    Official Forum: forums.mihoyo.com/genshin
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  • Sean
    Sean 년 전 +17106

    It's amazing how this game looks in the trailer, and it looks EXACTLY like this in game.

    • Lemoonaed_e
      Lemoonaed_e 개월 전

      probably why i downloaded it

    • ly 28
      ly 28 3 개월 전

      I have grafic settings on the lowest, my laptop is trash for gaming...

    • Ren
      Ren 년 전

      yea but paimon is really annoying and in the trailer, she looked so cute

    • Bergel
      Bergel 년 전

      For mobile players it ain't

    • kizunyay
      kizunyay 년 전

      Unless you have the lowest graphics on like me

  • Xero
    Xero 년 전 +11711

    Imagine what inazuma trailer area announcement would be like.

  • Respiratory Failure
    Respiratory Failure 년 전 +9095

    I wasn't expecting a free game to be such an eye candy.

    • imvge
      imvge 2 개월 전

      @Olmy if you can beat all the content in the game without spending money it’s absolutely free

    • Uchiha Mad@ra
      Uchiha Mad@ra 9 개월 전

      @CJ Martinez also once this game is finished I think 64 or 128 GB can handle the storage

    • VoltZ
      VoltZ 9 개월 전

      You'll be paying sooner or later 🤣

    • ניין
      ניין 10 개월 전

      @Ryan missed all of them🗿

    • Zeke Yeager
      Zeke Yeager 년 전


  • Still Something Completely and Utterly Random

    The only thing I knew that I haven't yet is that Guoba is an actual pet and not just another Baron Bunny.
    Man, now I feel sorry putting it in the tornadoes.
    Edit: And so, the horror of realizing Guoba is a living being continues
    Edit post leak: So apparently, he's a god and, after recently switching back to Anemo after getting Electro, I am really at his mercy. No Archon is there to save me from what he'll do
    Edit post Moonchase: Archons save me please

    • south pol
      south pol 개월 전


    • Dxdoking
      Dxdoking 2 개월 전

      This just progressively got funnier and funnier

    • shizen22
      shizen22 8 개월 전 +2

      Being a former god, I'm sure he can handle the abuse. Guoba forgives you and if not, he'll forget anyways. 😆

    • Paradox Valestein
      Paradox Valestein 년 전 +1

      What's next, Guoba is secretly a mini mech that will one day go on a rampage and destroy teyvat?

    • Aeeeeegis
      Aeeeeegis 년 전 +2

      gouba is a retired adepti

  • Broccoli
    Broccoli 2 년 전 +5206

    I'm playing this right now and I didn't realize I was already at Liyue Harbor. I was just randomly climbing mountains and ended up having the same view as 0:53 so I can confirm they weren't lying that this is in-game footage.

    • doplop
      doplop 5 개월 전 +1

      woah i found an ancient thread

    • ryo
      ryo 10 개월 전

      i had the same thing before

    • Hugs for Drugs
      Hugs for Drugs 년 전

      That's Wanshu Inn not Liyue Harbor but okay

    • Joe Matheo
      Joe Matheo 년 전

      @Gabriela Leonardo no that’s dihua marsh

    • andi??
      andi?? 년 전

      could u like... tell us where it is?? ;)

  • Shade Keigar Blacksky
    Shade Keigar Blacksky 년 전 +1325

    I see. They used Lumine in the earlier trailers.

    • Blossxma
      Blossxma 3 개월 전 +1

      @Sadia Ferdous Literally, it’s like they can’t accept the fact that there isn’t a canon twin and that it’s going to be the same regardless of which twin you pick. Like yes, some of the dialogue will be different (which shows that they do put effort into making), but the majority of it is the same.

    • Blossxma
      Blossxma 3 개월 전 +2

      @LUCAS MADERA No he isn’t. Hoyoverse said that there is no canon twin

    • TableWrens
      TableWrens 4 개월 전 +2

      @what no Hoyoverse has stated multiple times there is no "canon" MC in Genshin. Same with any of their other products. The female MC in Star Rail isn't the "canon" one, just the one in the marketing material. Yes, I and many others would prefer either they go the Pokemon route and show both MC or have some Lumine-specific trailers, but it doesn't look like that's the case.

    • Sadia Ferdous
      Sadia Ferdous 4 개월 전 +5

      I still cant believe how the genshin community cant resist fighting on who the real MC is.
      The moment someone mentions "oh I see Lumine is an MC here" someone else HAS to make a point on Aether being " real MC" although it absolutely has no relevance whatsoever on the prior comment that was made.
      And I am saying this based on the reply thread I was reading here. Mihoyo made it clear they chose Aether for their own marketing purposes and there is no canon MC. I chose Lumine and I dont regret it nor do I take it personally that Aether is put in every future trailers from here on.

  • Lisa Wang
    Lisa Wang 년 전 +991

    0:35 I’ve always been focused on Xiangling’s fancy handiwork but did anyone notice Guoba just rolling and doing somersaults to catch up to her 😆

  • Lasan, Jenny Margelyn M.

    This is one of the few trailers where basically Lumine is featured as MC. I need more of this.

    • too cool to do drugs pencil
      too cool to do drugs pencil 년 전

      Lumine seems to still have her original powers hmmm

    • Lasan, Jenny Margelyn M.
      Lasan, Jenny Margelyn M. 년 전 +1

      @katzgor I saw this as well I felt really nice that the two travellers could be flexible with their roles

    • Lasan, Jenny Margelyn M.
      Lasan, Jenny Margelyn M. 년 전

      @Shade Keigar Blacksky Oh that one two as well, nice nice that makes me happy

    • Shade Keigar Blacksky
      Shade Keigar Blacksky 년 전 +7

      Have you watched Mingxiao Festival trailer? Lumine is also there.
      And that is one of the reasons why fanarts about Xiao x Lumine is extremely popular.

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 년 전 +2521

    It's gonna be badass when Inazuma announcement trailer is out since its the start of Act II
    It is.

    • Hu Tao
      Hu Tao 개월 전

      I'm from 2022 in 3.0 and after 1.6 2.0 will come with inazuma and in 2.6 chasm and in 3.0 dendro and sumeru

    • relaxing rain
      relaxing rain 9 개월 전

      And it was.

    • Flux
      Flux 년 전 +3

      This aged well

    • Matt
      Matt 년 전

      @mangoise honestly they didnt really predict it as Chasm and dendro didnt get released nor was he sure of if it would release after 1.6 and go straight to 2.0

    • mangoise
      mangoise 년 전


  • Shogun 2 Heroic Victories

    Honestly I am amazed about the quality of this free game. and I mean that as a complete F2P player. The scenes in the final liyue story arc was amazing, and exceeded my expectations completely,

  • Nagusameta
    Nagusameta 년 전 +393

    Seeing Klee here made me even more thankful that I got her to join my team

    • Kanna The Weeb
      Kanna The Weeb 년 전 +1

      @Oat meal she is here now. Got her w 100 pulls

    • Zig Steenine
      Zig Steenine 년 전 +1

      @Oat meal I’m sure she’ll come back dawg just check regularly

    • Oat meal
      Oat meal 년 전 +7

      I wish I returned to genshin sooner, I really want klee

    • Nagusameta
      Nagusameta 년 전 +18

      @Zufar Aljauza Aye, I find it cute XD

    • Zufar Aljauza
      Zufar Aljauza 년 전 +35

      the way she shakes her head looks like a small animal drying itself

  • Polarisu
    Polarisu 2 년 전 +837

    This game is too beautiful for life and is looking better than a lot of anime-style games in terms of its animation and fluidity of the character movement

    • AFK
      AFK 년 전

      @Clarabelle Wang
      Yeah I’ve encountered a few bugs but they weren’t really a big deal

    • Clarabelle Wang
      Clarabelle Wang 년 전

      @Fossegrim yes and no the bug I just mentioned is with good ping

    • Fossegrim
      Fossegrim 년 전 +2

      @Clarabelle Wang Um yeah. I have a good internet connectiong. You know that if you have bad ping and stuff is "buggy" its on you and not the game?

    • Clarabelle Wang
      Clarabelle Wang 년 전

      @Fossegrim that’s good for you you must have good ping

    • Fossegrim
      Fossegrim 년 전 +5

      @Clarabelle Wang I am AR 53 and WL 7. I have played every day since the game was released. I can’t really remember encountering a single bug.

  • Razor Ramon
    Razor Ramon 년 전 +54

    For some reason, I rewatched this after learning Guoba's true identity. Felt sad but happy at the same time because he's with Xiangling ❤️

    • mari
      mari 년 전 +1

      Same. I just came her to see if this version teaser was the first time Xiangling and Gouba met like in the story quest cutscene.

    • Palden Gyatso Yolmo
      Palden Gyatso Yolmo 년 전 +5

      Same I remembered this scene. It even matches how they met like with the rain

  • Malthaar Gaming
    Malthaar Gaming 년 전 +362

    I almost forgot that this game isnt even a year old. I have already finished all the archon quests for liyue and even have the archon in question himself.

    • none none
      none none 년 전 +7

      It's an end to just the starting.. real things going to go now

    • Shashank7170
      Shashank7170 년 전 +9

      It's only a few months old now.

  • Barry West-Allen
    Barry West-Allen 년 전 +498

    Inazuma is about to be released in over a week, and yet this region feels nostalgic.

    • Lythrum
      Lythrum 년 전

      @Gabriel Santos eh, it all depends if your characters are stacked or not,but yes inazuma mobs are more challenging

    • Gabriel Santos
      Gabriel Santos 년 전

      Inazuma is much hard the monsters are literally the heck

    • none none
      none none 년 전

      @bugaboo ikr! it truly feels like home more than the teapot lol

    • bugaboo
      bugaboo 년 전 +10

      @Reyniel Urquiola yes i always collect my commissions from mondstat Katheryne just cuz… it’s home…

    • Lumiii
      Lumiii 년 전 +9

      @Reyniel Urquiola same... all of the regions have sentimental value (?) or smth like that to me

  • ain
    ain 년 전 +26

    i swear genshin just gives you this amazing feeling that there is no word to describe it

  • Jin
    Jin 년 전 +53

    look how far we have come, im so glad i came across playing genshin

  • maksat Melayev
    maksat Melayev 년 전 +24

    Who is here after Inazuma??

  • Sesh44
    Sesh44 년 전 +1160

    0:36 xiangling really just did an aerial sitting down off of a stone, Waht

    • Anusha San
      Anusha San 년 전 +4

      @tearsofthesenuts but.. I've seen people do this... There are several videos on yt

    • Zublin
      Zublin 년 전 +19

      bruh, is Xiangling she can do everthing xD

    • tearsofthesenuts
      tearsofthesenuts 년 전

      @Sin_Wraith no it's actually physically impossible lmao

    • Sin_Wraith
      Sin_Wraith 년 전 +4

      cart wheel, if you know what you're doing it's possible.

  • TzunagI
    TzunagI 년 전 +363

    When the game looks like the trailer

    • lagrangewei
      lagrangewei 년 전 +3

      Gouba is too fat to roll in game...! D:

    • OrangeBang
      OrangeBang 년 전 +2

      @Kurameno Ya, I'm lucky I have a Samsung S20+, doesn't even get warm lol.

    • Kurameno
      Kurameno 년 전 +7

      @TheWeedEater there isn’t a lot of phones that can hold this game tho, even on the lowest res

    • TheWeedEater
      TheWeedEater 년 전 +23

      It’s even more impressive when you realize that this is a mobile game

    • 🎲Dicey
      🎲Dicey 년 전 +7

      @Hu Tao Cries in Unity

  • MMOByte
    MMOByte 2 년 전 +5838

    My body is ready.

    • Hoodicaat
      Hoodicaat 년 전

      in various ways

    • Manyu Farah
      Manyu Farah 년 전

      @Soviet Random-access memory (RAM; /ræm/) is a form of computer memory. :) No need to thank

    • Soviet
      Soviet 년 전

      @Manyu Farah who is Ram?

    • Classic Person
      Classic Person 년 전

      And now you can adventure into Inazuma.

    • crystallexves
      crystallexves 년 전 +2

      My body and my hand are ready

  • Jaw Crusher
    Jaw Crusher 년 전 +30

    Can you imagine this is where it all started and look where they are today. Just over 5 month old imagine where they will be in a few years if they continue with this success. Great job guys.

    • Ryzane Crow
      Ryzane Crow 년 전

      @Noxy ay me too

    • Noxy
      Noxy 년 전

      omg youre right, yk what, ima comment here and leave my legacy

  • Fenrir
    Fenrir 년 전 +50

    I will remember this game till my last breath and ill die remembering i could meet this world. ahh my heart is so filled with so much warmth and no words can describe how much im pleased

    • Ram Titus
      Ram Titus 년 전 +2

      That's so Lovely to hear that A lot of us sre rlly enjoying the game

  • Simpy♡
    Simpy♡ 년 전 +19

    I just realized they used Lumine as the traveler here, I'm so happy

  • kob2
    kob2 년 전 +32

    I can't believe I never heard of this game not even once during the painful struggles of 2020. Playing during the Closed Beta Test would've been amazing.

  • Missionaryミッションナリ

    0:10 I can watch this all day

    • Joe Matheo
      Joe Matheo 년 전

      @khairul imran wdym that’s too young that’s how she looks and acts and don’t tell me one of those elf years ok it’s not proven how elf years work

    • khairul imran
      khairul imran 년 전

      @Joe Matheo that literally to young

    • Joe Matheo
      Joe Matheo 년 전

      @khairul imran she’s 6 or 9

    • Maria Samantha C. Ortiz
      Maria Samantha C. Ortiz 년 전


    • Matt
      Matt 년 전 +12

      Why is everyone taking like they meant something sexual, if you genuinely think that Klee shaking water off her hair is sexual then maybe you're the one that needs the Fbi

  • Tyler Figueroa
    Tyler Figueroa 년 전 +9

    If they made a Genshin movie I would be 100% in for sure, I would honestly love to see more of this animation

  • Kimon
    Kimon 년 전 +100

    This is the type of legendary game where you come across rarely so if you don’t play it you are missing out on EVERYTHING as a gamer

    • none none
      none none 년 전

      @?? no, WE ARE SMOKING

    • ??
      ?? 년 전

      @Sean :D what are you smoking?

    • Sean :D
      Sean :D 년 전

      @?? what are you smoking?

    • ??
      ?? 년 전

      @Sean :D botw already has had its glory.. its literally dead now.
      now their fanbase moves to gi

    • HoldMyGame
      HoldMyGame 년 전

      @PorCuad get a better phone or a computer that isn't a potato. I worked hard in school to earn my desktop when I graduated high school, and I even have a Samsung galaxy s10 phone, and a 1080 gtx laptop. Desktop still works great after more than half a decade.

  • Jotaro Dio
    Jotaro Dio 년 전 +529

    The "imagine inazuma trailer" comments aged like fine wine

    • Damiannn
      Damiannn 년 전

      @tomikun snezhnaya is literally gonna be here in like ten years lol

    • Cloudii • Winter
      Cloudii • Winter 년 전

      @Boe Man Fontaine might be quite similar to St. Fontaine in “A Post Honkai Odyssey”

    • Genki
      Genki 년 전

      @tomikun oh well I know the pain of unintentionally being spoiled on future story plots.

    • Genki
      Genki 년 전 +2

      @tomikun I wouldn't exactly call that a spoiler seeing as I told you nothing about her story but more her presence in Sumeru alone.
      Plus I can't really expect you to not know that lol.

    • tomikun
      tomikun 년 전 +1

      @Genki spoilerrrr

  • sakuea
    sakuea 년 전 +92

    It’s crazy how xiangling has a book of her sleeping and klee bought it

  • Isa H
    Isa H 년 전 +10

    i wish they had more trailers with lumine as mc like this!

  • Quaithe
    Quaithe 년 전 +5

    I truly love this game! It sticks with its trailer! The graphics, animation, and everything else are the same!!! Story, Perfect! Unique! I will never stop playing this game unless there's a reason to stop but so far, I have been enjoying my time grinding for 5-6 months now, everyday. ^^

  • Sodaegg -
    Sodaegg - 년 전 +6

    Ahh seeing the trailer now hits hard still, the music, and the scenery on this trailer is what got me into genshin.

  • JustRed
    JustRed 년 전 +13

    Remember folks, once we’re done with the game, we’re gonna come back to this video and it’s gonna be filled with nostalgic comments
    And damn are they gonna be correct

  • Meiden
    Meiden 2 년 전 +47

    Why do MiHoYo's games alway have to look so nice........ THEY ARE SO GOOD WITH GAME DEVELOPING AND CHARACTER DESIGNING!!!!

  • Pinku_Ronie02
    Pinku_Ronie02 년 전 +173

    I'm surprised by the fact that they used Lumine and not Aether in this trailer

    • Malakoi
      Malakoi 7 개월 전

      me too omg!!!

    • Diana
      Diana 8 개월 전

      @too cool to do drugs pencil uh what???

    • too cool to do drugs pencil
      too cool to do drugs pencil 년 전 +1

      Lumine still has her powers hmm

    • Gingerphobe
      Gingerphobe 년 전 +8

      i hope they will use her more

    • Learou
      Learou 년 전 +13

      I love it. Hopefully they will do it again🤞

  • Binyik Bicit li
    Binyik Bicit li 년 전 +26


    • Thanh Nguyen Duc
      Thanh Nguyen Duc 11 개월 전

      It's gonna be OP and Mihoyo wont accept that idea

  • Artix Silver
    Artix Silver 년 전 +5

    I still remember the sensation of entering Liyue for the first time. Like I felt like Id die any moment lol.

  • marco .
    marco . 3 개월 전 +2

    Queremos Genshin impact compatível para todos os celulares.

  • terria
    terria 년 전 +5

    it's been months since I've started genshin impact, I was here throughout 1.0 aswell. and the game progressed so much it makes me really happy. :D and these comments make me feel like I've went back in time, especially the mention of inazuma since it's coming out in a few weeks !

  • Naturally weird
    Naturally weird 년 전 +20

    The great thing about this game is it actually looks like trailers unlike most games 😂😂😂

  • ShanAndShaun eDiTs
    ShanAndShaun eDiTs 년 전 +41

    A trailer where Lumine is shown to be the main character. Nice

  • The YaxiCat
    The YaxiCat 2 년 전 +17

    When I entered that area, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was made to look. Gosh, especially at the Golden Hour. Beautiful.

  • imagine
    imagine 년 전 +4

    Liyue still the best city so far until now for me, it's really feel lively and full of serenity there

  • 猫Ravenous
    猫Ravenous 2 년 전 +1486

    Please release before WW3 🥺

  • Ravager
    Ravager 년 전 +2

    And remember, this game is completely free... and the devs poured heart and soul into every pixel, you can actually feel it!

  • yijun21
    yijun21 년 전 +4

    This is my favourite trailer because of Lumine

  • Maria Jibran
    Maria Jibran 년 전 +1

    This game is so awesome! The graphics , the design, the characters, the music everything is wonderful!

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 년 전 +12

    Liyue: happy, cute, and a whole new nation
    Inazuma: Let's go, Traveler, we're in WAR!

  • The Masterpiece 🌟

    This is when it's started when your journey begins to becoming the strongest traveler by seek your sibling and finding the mystery on the story and quests lies on your journey.
    This game is amazing!

  • lycoris
    lycoris 년 전 +155

    0:17 isn’t that the soundtrack for the ending cutscene of the Xiao story quest

    • Vince Pendy
      Vince Pendy 년 전

      Yap liyue main theme, you also can hear it, when you at liyue harbor, and set the time to 6 pm

    • Sato Akihito
      Sato Akihito 년 전

      I thought its fkin bwaap

    • xiaociao
      xiaociao 년 전

      @ArtMuxomor hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • CherubicBoot785
      CherubicBoot785 년 전

      @ArtMuxomor thx!

    • ArtMuxomor
      ArtMuxomor 년 전 +1

      @xiaociao hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Leah Tucker
    Leah Tucker 10 개월 전 +1

    bro I’m getting so emotional😭 I remember when this area first came out, it’s so amazing looking back and seeing how far we’ve all come

  • Honkers Bonkers
    Honkers Bonkers 년 전 +1

    For anyone on the fence about downloading and playing it looks exactly like the trailer and it is amazing although theres not much endgame content

  • ZenIceHero
    ZenIceHero 2 년 전 +3

    I Love each trailers that MiHoYo releases it makes me want to play the game more and more

  • Villana
    Villana 년 전 +11

    This ost will always be my favorite, especially for the Lantern Rite version

    • Villana
      Villana 년 전

      @Tywr Lantern Rite: Mingxiao Convergence or maybe different, but if your search for this, it still works.

    • Tywr
      Tywr 년 전

      What is the ost

  • Linal Fernando
    Linal Fernando 8 개월 전

    It’s really been more than a year and this still gives me goosebumps. I love this game so much❤️

  • Sona
    Sona 년 전 +3

    Whenever I feel disappointed with an anniversary reward, I come back here.

  • IamClaire_NiNi •_•
    IamClaire_NiNi •_• 11 개월 전 +5

    I wish the did more trailers and clips with Lumine as the traveler. Poor Lumine, she deserves more love.

  • iamthinking
    iamthinking 11 개월 전 +5

    My eyes are automatically attracted to Gouba after the Moonchase event

  • Nicole H
    Nicole H 년 전 +2

    i love this area it would look so nice without the monsters though

  • matt
    matt 년 전 +225

    Why are we all getting recommended this right when Inazuma is being announced?

    • Itav
      Itav 년 전 +4

      Hopefully means that we will get a trailer just for Inazuma instead of the usual character demos.

    • no one
      no one 년 전 +11

      To see how far we came, I suppose

    • undaerlings
      undaerlings 년 전

      me too

    • Okky Mahardika
      Okky Mahardika 년 전 +3


  • ダイ大
    ダイ大 년 전 +1

    I wish someone good would take everything that is Genshin Impact and write a good gameplay-story out of it. You know, like a game with content.

  • Kloie16
    Kloie16 2 년 전 +1

    There’s indeed a lot more improvement to this game than Houkai 3rd. Congratulation on the grand release for beta testers. We hope you to continue to pursue to more better games like this.

  • Fauzan Aziz
    Fauzan Aziz 년 전 +2

    I was very worried if the game would be able to portray the story as well as it hopes to.
    But then i remembered that this is Mihoyo. And they don't screw around when it comes to storytelling.

  • jozzy
    jozzy 11 개월 전 +1

    I come back to this time to time, just so I can remember how I feel when this game first came out

  • Its_BlueRosePearl

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  • Issei Ddraig21
    Issei Ddraig21 년 전 +2

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  • Glpz1 (Gomilopez1)
    Glpz1 (Gomilopez1) 2 년 전 +34

    THE HYPE IS REAAAAAAAAL SIGN ME IN!!!!!!!!! Love all the visuals and soundtrack, characters are cute and beautifully designers, thank you guys for the next best game we've had in long long time

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    Ken D 2 년 전 +1

    Amaze by soo many work that staff put on this beautiful game (>

  • DaxmanG
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  • DsA
    DsA 년 전 +34

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    • kizaku kai
      kizaku kai 년 전

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  • Tiddaroo
    Tiddaroo 년 전 +1

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    GhostSniperBR 2 년 전 +2

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    Esperando o lançamento no mobile!

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  • Jolu Samo
    Jolu Samo 년 전 +1

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    hana ayu 년 전 +84

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    • Alfredo
      Alfredo 년 전 +1

      @Crown Spring you are amazing, thank you.

    • Crown Spring
      Crown Spring 년 전 +2

      @Abi Razo It’s on Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds - Disc 1: Glazed Moon Over the Tides the title is called ‘Liyue’ and is the 1st track, you can find this part on 2:35 of the music

    • knhaughrre
      knhaughrre 년 전

      @Abi Razo finally someone who is also looking for the name of the music

    • Abi Razo
      Abi Razo 년 전 +1

      I need the name of this plz, I NEED IT

    • hana ayu
      hana ayu 년 전 +4

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    • Wakana Gojo
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