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"Cryo Chapter" - Cavalry Captain Kaeya|Genshin Impact

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  • 게시일 2020. 03. 25.
  • "Cavalry Captain Kaeya is quite approachable, at least when compared to his predecessor. He seems to know about everything happening in Mondstadt."
    - From Ellino, a sightless bard
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  • Emna
    Emna 년 전 +14128

    every character: getting a cool trailer

    • лурфек
      лурфек 일 전


    • Camille
      Camille 13 일 전


    • kaeya
      kaeya 개월 전


    • וkamisato ayaka•×
      וkamisato ayaka•× 2 개월 전


    • shinnick
      shinnick 3 개월 전

      At least he got one, my buddy Razor didn't 😮‍💨

  • G L
    G L 년 전 +2386

    To be honest, Kaeya being a 4* character makes so much sense, his whole life is about being a spy and hiding his true form, what else in making you believe he only have the ability of a 4* and a free character be more convincing. He is a spy in your team along, while having fun of course

    • Book Butterfly
      Book Butterfly 5 개월 전 +12

      The only reason they didn’t give Kaeya a real trailer is they couldn’t handle Dain Kaeya interaction 😔

    • MiyavendeR
      MiyavendeR 6 개월 전 +13

      @Wolfhooks his father said he was the last hope. So he probably was thier last resort

    • Ritaxr
      Ritaxr 년 전 +15

      @G L genshin will end after 10 years I think

    • G L
      G L 년 전 +91

      @Wolfhooks Probably when Khaenriah is revealed, .... which is like 2-4 years later Q.Q. Well, maybe not many Khaenriah are left so even a child is sent, too many mysteries lmao, and so many theories point to that Kaeya is the prince of the lost kingdom.

    • Wolfhooks
      Wolfhooks 년 전 +187

      So when will he reveal his goddamn secrets? I've read all his lore and like 75% of it is still a mystery. Mihoyo I'm waiting 😤🕐
      Also, wasn't Kaeya a CHILD spy? He was a freaking kid. Wth was Khaenri'ah thinking sending a kid as a spy???

  • ratpill
    ratpill 년 전 +1567


  • Nekoisgay
    Nekoisgay 년 전 +663

    Other character traliers: **epic battles and lore**
    Kaeya's: 🏊‍♂️🤸🪂🧗‍♂️🏃‍♂️🧍‍♂️

  • Mirai Kuriyama
    Mirai Kuriyama 년 전 +7874

    Kaeya's got the potential to have one of the most tragic backstories and I bet you when all the chapters have been released, people will come back here for this guy.

  • Chio
    Chio 4 개월 전 +9

    Leaving a comment here so that the people who will come back to this once the whole game is finished can all agree that kaeya has finally got the worth he deserves. In like 10 years

  • Lumine👹
    Lumine👹 2 개월 전 +18

    That 49 damage 💀😭😭

  • you_suck
    you_suck 년 전 +213

    🏃 🏊 🤖 🧍

  • Something
    Something 년 전 +77

    I honestly feel like Kaeya is one of those "hidden 5 stars". He is super strong, obviously he is not as strong as some 5S, but DPS Kaeya with a good team and build can clear many, *many* domains. And this is coming from someone who is AR50.

  • kolo _
    kolo _ 년 전 +18377

    venti: anemo god
    zhongli: geo god
    kaeya: bridge god

  • -Giyū Tomioka-
    -Giyū Tomioka- 년 전 +93

    Make Kaeya a new trailer he deserves it

  • loolee
    loolee 8 개월 전 +26

    my man did nothing but run swin climb and fly but still look badass af

  • Le Fandom Trash
    Le Fandom Trash 년 전 +25

    If he DOESN’T have some sort of major comeback in the Khaenri’ah Chapter I’m gonna scream.

  • Akinatorical
    Akinatorical 년 전 +36

    Remember: kaeya is a Calvary captain in a horseless city.

  • Akira Maverick
    Akira Maverick 년 전 +6771

    Kaeya is the first character I adored in this game. After our first meeting he did not leave my party not even once. I aint caring about those "tier list" I JUST LOVE THIS GUY lol

    • kaeya
      kaeya 개월 전

      Me too ajjajaja

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth 3 개월 전

      same I'm not AR 56 and he has never left my team

    • Alexa Misaki
      Alexa Misaki 년 전 +1

      Is he still in your team?? 🤔❄️

    • hysterï
      hysterï 년 전


    • Roki
      Roki 년 전


  • Karlaly
    Karlaly 년 전 +15

    the fact that KAEYA of all people did not get any additional voicelines in his trailer should be considered a crime

  • Razor Sharp
    Razor Sharp 년 전 +63

    This guy is one of the most versatile characters in the game. He's one of the sexiest in the game. He's earned a permanent place in my roster for many kinds of content.

  • Rave Odin
    Rave Odin 11 개월 전 +7

    Just triple crowned him, feeling proud about being a Kaeya main, came here just to conmemorate it, hopefully I will get him to c6 some day.

  • Sac_Vern
    Sac_Vern 년 전 +12

    All the 4 stars: cool character demo.
    Kaeya: I CAN WALK

  • itselaaai
    itselaaai 년 전 +4354

    (Idle for like 0.2 sec) Kaeya: I didn't know you're such a slacker
    (Starts sprinting) Kaeya: What's the hurry?
    Make up your mind dude

    • Kaeya's lil Slacker
      Kaeya's lil Slacker 개월 전

      Lol I instantly became a kaeya man when he first called me a slacker

    • Anonymous Ina
      Anonymous Ina 3 개월 전 +1

      Fr... kaeya mains pain

    • Micheya
      Micheya 5 개월 전 +1

      I like to think of it as "What's the hurry?" Him chasing down his enemies
      Like "why are you running?" Lmao

    • Sophaloafa
      Sophaloafa 5 개월 전 +1

      @moonchild He’s a Sagittarius

    • KuroDoggi
      KuroDoggi 6 개월 전


  • Tinkeroftime Little Seed

    After triple crowning him and maxing out his artifacts and weapon Im glad to say he was worth it! Also the fact that he gets mentioned in every new place is so important. Dreamy bubble camera in sumeru, chasm, inazuma. His time will come and I can’t wait to be there. 5 star Kaeya when? Is pierro his father? Relative? How is he the last hope? The use of time travel to go into tge future. Why isnt he affected by the curse? Is he? His eyepatch, what is underneath? Is he an abyss lector like anjou? Why did his family become regents? Can Kaeya access the Irminsul tree? I have questions hoyo? Diluc and Kaeya reconciliation arc when? When will Kaeya and Dainsleif meet?

  • 【 yugo my love 】

    no one:
    kaeya's trailer: 🏃‍♂️🧍‍♂️🤸🏊🧗‍♂️🤺

  • Pallavi
    Pallavi 년 전 +8

    kaeya: this moment will be frozen in time
    also kaeya: *freezes because my xingqiu inflicted wet on himself*

  • This image can describe the true culture

    Each character in this game: has a very cool trailer

  • Fadhil
    Fadhil 년 전 +9059

    Me : Eating while afk in the game
    Kaeya : C'mon let's get movin' we're not frozen in place after all

    • byproducts
      byproducts 2 개월 전

      in CN he says something like "if we don't get moving, we'll start growing mushrooms" lol i guess EN localization team thought the joke wouldn't translate (or wasn't concise enough)

    • Anonymous Ina
      Anonymous Ina 5 개월 전

      Him: almost freeze to death in dragonspine
      Also him: what's wrong? Can't handle the cold?
      Me: bish, u literally about to die...

    • Kaedehara Kazuha
      Kaedehara Kazuha 10 개월 전

      i hated him saying that so i took him off my team 😭😭

    • BiscoffBuns645
      BiscoffBuns645 년 전

      Literally was trying to get some ice cream and my headphones are Bluetooth so I could hear him the whole time. THAT COIN FLIP HAD ME GOING NUTS LIKE, PLEASEEE STOPP 😭🤚🏾

    • Tecno
      Tecno 년 전 +1

      Me PC: I highly disagree, Mr. Kaeya

  • A.Krishna
    A.Krishna 년 전 +5

    When you level him up properly, he deletes bosses so fast

  • riya k
    riya k 년 전 +6

    Legit not even embarrased to say kaeya was the first person to ever take my breath away literally

  • samantha
    samantha 년 전 +6

    i really love how kaeya says "favonius", like its so *fancy*

  • Man Face memes
    Man Face memes 년 전 +9

    Everyone's trailer: attacks and skills showcase.
    Kaeya's trailer: 🏃🏊🧗

    • Toasted.
      Toasted. 년 전 +1

      Hes not like other girls😍

  • crowrios
    crowrios 년 전 +23843

    people be spending hundreds trying to get the genshin husbands when the real genshin husband has been with you all along

  • Don Quijote
    Don Quijote 3 개월 전 +5

    49 crit physical damage! LET'S GO KING!

  • Jessica
    Jessica 년 전 +6

    If this is the closest we get to his own theme then I wish they’d release this track to Spotify or just give us a clean version of the music :’)

    • Jessica
      Jessica 년 전 +2

      ^ ‘Imminent Triumph’ is the song which plays during the cutscene where we first meet Kaeya (after Stormterror’s attack) if anyone wants a substitute Kaeya theme

  • Anita Kh.
    Anita Kh. 년 전 +8

    I’m waiting until Kaeya reveals his 2nd eye and we get a 2nd trailer 😌
    Also, he was the first person who had a trailer... Shows the importance of him in the story. Maybe?

  • Juanmiguel Katalbas

    Other character trailers: cool actions and demos
    Kaeya: p.e teacher

  • Taylor H.
    Taylor H. 년 전 +7168

    petition for my boy to get a revamped trailer, it's what he deserves

  • Aper Scrof
    Aper Scrof 개월 전 +4

    Kaeya is really strong! He was my first DPS when i just started the game

  • - Red
    - Red 11 개월 전 +4

    I finally have my first limited 5*, but I will never give up building my kaeya. I like his low cd, self heal and his passive is really helpful for exploring. Now mihoyo just need to give me kaeya cons 😌

  • Medhaphor
    Medhaphor 11 개월 전 +5

    Am I the only one that gets triggered when Kaeya tells me I'm a slacker, and then when I start sprinting, he goes "What's the hurry?"
    But seriously they are two of the hottest lines in the entirety of Genshin

  • Aana
    Aana 7 개월 전 +5

    when the khaenri'ah chapter comes out i bet you everyone will come back to our #1 husbando. I BELIEVE IN KAEYA SUPREMACY.

  • Lyon Ross
    Lyon Ross 2 년 전 +6377

    Kaeya: "You wanna know about my eyepatch, eh?"
    Kaeya: *continues to lie about his eyepatch*
    If he could stop lying fOR JUST ONE SECOND

    • Raiden
      Raiden 3 개월 전

      @scrubbywubby he hides his eye because its most likely cursed. Im saying this as a kaeya main. Just go to Enkanomiya at the boss area, stand in the water at dark mode and see how much he fits in there. Or to the Chasm towards the mushroom. Dilucs father adopted him but he was actually sent by his father to spy on Mondstadt. But he got friends and he didn't want to hurt them and lose them so he chose to cover up his real self and lie every time. He's from Khanriah, his pupil and starts on his outfit tells enough and jean is suspicious because she may know about that information as well

    • scrubbywubby
      scrubbywubby 년 전

      @Lyon Ross his name card implies that his eye is perfectly fine, i wonder what reason there could be for him to hide it

      ARMYALEX 년 전 +4

      Diluc: "Kaeya? You can only trust half of what he says... at best."

    • isabelle
      isabelle 년 전

      @i love pixels one can always dream

    • isabelle
      isabelle 년 전

      @i love pixels lmaoo no problem, also doesn't noelle say "How many new eyepatches did Kaeya buy?" in her voice lines
      so it's not an heirloom we just can never tell if hes joking or not

  • • Lich •
    • Lich • 년 전 +3

    He's been my main since I got him and I'm now AR45 and he's still my main :) I love him so much

  • 蕭
     개월 전 +6

    When I'm run away from enemies for his life, he always say "what's the hurry?"
    (Sorry for bad eng)

  • Puflo
    Puflo 10 개월 전 +7


  • XiaoIsLife
    XiaoIsLife 년 전 +6

    Everyone else’s trailer:
    Cool story and others

  • phqllic
    phqllic 년 전 +3482

    yall, he's actually super strong, I swear he isnt just an ice bridge

    • Maalik Serebryakov
      Maalik Serebryakov 개월 전

      @Ushno- Sensei©️ how??

    • Ushno- Sensei©️
      Ushno- Sensei©️ 개월 전

      I have c1

    • KuroDoggi
      KuroDoggi 5 개월 전 +1

      Dish and her c6 Kaeya be like: YEAAH

    • kazuu
      kazuu 5 개월 전 +1

      @starstrugk_ ppl actually do 300k dmg on him

    • Kaeyathrei
      Kaeyathrei 6 개월 전 +2

      @Please enter a name idk but you deal no damage literally when u are in level 1

  • RhanielYT
    RhanielYT 2 개월 전 +4

    Kaeya one of the underrated characters in the game. And one of the first ever character i mained.

  • ♡L O V E A B L E♡
    ♡L O V E A B L E♡ 11 개월 전 +3

    Little detail about kaeya: when he uses his burst his hand tremble a little. It shows he's struggling to control how much power he lets out which means the kaeya we have right now is not the kaeya at his full power. I really hope mihoyo won't forget this detail and actually make him (and the other starters i hope) stronger. Maybe during the khaenri'han arc?

  • Spider Corpses
    Spider Corpses 년 전 +5

    49 damage 🤯

  • this opinion is wrong

    Guys i figured it out, i think mihoyo intended kaeya to be a much deeper character then all of us realize, you know how kaeya is probably the go-to character to cross the sea?? Doesn't that remind you of something, that's right, jesus. Essentially kaeya is just jesus himself, so kaeya is literally god, yall heard it here first folks😕

  • Dead Memester
    Dead Memester 2 년 전 +5350

    I could listen to this man's voice for hours

    • Lid
      Lid 9 개월 전


    • Amanart
      Amanart 년 전 +1

      @starstrugk_ I just say stfu kaeya but I secretly love it ;; but damn Kaeya

    • starstrugk_
      starstrugk_ 년 전 +5

      That’s the reason why I stand idle for 10 seconds just to hear him call me a slacker

    • Amanart
      Amanart 년 전 +1

      @oopsThey just need more lines man T_T I love their voice actors but PLS KAEYA YOU EITHER STFU OR HAVE DIFFERENT LINES and lowkey it goes for everyone else ;-;

  • xuan
    xuan 년 전 +9

    other characters’ trailer: cool af
    kaeya’s trailer:🏃🏻‍♂️💨 🤼 🏊🏻‍♂️

    • Wolfhooks
      Wolfhooks 년 전 +1

      This is the oldest trailer in the game yo. It was made one year ago. Obviously Mihoyo weren't experienced

  • DN.BOT_
    DN.BOT_ 년 전 +10

    Other character trailer: 🥵🥶🤩
    Kaeya’s trailer: 🏃🧗🤺🏊‍♂️

  • OkBro
    OkBro 년 전 +10

    everyone else's trailer: cool main character type shii
    kaeyas trailer: 🏃🧗🏊🏃🦋🏃🤺

  • Donnae Aalushi
    Donnae Aalushi 년 전 +3

    I swear to god even if i get 5* characters kaeya will always be my main dps. He has the potential and i swear i would cry if he wasnt free. Im gonna build him til the end and he's hot

  • ash ketchup
    ash ketchup 년 전 +10201

    honestly kaeya would have been way more loved if he wasn’t free
    edit: why does this have 8k likes it was pretty obvious lmao

    • Book Butterfly
      Book Butterfly 5 개월 전

      It’s ok I love him enough for the whole fandom

    • Johjoh64
      Johjoh64 11 개월 전

      @Hi & Hello Maybe it's because she's holding back and thus not being the most powerful version of herself

    • Johjoh64
      Johjoh64 11 개월 전

      At least everyone has him, and only the ones who truly appreciate him will use him

    • zuhoor mubarak
      zuhoor mubarak 년 전

      I agree! Because it's human nature, to focus on what we don't have to have it.

    • Ritaxr
      Ritaxr 년 전

      @Leslie Lopez but a lot of people say that kaeya is fun to play, idk

  • комнатный дед
    комнатный дед 2 개월 전 +4

    афигеть, как же михоё продвинулись в создании трейлеров

  • Adiiiiii
    Adiiiiii 8 개월 전 +3

    “He needs a better trailer” he needs a character demo so we can hear what dain has to say about him

  • olleh
    olleh 년 전 +3

    of course mihoyo would balance the fact he’s an amazing and free character by making him on of the hardest characters-if not the hardest-to get for constellations *cries on C0

  • sloth
    sloth 8 개월 전 +5

    my boy kaeya has this kind of basic trailer because they're saving his banger character demo for the khaenri'ah arc 😳

  • serenity ꨄ
    serenity ꨄ 년 전 +3640

    whenever i interact with kaeya in game i'm always complimenting him like im in an otome game and im tryna get w him 🧍🏻‍♀️
    edit: 1.3k likes for me being a simp? damn thanks guys

    • AndromedaCollapse
      AndromedaCollapse 3 개월 전

      Like Genshin Impact itself isn't already an otome game?

    • NekoBoi
      NekoBoi 6 개월 전

      Kaeya simps unite

    • anemcnes
      anemcnes 8 개월 전


    • r m
      r m 9 개월 전


    • maria o_o
      maria o_o 년 전


  • Julinhavitinha
    Julinhavitinha 년 전 +6

    I love his trailer, is basically 🏃‍♂️🏊‍♂️🧗‍♂️🚵‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏇🤾‍♂️ all over

  • MatrixSix
    MatrixSix 9 개월 전 +3

    Everyone's talking about how Kaeya should be a five star bc he's such an important character, and that he's consistently overlooked.
    Guys, they're downplaying him on purpose. He's a spy, you're not supposed to know. ;)

  • CCCarrot
    CCCarrot 년 전 +4

    I don’t care about the power or anything eles, Kaeya will always be my only genshin husbando in this game😍

  • ganxiaos
    ganxiaos 10 개월 전 +4

    no matter how many pretty men they release i always find myself coming back to him 😩❤

  • Feinerix
    Feinerix 9 개월 전 +3

    I came here to celebrate my c6 kaeya. Absolutely worth it

  • Yorishiro z
    Yorishiro z 11 개월 전 +5

    *ruin guard literaly about to kill me and kaeya is the last one standing and he has really low hp*
    kaeya: "wHaT's ThE hUrRy~?"

  • space dust
    space dust 3 개월 전 +4

    We need more kaeya lore, come on mihoyo

  • 0H_qzx
    0H_qzx 년 전 +3

    Other Trailer’s: cool as heck
    Kaeya: *swimming* *gliding* *climbing

  • Swift Food
    Swift Food 7 개월 전 +3

    0:29 that damage tho 🔥

  • Vyn
    Vyn 년 전 +3

    too cool for the trailer HE is the trailer himself his appearance and voice KAEYA himself can attract new players.

  • •Officially Nikko•
    •Officially Nikko• 7 개월 전 +2

    There’s better be revamped of the trailer and like everyone else’s, he even deserve a five star✊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid

    This is around the time when Mihoyo didn't have the budget to do great character demos. They really evolved, huh?

  • Kai Jie Soo
    Kai Jie Soo 2 년 전 +1851

    is nobody bothered that he’s a *cavalry* *captain* who runs everywhere

  • oddhaunted
    oddhaunted 년 전 +6


  • Alyssa Rios
    Alyssa Rios 9 개월 전 +3

    I would love to see a remake of the kaeya trailer man

  • saden
    saden 년 전 +4

    *I'm sorry, my heart only belongs to this man😩🤚*

  • stqrrberri
    stqrrberri 년 전 +2

    Let's be honest, kaeya is there when we need him. Like getting to the geo cube or going to the unmarked island

  • Kenneth Mabanto
    Kenneth Mabanto 년 전 +933

    Kaeya: My eyepatch wanna here my story eh I know a great place fit for a chat
    Also Kaeya: *DIDN'T EXPLAIN IT*

  • Рейн
    Рейн 년 전 +5

    Пробегал , поплавал, полазил молодец мужик

  • Oh my Goodness
    Oh my Goodness 년 전 +3

    Appreciate the 9 damage by Lisa and 10 by Barbs

  • rick
    rick 8 개월 전 +2

    When people said Kaeya's trailer is kinda bad I thought they were just exaggerating but after seeing the 49dmg basic attacks I am crying

  • Annique
    Annique 년 전 +2

    Me: stands around for a second
    Kaeya: I didn't know you were such a...slacker
    Me: starts sprinting
    Kaeya: wHaT's tHe HuRrY?

  • Kimi.
    Kimi. 2 년 전 +4110

    Lets all just take a moment to admire the scenery and his voice. Its smooootttthhhh yet doesn't make me cringe

    • Trang Phạm
      Trang Phạm 4 개월 전

      I love his "lets get moving"! 💖

    • din ney ney
      din ney ney 년 전 +1

      @Leon Kuwata does Aether sleeping for 500 years count-

    • Pumpkin Necromancer
      Pumpkin Necromancer 년 전 +1

      @EdgarIdentityV they got their name set as Leon Kuwata, how could I not make the reference at that point!? It’s too easy lol!

    • EdgarIdentityV
      EdgarIdentityV 년 전 +2

      @Pumpkin Necromancer XD that danganronpa reference

  • Albedoooooooooooo
    Albedoooooooooooo 년 전 +2

    that "not bad" makes me laugh so hard everytime.

  • Prajeeta Pradhan
    Prajeeta Pradhan 년 전 +5

    Am I the only one thinks that Kaeya being a 4* really does make sense?
    Spoilers ahead:
    It's because Kaeya happens to be a really important character and is definitely one of the main protagonists right now. His story about Khaenriah gave all the evidences and we all know how big that lost nation is going to become in the later game. Maybe the reason Kaeya was not only made as a 4* but as a *free character* must be Mihoyo's way of giving us a clue yk.

    • Wolfhooks
      Wolfhooks 년 전

      @Prajeeta Pradhan death flags. Death flags galore 😰
      But yea u have a point. Kaeya does seem to be a protagonist at this point. He appears in every quest, even if the quest has nothing to do w him!

    • Prajeeta Pradhan
      Prajeeta Pradhan 년 전 +1

      @Wolfhooks oh my gosh-

    • Wolfhooks
      Wolfhooks 년 전 +1

      A clue that they will kill him! Think about it. If they kill a 5 star character for the sake of the plot (which they probably will cause this Mihoyo, they don't do cute), they'll burn down their money tree. 5 stars are what get them the money. But Kaeya is not only plot heavy, Kaeya is FREE. Everyone has him. If they kill him for the sake of the plot, it will be a win win for them. They got plot and they didn't ruin the primogem business

  • Glitch (Hello kitty best anime out there)

    Players: So why should we play with Kaeya?
    MiHoYo: You know, he can run, he can climb...

  • Mquthl3ss
    Mquthl3ss 3 개월 전 +4

    Give him a good trailer,I BEG YOU MIHOYO😭

  • - Red
    - Red 11 개월 전 +2

    As a new player, I finally understood why he's mostly running in this vid after two months playing him. 😂

  • ConradAnnie
    ConradAnnie 년 전 +11

    bruh kaeya in his trailer is like: 🏃🏻🏊🏼🧗🏻🧚🏼‍♂️

  • -- yumx
    -- yumx 5 개월 전 +3

    keaya has such a cool backstory, thats a great opportunity to make a good trailer!

  • Konichiwassup peoples


  • RazmeRade
    RazmeRade 2 년 전 +8653

    The english voice acting was surprisingly good. Not an ounce of cringe.

    • starstrugk_
      starstrugk_ 11 개월 전

      Fr it sounds so natural
      Josey did a good job

    • RazmeRade
      RazmeRade 11 개월 전

      @Spooky Ravetastic🎃 you can't be serious lul

    • Water Tank
      Water Tank 년 전

      japanese va is literally a jojo reference

    • Ok.
      Ok. 년 전

      Please don't bring your anime bs debate over here thanks

      ARMYALEX 년 전 +3

      @SummEraIN im used to japanese having watched anime for over a dozen year but i still enjoyed the english dub of genshin and it's what i settled with after checking the voices of all the languages

  • Dandylion
    Dandylion 10 일 전 +3

    See you all in 2030 when Khaenri'ah finally comes out :) I'll be a loyal Kaeya main until then!

    • sofia
      sofia 10 일 전 +1


  • Natalie Purrington
    Natalie Purrington 년 전 +1

    Keya is my favorite character because he is well written and interesting.

  • Kokichi’s middle finger

    They should give kaeya a glaring expression option in camera mode.

  • RedAhoge
    RedAhoge 8 개월 전 +2

    Kaeya In-game: *Casually hits 7k per physical hit in a combo and 45k every elemental skill use*
    Kaeya Trailer: "Ight, imma just swim I guess..."

  • Mince
    Mince 년 전 +909

    I don't care what anyone says. He's my favourite character, I use him all the time and I will make him a god!

  • Sela Guadechilli
    Sela Guadechilli 3 개월 전 +1

    "This moment will be frozen in time!"
    Yeah... Just like how the time froze the moment you received your Vision. •́ ‿ ,•̀

  • ika
    ika 년 전 +4

    hes still the best male character in genshin idc 🗣️ if he wasnt a f2p char and introduced late, everyone would've been crazy for him

    • RYL
      RYL 년 전 +2

      He blows everyone out of the water with his sword scaling. Spiral abyss is where he shines the most.

  • Emil Steilsson
    Emil Steilsson 9 개월 전 +6

    I'm still waiting for this man's *appropriate* trailer.