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Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail|Genshin Impact (Contains spoilers)

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  • 게시일 2020. 09. 26.
  • Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
    I: Farewell, Archaic Lord
    II: Omnipresence Over Mortals
    III. Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana
    IV. Masquerade of the Guilty
    V. Incandescent Ode of Resurrection
    VI. Everwinter Without Mercy
    Appearing Characters:
    Mondstadt Chapter - Diluc
    Liyue Chapter - Ningguang
    Inazuma Chapter - Kamisato Ayaka
    Sumeru Chapter - Cyno
    Fontaine Chapter - Lyney and Lynette
    Natlan Chapter - Iansan
    Snezhnaya Chapter - Harbinger Pulcinella and followers
    Khaenri'ah Chapter - Dainsleif
    The Sea of Flowers at the End - The Traveler
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  • Emi
    Emi 10 개월 전 +18745

    2030 in a nutshell:
    “Mom can you make me lunch”
    “Just give me a minute to finish my dailies in celestia”

    • AAA
      AAA 8 일 전


    • Åvåkin Diånå
      Åvåkin Diånå 16 일 전

      @Bottlecap Bro, Katerina is the creator of the universe.

    • Webbed Shadow
      Webbed Shadow 7 개월 전

      Also lmfao who will we be doing commissions for in Celestia? gods? and how will an Adventurer's Guild with Katheryne be there lol

    • Keon
      Keon 7 개월 전 +1

      i feel like my dailies would still be in mondstadt lmao

    • coucouc'estoscar
      coucouc'estoscar 7 개월 전

      i actually can't wair for this to happen

  • Joel Nicola
    Joel Nicola 2 개월 전 +5490

    Pulcinella in storyline preview : menacing, mysterious
    Pulcinella in the teaser : monopoly man

    • Pain
      Pain 9 일 전 +3

      So pulcinella is the futured char of schnezneya just like diluc ning ayaka and cynoo
      English has left the chat long ago

    • LùmiXniere
      LùmiXniere 10 일 전


    • Azeto
      Azeto 12 일 전 +2

      @Singingocean i thought it before, but I watched again it becomes clear. Monstadt chapter shows diluc, liyue shows ningguang, inazuma shows ayaka, sumeru shows cyno. We can conclude that every character that appear here isn't the archon themselves.

    • Mau
      Mau 15 일 전 +3

      I have a hunch that he'll betray tsarita and will probably be the final boss in Sneznaya

    • Osmanthuswine32
      Osmanthuswine32 19 일 전 +1

      @Pibcuo Strange YOU'VE BEEN GNOMED

  • Ясения Х
    Ясения Х 개월 전 +2805

    "The main enemy of the god of wisdom is wisdom itself"
    Oh my God. Now that Sumeru is out. This phrase makes so much sense!
    People were so filled with knowledge and wisdom that they began to neglect their god.
    Literally ignore her!
    And something tells me that this will not end well for them...

    • Nezuko Chaaan
      Nezuko Chaaan 일 전

      And with the even newer quest that came out, it makes more sense, her enemy was the divine knowledge that the scarlet king accidentally brought upon the world

    • caio bem
      caio bem 3 일 전 +1

      Yeah, the Forbbiden Knowledge the Scarlet King brought to this world. It was the cause of the Withering, Eleazar, and possibly the madness that affects people who connects to Irminsul. Since de Akademya is colecting that knowledge thinking it is divine wisdom, 3.1 will probably not be the last time we hear about it

    • Mimik282
      Mimik282 4 일 전 +1

      Thats what i thought to in 3.0 but now with 3.1 i think the wisdom that is being referred to is the illegal wisdom of the gods that drove people mad and the archon of wisdom had to fight this wisdom

    • Nekiplex
      Nekiplex 5 일 전 +7

      Actually youre only half right: here dain is talking about *3 things, spoilers obviously for the Sumeru Archon Quests
      "The God of Wisdoms enemy is wisdom itself."
      - The demand for knowledge on the Akademiyas behalf is the direct cause for them neglecting Kusanali. The Akademiya only did what they did in the Archon Quests because of corruption from the Fatui and blind motivation from the persual of knowledge. They push the bounds of what is morally acceptable and therefore it becomes a thorn in Kusanali's side.
      "The oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance"
      - This is specifically referring to the Akasha System. The pool of knowledge accessable to the public is a lie, it's heavily regulated by the Akademiya which information should be released to the public, who it should be shown to and how much information is disclosed. The desert of ignorance is a metaphor for the much more wider public.
      "In the city of scholars, there is a push for folly, and the God of Wisdom makes no argument against it."
      - Firstly, its because she cant. The Archon Quests constantly keep reminding the player of Kusanali's poor mental state. You're right she's neglected - but this is only because the Akademiya see her as unfit to be a worthy successor to Rukkhadevata. The 'push for folly' is the Akademiyas immoral plots (namely the samsara and artificial god making). They are pushing for more and more outlandish things in the delusional persuit of more wisdom and to make their dead(?) god proud. Kusanali herself cant make any comments on it or force them to act properly as the Akademiya themselves shut her out and make sure to do things in ways so she cannot interfere, only watch from the sidelines.
      Still good comment but this is the full meaning i get from Dain's wording here.

  • Joseph Guadarrama
    Joseph Guadarrama 개월 전 +1465

    My one wish? Is that everyone who watches this trailer is still alive to understand its entire meaning at the very end. See you all there fellow Travelers!

  • __angeline
    __angeline 개월 전 +1176

    "The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself."
    *After 3.0 archon quest*
    Me: Oh I see.........

    • Lost
      Lost 21 시간 전

      @remchem it’s a lot more deep that that

    • franbow
      franbow 3 일 전 +2

      “ohhhhhhh so that’s what he meant, i see i see”

    • remchem
      remchem 19 일 전

      @Wynoo I'm pretty sure "The god of wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself" is because the akademiya dislike her

    • Roger Madrid
      Roger Madrid 26 일 전

      @Frost it will not change, but if you contradict what Dainsleif mentions about sumeru and his archon, in what goes in the previous regions you can see that what he says is a lie and it really is contrary to what he really believes, that will also happen in sumeru.

    • Frost
      Frost 28 일 전

      @Millicent Wood i think thats a safe ranking for now, although theres a chance it could change by the end of the sumeru archon storyline, or even the teyvat chapter storyline

  • Adlin Martinez
    Adlin Martinez 년 전 +7425

    The amount of times I've watched this trailer is unhealthy. It was extremely well done.

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전

      damn right

    • Nekiplex
      Nekiplex 5 개월 전 +1

      Hands up if you know all the words said in this trailer off by heart ✋

    • Petrichor
      Petrichor 5 개월 전


    • Jayanth Keshav
      Jayanth Keshav 5 개월 전

      ugh i watched it again

    • Rainer48
      Rainer48 6 개월 전

      Yes me too

  • BadLotusXO
    BadLotusXO 개월 전 +1244

    Monstadt ✅
    Liyue ✅
    Inazuma ✅
    Sumeru ▶️
    Fontaine ❌
    Natlan ❌
    Snezhnaya ❌

    • teste
      teste 일 전

      I was here))

    • Fakhri Salim
      Fakhri Salim 일 전

      The last one is final act: khaenriah

    • Redpandagaming98
      Redpandagaming98 2 일 전

      @ヒナミカ will probably have one more being “Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana” since that’s what it says in Sumeru’s part and we still haven’t gotten an archon quest named that

    • เชดด'เข้
      เชดด'เข้ 2 일 전


    • Frankyboy
      Frankyboy 4 일 전 +1

      This comment would kill a player in 2020

  • Rex Lapis
    Rex Lapis 개월 전 +856

    "In the city of scholars there is a push for folly"
    What is ironic is that these "scholars" or rather the sages proclaim themselves as intelligent and puts their credentials above all else, yet they are responsible for doing the most shoddiest stuff in Sumeru.
    These sages defiled both the old and new Dendro Archon, and the wording in the trailer for this archon quest is just spot on.

    • Master Sonogashira
      Master Sonogashira 16 일 전

      Another evidence that they have already written most of the story

    • livia lili
      livia lili 18 일 전

      I think that line is refering to scholars going insane when they connect to the irmersul tree

    • Roger Madrid
      Roger Madrid 26 일 전

      really Dainsleif is the one who is wrong in the end, that has happened in the 3 regions, literally contradicting and disproving the comments made by Dain about the region and the archon.
      Currently he has not done it yet but surely he will end up contradicting what Dain said.

    • Deegutsy
      Deegutsy 개월 전 +2

      @Bang GoBaNg burning the Irminsul would have devastating effects tho, plus Kusanali's consciousness is directly tied to it so Im sure she wouldn't want that. We've yet to know in act 3 or 4

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전 +1

      or it can be god of wisdom's itself wisdom as her's enemy. If what the ear in-piece is their wisdom, so that's why sages use them and use it to against their own archon?

  • Aoi~Desu~
    Aoi~Desu~ 개월 전 +567

    "The god of wisdom makes no argument against it"
    After archon quest, I think she watches over her people like Venti, protecting her people like Zhongli.
    But because many of them still have faint in previous dendro archon and Akasha.
    It's may look like present dendro archon didn't do anything

    • Lost
      Lost 21 시간 전

      @Bang GoBaNg highly doubt it, if anything the akademiya is plotting with the fatui

    • Crystalitae
      Crystalitae 29 일 전 +5

      @Bang GoBaNg No, I don't think she and fatui are working together... i dont know how far are you in your exploration, but apparently a part of the Eremites and the Fatui are working together, because Dottore wants to catch Aranara to experiment on them, and the Eremites are trying to catch them for him, by using kids (since kids can see the Aranara)

    • Ricky Pedia
      Ricky Pedia 29 일 전 +3

      Or maybe she makes no argument against "folly" because she approves of people being able to relax and chill for once in their freakin' lives. It does seem that almost no one in Sumeru ever really relaxes very much, especially once they are old enough to start working or stufying.

    • Bang GoBaNg
      Bang GoBaNg 개월 전 +6

      I'm kinda afraid that kusanali made some agreement with fatui to "burn" the Irminsul tree in order to detach her people's (Sumeru citizen's) from akasha terminal completely in order to save them, just kinda like what Zhongli does in Liyue archon quest..... It's just my theory tho

  • plompyyy
    plompyyy 개월 전 +345

    From getting mesmerized at the loading screen to exploring Mondstadt's rolling green hills, climbing Liyue's sunset-drenched karst formations, walking amidst the cherry-littered pavement of Inazuma, and now flying over Sumeru's coiling emerald forests, we players have already come a long way in our adventure. So excited to see Fontaine in the future!

    • Dhany Arrozie
      Dhany Arrozie 3 시간 전

      Please update this comment everytime a new region opens up

    • Nameless King
      Nameless King 10 일 전

      IGN should hire you

    • plompyyy
      plompyyy 24 일 전 +3

      @hikari thanks sksksdkkdkf ill try

    • hikari
      hikari 25 일 전 +9

      this is poetically beautiful what? pls continue this as the other nations gets released lol

  • Diluc Ragnvindr
    Diluc Ragnvindr 년 전 +6038

    Imagine the new players getting a Snezhnayan character in the event banner and needs to play through the whole story to ascend them past Level 40.

    • Animeeditsat0
      Animeeditsat0 7 일 전

      @ashley beckham literally got Raiden at ar 15 🥲👌

    • Slim Slimonstar
      Slim Slimonstar 13 일 전

      So far I think you can enter Sumeru for those characters materials so far before the story

    • Nea
      Nea 17 일 전 +1

      Looking back at it rn, inazuman charecters are the only one new player will cry for, unless they hate exploration..

    • rashoumon
      rashoumon 23 일 전

      if its part of the main land they could just walk to snezhnaya

    • Harbaksh Singh Baath
      Harbaksh Singh Baath 24 일 전 +1


  • Rain 白毛控
    Rain 白毛控 개월 전 +617

    Rest in peace Travail Cyno splash art, the pose is still better.

    • harfi212
      harfi212 10 일 전 +1

      @Manohara Lisa and looks like pulcinella splash art gonna be different from this trailer too

    • Justice, the high prosecutor
      Justice, the high prosecutor 21 일 전

      @Michus yeah Seele is a much better example

    • Justice, the high prosecutor
      Justice, the high prosecutor 21 일 전 +3

      @Manohara Lisa with Dori being out. It is likely they are gonna be two people in the animations or a switch like Childe E

    • Michus
      Michus 23 일 전 +6

      @Manohara Lisa they don't need to become two different characters lol, mihoyo already has experience with making 2in1 characters - see Stygian Nymph from Honkai for example
      Mihoyo makes Genshin characters more complex as time goes no, no wonder they would do a double character in the future

    • Tengomuchaspersonalidades Losiento
      Tengomuchaspersonalidades Losiento 개월 전

      @Manohara Lisa I never said that, but both Lumine and Aether have official arts together and alone
      And I don't think that official art is the playable character..

  • sunlightm
    sunlightm 개월 전 +165

    I can't wait to see the upcoming Archons. I'm mostly excited for Tsaritsa, she's the 'God of Love, with no love left for her people'. Quite chilling.

    • Kitana Inez
      Kitana Inez 20 일 전

      New to genshin I take it... lol

    • Ithinkno?
      Ithinkno? 21 일 전 +2

      @Justice, the high prosecutor Well if thats the case, Shezhnaya should be in the ground by now then, but why isn't it? Considering that the Cryo archon got dem Khanerian support

    • Justice, the high prosecutor
      Justice, the high prosecutor 21 일 전 +3

      @Ithinkno? archons have nothing to do with it. Celestia literally destroyed a nation for getting too advanced, what is different about Snezhnaya? Celestia has an advantage in gods and the high ground lol

    • Ithinkno?
      Ithinkno? 25 일 전 +3

      @Ben1982 Can't simply wage war against an Archon, especially one who holds the most powerful military in Teyvat and maybe ,maybe the remants of Khanreiah backing them up (Pierro). Also i dont think the other Archons will actually fight Tsarista now.

    • Parthgamer123
      Parthgamer123 개월 전 +9

      @Ben1982 I'm pretty sure she's getting all the gnosis to rebel against Celestia

  • Xion
    Xion 2 개월 전 +710

    Lumine: We've always had enough time.
    Aether: We had no time to say goodbye, so lets not call it that.
    0:00 THE FEELS

    • Kaiki Deishuu
      Kaiki Deishuu 4 일 전

      ​@Samya Griffith wdym Dainsleif is 99.99% talking about Lumine :^)

    • Ashish Kumar
      Ashish Kumar 개월 전 +2

      @Samya Griffith ig the story follows aether but its a game so yea you can say no canon mc

    • Skylia
      Skylia 개월 전 +4

      Girlie girlie i know, i know you got THE FEELS

    • Samya Griffith
      Samya Griffith 개월 전 +19

      He was holding lumines flower on her head and his hands and looked sad so I know it’s not about her and she is not the “her” dainsleif says to rescue it’s clearly the tsaritsa or griseo from Hi3 a lot of people believe it’s griseo

  • Aiden Callaghan
    Aiden Callaghan 5 일 전 +8

    “ The wind blows, the rocks surface, the lightning strikes, the plants grow, the water crashes, the fires start, the ice freezes. The traveller seeks their sibling. “ Little quote I thought of. See ya at the end fellow travellers!

  • Andwae
    Andwae 년 전 +15798

    It's tradition to come back to this trailer every once in a while.

  • Aedan
    Aedan 7 일 전 +24

    Who's here after Genshin's second anniversary? I can't believe its already been two years since its launch! Thank you Hoyoverse for creating this wonderful game! ❤️❤️❤️

  • xNeon_Xavier
    xNeon_Xavier  개월 전 +303

    "The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself, and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance."
    "In the city of scholars there is a push for folly, yet the God Of Wisdom makes no argument against it."
    Magnificent! There is no other words! Magnificent!

    • Leszek Sykacz
      Leszek Sykacz 25 일 전 +2

      @Ruhan hoyoverse is tony stark

    • Manohara Lisa
      Manohara Lisa 개월 전 +8

      @Ruhan Inazumaarchon story is like lightning itself so flash and speed..

    • Ruhan
      Ruhan 개월 전 +17

      @Alex jd127 last act is on 3.2
      Sumeru chapter is of total five acts. They have learned from their past mistakes and trying to improve storytelling and keep things explained without rushing anything.

    • Alex jd127
      Alex jd127 개월 전 +1

      @X_kilłuá _X there's gonna be 2 last acts im 3.1 apparently so thats fun

    • X_kilłuá _X
      X_kilłuá _X 개월 전 +17

      Just finished and oh goodness I’m so hype once we get to the last chapter!

  • Sarah Rodrigues
    Sarah Rodrigues 6 일 전 +19

    Everything he said about Sumeru is making more and more sense

  • Johnny Gil
    Johnny Gil 개월 전 +195

    We are going to Sumeru in just few days. Damn! Time flies so fast! Playing Genshin when the game came out, it was such a great experience!

    • Johnny Gil
      Johnny Gil 개월 전 +2

      @the Phantom yeah I know that.

    • the Phantom
      the Phantom 개월 전 +1

      well if u did the archon quest already you will understand the next part of this trailer lmao

    • The Lok
      The Lok 개월 전

      Lets goooo

  • Bella Gayanelo
    Bella Gayanelo 년 전 +56673

    Us in 10 years: Hold on honey, mommy is doing her commissions in Snezhnaya.

    • Aidan Dillman
      Aidan Dillman 11 시간 전

      What makes you think well have children

    • Agente Polaris
      Agente Polaris 11 시간 전

      And the baby will be beginning his/her adventures in Teyvat

    • Duck
      Duck 3 일 전

      LOL HAHAHA 🍡🍡🍭🍭🍮🍡🍡🍡

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow 6 일 전

      Yes But You As My Wife

    • ms. pirate
      ms. pirate 13 일 전

      I'm going too guess you just predicted my life

  • Abhinav Rawat
    Abhinav Rawat 17 일 전 +26

    When you understand it ain't a trailer it's the whole plot every single word chosen carefully and holds a deep very deep meaning

  • Venti the drunkard
    Venti the drunkard 개월 전 +118

    "The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself" hits very hard now that version 3.0 trailer has released

  • DracoSerpentisCruor
    DracoSerpentisCruor 9 일 전 +18

    Claim your “back after cyno’s demo is released” ticket here😊

  • Upl0rd
    Upl0rd 2 개월 전 +86

    Fun fact: Dainsleif at the end of the trailer says the "threads of all fate will be ours to control." The abyss plot to make an ultimate being strong enough to destroy Celestia is called "Loom of Fate.
    Loom of Fate is the name of the final character story for Traveler. You weave *threads* in a *loom* .
    Update: Dainsleif in the chasm quest says "Loom of Fate" is still in operation, making this theory that the abyss plot is related to the game's ending even more plausible.

    • Juan
      Juan 3 일 전

      @King Alphonso 87 Ei too, she's pretty nice and never meant any harm. Nah just playing they're all gonna die

    • King Alphonso 87
      King Alphonso 87 16 일 전

      ​@Khoa Le even zhongli. he stood by to see if his people were capable of handling osial and they proved their strength. bec of that he chose to retire and live amongst mortals

    • Upl0rd
      Upl0rd 26 일 전

      @Khoa Le Kusanali too. She's pretty nice and isn't even doing much as an archon.

    • Khoa Le
      Khoa Le 27 일 전

      I agree with Dain entirely, the "Gods" and their tyranny should be destroyed and the fate of mortals should be left to their own hands. Maybe Venti is the exception.

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전


  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 년 전 +37486

    Every time we finish an Archon quest, we come back here and go: "Oh, so thats what he meant"

    • Olivia Färber
      Olivia Färber 일 전


    • PING TV
      PING TV 일 전

      Fontaine would be a blast, other gods will be judged, we will get to meet a lot now aside from archons. Maybe we will finally see Moral Barbados Ei Kusanali and this one in advancrd. Hopefully natlan's god in advanced and her side of the story will be explained when her country is released.

    • Carnations
      Carnations 3 일 전

      TRUE 😭

    • RH_Player
      RH_Player 3 일 전


    • Ivan Anyaegbu
      Ivan Anyaegbu 4 일 전 +1

      Continuing this with Sumeru and that's what I had in mind too lol

  • AlyxZiel
    AlyxZiel 7 일 전 +5

    1:52 just noticed his art here is different from his official Splash Art; unlike those before him with just the same art (Diluc, Ningguang, Ayaka)

    • Lord Genome
      Lord Genome 5 일 전

      yeah they did on purpose,so you gonna skip him and get nahida

  • It's too tight, i can't get it in

    Abyss Sibling:
    -Have Golden Sword.
    -His/her shirt glowed white, meaning their original power had returned.
    -Leading Abyss Order, an enemy group consists of elemental monsters ready to take down Tevyat and Celestia.
    -Still using Dull Blade.
    -Still borrowed elemental energy from Archon Statue.
    -Not good at using magic.
    If the two of them fight, surely Abyss Sibling will win. Might be interesting to see Abyss Sibling 1vs1 against the Archons.
    There are some conspiracy theories regarding Makoto that it was Abyss Sibling who killed her in Khaenri'ah. Whether it is true or not, we may get an answer during Khaenri'ah chapter.

    • Sanchit Joshi
      Sanchit Joshi 일 전

      I think when it will be time for an all out war among the twins, i think by that time traveller will gain his/her power back and plus the elemental powers from the seven

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 6 일 전

      @Unaki HAHAHA OKAY

    • Unaki
      Unaki 6 일 전

      @rxsyeen ah yes see you in 20 years for that

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전 +1

      yet, at the ending, i can see aether using a black magic not a light. so is this a sign that there is a might a rebel between the twins?

  • Vinícius Ferreira Gonçalves de Meneses - TEM

    Just my thoughts about this teaser and the actual Story (v2.8):
    00 - "The Outlander who caught the wind"
    - We as the Traveller, are introduced to this world
    01 - "Farewell, Archaic Lord"
    - We saw that the people don't really need the protection of the Archons.
    02 - Omnipresence over the Mortals
    - "What do mortals see for the Eternity, chased after by their God?"
    - In this nation we see what happens to the Nations that transpass the limits ordered by Celestia (Enkanomya with Orobashi, Tsurumi Island and a hint for Khaenri'ah)
    - Does really worth it to keep chased by some Major Power to reach an ideal?
    03 - "Truth among the pages of Purana"
    - Maybe in this chapter, we'll see the truth about Khaenri'ah, Phanes, and all...
    - "The god of wisdom's enemy is the wisdom itself"
    - "The oasis of Knowledge is a Mirage in the desert of ignorance"
    - Maybe, as we saw with Orobashi, "the Truth" is a forbidden thing. And the god of Wisdom tries to hide it using "false Knowledge" (There is a push for folly, but the god of wisdom makes no argument against it) (To protect her Nation)
    04 - Masquerade of the Guilty
    - The god of justice lives for the spectacle of the cortroom, seeking to judge all other gods (Khaenri'ah cataclism and Archon war?)
    - Even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine (The Archons are weakest than the "Divine Principles")
    05 - Incandescent ode of resurrection
    - Resurrection? Maybe Khaenri'ah? Or the resurrection of The Phanes and it's four Shades?
    - "The victorious shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash"
    - (The curse applied to the people of Khaenri'ah?)
    - When the god of war shares this secret with the Traveller, it is because she has her reason.
    - (She knows something about Khaenri'ah? Maybe it's resurrection?)
    - Dainsleif said: "There is no reason to revive the homeland"
    (The plan of the Abyss Order is to remove the curse and rebuild it's nation)
    06 - Everwinter without mercy
    - "The day of her rebellion against the Divine comes at least"
    - The Tsaritsa wants to turn against the heavenly principles
    - She is using the other god's Gnosis for it, and they aren't doing nothing about it (They secretly agreed with her?)
    ??? - A dream yet to be dreamed
    - In the hidden corners there are those who dream of dreaming...
    ("Hidden corners" mean the Abyss?)
    ( Khaenri'ah it's been rebuild there?)
    --- So, in the end... I think:
    - The heavenly Principles are the Strongest thing in this world, and rules everything, including the Archons
    - The Archons deslikes the heavenly principles and they only obey it to avoid Punishment. They have their own way to avoid Punishment of Celestia (Venti incentives his people to have a lazy and full of pleasure life; Zhongli itself guides his people to made them avoid to break the Heavenly Principles; Raiden Shogun pursues anyone who have potential to reach the Truth and break the Heavenly Principles.)
    - Does Phanes is ruling Celestia or he and his four Shades were defeated by Celestia?
    - Will the 7 nations make an aliance with Khaenri'ah and Tsaritsa?
    - Why the Celestia always destroys the Nations who breaks it's principles? What are the Heavenly Principles?
    -> English is not my native language, please ignore any error ;)

    • Nabiel Adrian
      Nabiel Adrian 개월 전

      @BurntRice Archons were present when Khaenri'ah fell down (regardless of what their purpose there), of course they wouldn't want that to happen to themselves.
      It's pretty much like what Fatui did, they all actors playing their role. They need to.

    • BurntRice
      BurntRice 개월 전

      @Nabiel Adrian if the archons don’t like celestia and doesn’t rlly want their gnosises why cant they just give it to the tsarista? Why do the fatui have tk to such lengths to get their hands on them?

    • Nazahra Badzlind
      Nazahra Badzlind 개월 전

      a little information! that the celestia who rules over celestia now is not the original one (primordial one) who rule over the old nations like enkanomiya and chasm, they have been replaced by second who came who is currently ruling over the archons, the heavenly principles most likely made by the second who came but stil it's just a theory!

    • What a shitty name.
      What a shitty name. 개월 전

      That's really cool, I didn't think about the turning to ash part referring to Khaenri'ah tbh, and if you see this comment, would you mind explaining what those '4 phanes' are? I've heard of it from another theory but still doesn't know what it is

    • Nabiel Adrian
      Nabiel Adrian 개월 전 +3

      @Kenzy I suggest you watch Ashikai channel, she made amazing Genshin Impact's lore.

  • MVelz
    MVelz 2 개월 전 +91

    After finishing the 2.8 golden apple archipelago quest, I guess it’s safe to say that the dendro archon is giving hallucinations or mirages to her people making them think they know everything if not a lot.

    • Jeremiah Smith
      Jeremiah Smith 4 일 전

      This take aged like milk, but you get a star sticker for the valiant attempt.

    • Pakomenta_56
      Pakomenta_56 개월 전

      @Ben1982 fair enough

    • Ben1982
      Ben1982 개월 전

      @Pakomenta_56 if sumeru were capable of pooping out a god with actual god like powers Celestia would've nuked them to hell a long time ago along with Sal Vindagnyr Khaeriah and every other nation they destroyed

    • Pakomenta_56
      Pakomenta_56 개월 전 +1

      What if the former dendro archon is alive?
      Theres a theory that states that he's alive and the akademia is trying to "copy" him like how you can reproduce a plant with the seeds. And by this, kusanali would be a "failed" copy so that's why she can't keep the sumeru city ilusión on and she sees herself as the moon

    • Calisto Yew
      Calisto Yew 개월 전 +4

      Even Kazuha was saying he smelled scent of flowers, altough there arent any nearby.

  • Seratophs
    Seratophs 년 전 +7042

    Remember people, Sumeru is the land of scholars, expect harder puzzle and confusing quest😭💀

    • Corn Bone
      Corn Bone 6 일 전 +1

      Not me struggling to find a damn cave in a forest

    • jimmy ThePUG
      jimmy ThePUG 8 일 전

      ​@kiwi tapioka skill issue

    • Zancre
      Zancre 14 일 전 +1

      @Lux Aurelius Remember people, Natlan is the land of battles and war, expect for intense battles that are unfair 😭💀

    • kiwi tapioka
      kiwi tapioka 18 일 전

      Sumeru is already out and yes the puzzles are damn hard💀💀

    • Shadows
      Shadows 18 일 전

      @Ilya Poskotin fighting Deez n-

  • megumi
    megumi 개월 전 +56

    Just came back after sumeru released, and I honestly can’t believe that the game is only halfway done! Can’t wait to see the other regions and future story quests!

  • どーくん
    どーくん 개월 전 +66

    The sumeru one... couldn't be worded even better. Literally that's that.

  • It's too tight, i can't get it in

    According to the leaks:
    "Celestia has been silent since the Khaenri'ah disaster 500 years ago, and i suspect that destroying Gnosis can awaken it because after all, the destruction of the "Rule" would not have been ignored "
    This is a voice leak for upcoming storyline, about Celestia waking up after someone destroys Gnosis, and they're furious that the rules have been broken. After playing for 2 years, now we finally see Celestia in action. Man, sh!t is going down in Teyvat.

  • leo   -formerly syito
    leo -formerly syito 8 일 전 +9

    now that sumeru has released, i cant wait for fontaine! Lyney and Lynette seem like really good characters, and since they look like twins it makes you wonder if they’ll be separate characters or a two-in-one sorta deal.

    • lalafal
      lalafal 8 일 전 +3

      maybe like childe can switch his weapon

  • HackedDinosaur
    HackedDinosaur 년 전 +22784

    "My memory has all but faded completely...But I will always remember how much she too, loved these crit sub stat flowers."

    • Barbara DPS
      Barbara DPS 5 개월 전

      OMG YES

    • Sam Bleep
      Sam Bleep 5 개월 전


    • under the seafoam
      under the seafoam 5 개월 전 +1

      Dainsleif was Lumine/Aether's travel partner, but considering Hoyo for some reason really loves Aether as the protagonist, in their videos Aether is the protag, which would make Lumine the Abyss Twin. It is not confirmed yet but I believe Dainsleif is referring to Lumine when he said that "she too" also loved Inteyvat flowers. By she too he probably meant "just like me, she too loved these flowers". The BPass story might be as is; just a tale told by Venti that happens to mirror the journey the twins are taking. That's just my take on this though, it's not confirmed.

    • Deshth Nandra
      Deshth Nandra 5 개월 전


    • Zinhoo
      Zinhoo 5 개월 전

      so random 🗿🗿

  • Mimik282
    Mimik282 4 일 전 +7

    Mondstadt(the outlander who caught the wind ):
    The dragon who defended mondstadt for a Millennium (dvalin/stormterror) finally faces his perturbation (The poisen which he had for many many years) what does freedom really mean when demanded by a god (nothing. If you are being lead by a god you arent free)
    Liyue(Farewell, archaic lord):
    The god of contracts (Rex lapis) senslessly slaughtered as his people watched in horror (killed before the very eyes of his people) In the end, he will sign all contracts to end all contracts (the last contract is to end the era of the gods and start the era of mortals)
    Inazuma (omnipresence over mortals):
    In the secluded Land of the immortal Shogun (inazuma), the bakufu (shogunate) rules eternal (the Shogun rules for an eternity ) but what do mortals see of the eternity chased after by their god?(Ei has the wrong view of eternity and mortals arent so happy under these circumstances)
    Sumeru (truth amongst the Pages of purana):
    The god of wisdom (rukkhadevata/kusanali) is wisdom itself (divine wisdom that makes mortals mad and made the sumeru Disaster 500 years ago) and the oasis of knowledge (akademiya) is a mirage in the desert of ignorance (ignorant people with to much wisdom like the sages) in the City of scholars (sumeru city) there is a push of folly (the sages and the fatui making experiments on the whole of sumeru) yet the god of wisdom (kusanali) makes no argument against it.(???)

    • Mimik282
      Mimik282 3 일 전 +1

      @Leo’s life :/ Yes i think this might be what they are reffering to. I was a bit confused at first bc in the quest she does make an argument against the things going on but i think this makes sense

    • Leo’s life :/
      Leo’s life :/ 3 일 전 +1

      I feel like the “the god of wisdom makes no argument against it” part is referring to how she can’t make any argument against it, she’s trapped and respect for her is lost, it doesn’t matter what she does so she can’t make any argument against the bad things going on

  • Yohanヨハン
    Yohanヨハン 6 일 전 +5

    Imagine being a new player, and then you get Tsaritsa on her banner

  • Rize~
    Rize~ 2 개월 전 +50

    I've been playing this game since release and everytime I'm done with a quest related to the story I always come back here.. It just feels so good! I just hope the story doesn't get dragged on for too long and I hope the ending is actually worth the wait... Ah I'm so curious about how this is gonna progress!!

  • Reljod Oreta
    Reljod Oreta 12 일 전 +7

    It's amazing how Hoyoverse already set the music for each regions and we're just waiting for them to be discovered. The one I'm really excited is the one with Natlan, the music seems really cool.

  • Lon
    Lon 년 전 +14931

    I cant wait to see what the other archons are like, I mean we got the alcoholic bard and the poor funeral organizer

    • The Paper
      The Paper 25 일 전

      @Phoenix Pro it’s obvious, Hu Tao is the War Veteran

    • Velvet Glitch Alt
      Velvet Glitch Alt 개월 전

      @Eirzaa 04 you were right :/

    • Sainteo
      Sainteo 개월 전

      @Eirzaa 04 I can confirm from the future you were spot on my friend

    • Asheeshal
      Asheeshal 개월 전

      @Eirzaa 04 your right, its been a year and shes still the electro waifu

    • Jaheem B
      Jaheem B 개월 전

      @Phoenix Pro i mean nahida ended up being a child with no right of comments, an archon that can't do anything for her land

  • Puffy
    Puffy 4 일 전 +8

    Here after completing 3.1 archon quest. Everything makes sm sense..

  • penny
    penny 3 일 전 +5

    the sumeru part makes SO MUCH sense after the new archon quest

  • DaxmanG
    DaxmanG 6 일 전 +7

    Who’s here after completing the 3.1 archon quests? What Dainsleif is saying is starting to make sense now…

    • Saitoh Suzu
      Saitoh Suzu 4 일 전

      I'm here lol
      The oasis of knowledge is just too much for dendro archon herself

  • Minako-chan
    Minako-chan 3 일 전 +2

    It's really a routine every now and then to come back and watch this trailer whenever we reach the climax of a specific city's Archon Quest. Next patch (3.2) we'll finally have the finale act of Sumeru Archon Quest, The Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana.

  • p i n e a p p l e
    p i n e a p p l e 년 전 +6904

    So.. I guess our goal is no longer finding our sibling. We now have to discover the truth of teyvat and the reason why our sibling turned to the abyss order. I'm scared the storyline is about to get really dark :(

    • L RC
      L RC 7 개월 전 +2

      I do expect that out sibling... Is already dead and we are only chasing her esence

    • Richie Patil
      Richie Patil 8 개월 전 +1

      @Can't Decide a Name He will still be playable ofcourse

    • Can't Decide a Name
      Can't Decide a Name 8 개월 전 +2

      @Richie Patil as a childe main... will he be playable IF he dies. What do you think will happen.

    • Luke Bradford
      Luke Bradford 9 개월 전 +2

      I love dark storylines, so this is gonna be amazing for me.

    • Dragon Del Sur
      Dragon Del Sur 년 전 +1

      I guess when we reach Khaenri'ah is where the real sadness will begin.

  • Joshua Wong
    Joshua Wong 2 개월 전 +50

    Just how much have hoyoverse already planned for this game??? 2 years later in patch 2.8 we find out the Dendro Archon has power over the mind, inducing illusions and mirages. Guess what's in the first line for Sumeru in this trailer? "The oasis of knowledge is a mirage"

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전 +1

      my god

    • J M
      J M 개월 전 +3

      They created a 5 year plan if I remember correctly. There are 7 regions, they launched with 2 and every year after they release the next region

  • Nordlys Sørlys
    Nordlys Sørlys 6 일 전 +3

    Dainsleif: "We will defy this world with a power from beyond"
    *Meanwhile that power running around finding lost cats and dogs in the adventurer's guild*

  • Axel
    Axel 개월 전 +20

    Now that Sumeru is released I need to say: Hoyoverse let me cry for the first time. I was so sad that Dunyazad disappeared. But the ending was so beautiful and had a happy ending cannot wait for the next part of the Archon Quest :)

  • LuminEpiphylla
    LuminEpiphylla 2 개월 전 +169

    ".....and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance ...."
    Multiple distinctive mirages spawned on Golden Apple Archipelago
    The Traveler wondered whether there's some sort of Mirage Archon
    Mysterious young girl's voice who's highly curious of Traveler and went out of their way to intercept Dodocommunication device and (possibly) peeked into Traveler's mind just to speak to them.
    Someone is onto something here

    • 2wmark
      2wmark 개월 전

      @ampoule only halve of sumeru has been released

    • ampoule
      ampoule 개월 전 +1

      ive come from 3.0, everything you said was wrong

    • Barbara Rosales
      Barbara Rosales 2 개월 전 +2

      The archon dentro in the sleep no?

    • 2wmark
      2wmark 2 개월 전 +13

      Also dendro symbol

    • Phoenixfirehunt
      Phoenixfirehunt 2 개월 전 +11

      In ventis story Quest the thing that we could use to see Imaginary Friends was also from Sumaru and was apparently some kind of dangerous Tech

  • FullGamerXII
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    Me after finishing Mondstat chapter: wow that was pretty long
    Game: *prologue complete*
    Me: PROLOGUE??

    • ok
      ok 개월 전 +1

      And then it sends you to honkai impact

    • QiWunu
      QiWunu 개월 전

      @9sukasa Just the forest part of the sumeru archon quests took be from like 8am to 3pm 😭

    • Skylia
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    • HellFire
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      This comment aged poorly

    • mafu
      mafu 5 개월 전

      @五条大正 ar 30

  • iVoltGaming
    iVoltGaming 2 개월 전 +60

    So... this is called Teyvat chapter, does this mean we're getting another chapter after Teyvat set in another world since Aether and Lumine travel across world's? 🤔

  • PudimYang
    PudimYang 5 일 전 +7

    Ok so now we know why wisdom is the god of wisdom's enemy, bcs the akademya keeps her as a prisoner, and she makes no arguments against it because she just can't

  • flo wer
    flo wer 개월 전 +23

    i'll miss this splash art of Cyno but his new one is also very cool so excited for him

  • Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ
    Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ 개월 전 +31

    "The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself"
    Damn that makes sense in the 3.0 trailer.

  • Benjie Maquilan Peroy
    Benjie Maquilan Peroy 11 개월 전 +15742

    Monstadt: DONE
    Liyue: DONE
    Inazuma: DONE
    Sumeru: (Act I done)
    Fontaine: Not Yet
    Natlan: Not Yet
    Snehznaya: Not Yet
    Khaenriah: Not Yet
    Celestia: Not Yet.
    I will edit this list every time I complete each nation. Here I come!
    Edit: Don't worry. I gotcha homies.

  • Noob
    Noob 개월 전 +33

    I swear, the ending of this game is gonna be beyond amazing.

  • kiryu
    kiryu 2 개월 전 +88

    i've been playing genshin impact for over 2 years since it's release and i just realized i've never commented once in this teaser, so i'll leave my mark here just so i can look back in the future when all nations have been released. currently i am AR58, and we are entering 2.8. next update we'll get sumeru! so it'll be fun trying to update this comment as the nations pass by.
    (9/28/22) It's now 3.1 and currently the genshin anniversary! (I can't believe it's been 2 years since I started this game already) but yes we fully have Sumeru now both desert and rainforest! I also just got cyno hours ago and he's been so fun to play. Right now though i'm just finishing up the last 2 acts of sumeru main storyline and so far it's getting REAL good. We also got Dottore reveal like in-game 😱, anyway that's all I know from Sumeru so far, I've yet to actually fully finish the sumeru arc but i'll update this comment when i do! see you in Fontaine Travellers ~

  • Laila Hartmann
    Laila Hartmann 개월 전 +47

    !spoiler for Sumerus Archonquest!
    After I played the first 2 acts of sumeru, it makes a little more sense to me. „The enemy of the god of Wisdom is Wisdom itself." We‘ve met Nahida in the Samsara of the Sabzeruz Festival where she told us, that she had to lead us to the truth with many smal hints. Beacuse if she would have told us the whole truth, it would have been literaly mindblowing for us. So we know that she knew all this things, but she couldnt do anything against the Academia (beacuse they dont respect her). Now imagine you know all these important things, your own people ignore you, and youre just siting in your big house without the chance to do anything. I know she is 500 Years old, but i kinda feel sad for her.
    i dont know if that makes sense, i just wrote my thoughts down. This is my own opinion, so be friendly to me XD

    • Ben1982
      Ben1982 개월 전 +1

      Knowledge and wisdom aren't the same
      Anyone can know but not anyone can understand
      I never really understood the whole "God of wisdoms enemy is wisdom itself" , if anything it seems like it's the Akademiyas lack of wisdom that caused all of the archon quest drama and the common folks lack of knowledge (which is denied to them by the akasha) and they have no awareness of anything at all
      It was Nilous lack of knowledge that she never figured out she was the cause of all this, Nahida had to let traveller know by essentially telling them everything she knew inna way that bypassed the fail safes used by the Akademiya
      Why are they so fixated on Rukkadevata , it is never explained, and it's not wise to alienate your current ruler because of faith in your previous DEAD ruler....they have all of Rukkadevatas knowledge but they don't have the wisdom required to put it to good use, so lovingly demonstrated by how they use the aksha to essentially enslave the entire populace so they can continue worshipping their dead god instead of doing anything productive...
      What were the Akademiyas goals exactly, what were they using the dreams for I didn't understand why they needed to experiment on the entire populace...
      Maybe it will all start making sense after the next act of the archon qeust and the scarlet king arc is done

    • Nick Lowe
      Nick Lowe 개월 전 +4

      It's kinda relatable to how people don't want to accept the facts that was said because it contradicts them. So they don't want to accept how their previous knowledge is wrong.

  • aamani ♡
    aamani ♡ 일 전 +2

    i always come back to this video after every new world comes out, and i can’t wait to see the next worlds that come out 😩 excited for fontaineeee. but i’m excited to see how everything plays together

  • zXen_
    zXen_ 년 전 +7519

    17 years later
    “The Best Dainsleif Build, weapon, and artifacts”

    • xela
      xela 2 개월 전


    • Maebara Kei~ichi
      Maebara Kei~ichi 2 개월 전

      Also years later: Khaenri'ah and Dainsleif's abilities leaked
      Note: I'm definitely pulling for Dain when his banner is released 🥰 Should I start saving for him now? 🤔

    • Meow Kitty
      Meow Kitty 2 개월 전

      @kyoya oo that's better than I thought you were going off. Ya I barely watch those they too long. xD

    • kyoya
      kyoya 2 개월 전

      @Meow Kitty thats not a leak bruh, mihoyo literally confirmed him playable in A Stream to celebrate global release of game and even got chinese character card and his element symbol is revealed you can check more info on Wikipedia

    • Meow Kitty
      Meow Kitty 2 개월 전

      @kyoya Nothings confirmed until he gets a playable trailer. Not sure why only the Genshin community doesn't understand that leaks are not 100% guarantees to be in the game. Sometimes things change and leaks have changed what characters they represented in the past. Like Eula was originally going to be cloud retainer.
      Also sometimes leakers mistake playable characters just because models exist in the game of them. Which is not an indicator at all that they will be playable, but is more likely than other characters. You can infer things from leaks but you can't guarantee anything either.
      If he is playable then he will be playable rather soon. Since this game does not put dead characters in the game. He is more likely than other character to die later in the story. If he's playable for a majority of the game before he dies then it won't matter but I don't think they'll make him playable right before he dies in the story.

  • Ben Burrito
    Ben Burrito 개월 전 +13

    The more I come back to watch as genshin progesses on with it story, the more I understand what Dain is saying.

    • Gaurang Verma
      Gaurang Verma 개월 전 +2

      Same. With each passing mission, archon quests, lore etc it's all making sense now. Can't wait for khanreha

  • Koko Koala
    Koko Koala 개월 전 +71

    "The god of wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself and the oasis of knowledge is but a mirage in the desert of ignorance."
    Oasis of knowledge = Sumeru City.
    In the trailer Nahida glitched out and the entire Sumeru city was fading. I believe Sumeru is just a mirage and it's actually just a desert.

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 24 일 전

      @Ithinkno? huhuh what about it

    • Ithinkno?
      Ithinkno? 25 일 전

      @rxsyeen yeah but the 2nd part of the theory is false tho (partially)

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 25 일 전

      @Ithinkno? because it’s insane??

    • Ithinkno?
      Ithinkno? 25 일 전

      @rxsyeen why you "yoooing" for

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전

      @Koko Koala yooo....

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack 2 개월 전 +30

    Coming back to this trailer, a lot of stories start making sense. Still this is one of my favorite videos

  • Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ
    Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ 14 일 전 +16

    Coming back in this video when Cyno teaser is out. Finally for 2 years, he will come out in a week. 😭

    • Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ
      Xҽʋαɾα Lιʅყ 4 일 전 +1

      @Jeremiah Smith Congrats for getting him! 🎉 I also got him today.

    • Jeremiah Smith
      Jeremiah Smith 4 일 전 +1

      I just got him today and it feels surreal. Like the past me is watching the present me through all those days of anticipation. Trippy stuff. I’m so happy walking around the magnificent dark tombs of King Deshret with our Anubis boi

  • Thành
    Thành 년 전 +10843

    Other region's weekly boss: dragons and nearly godlike beings.
    Sumeru's weekly boss: quiz exam

    • Saṃsāra's Light
      Saṃsāra's Light 2 개월 전 +1

      Is this even a meme after those reactions got leaked, lmao

    • Genosha
      Genosha 2 개월 전 +1

      We'll know in a one or two months =p

    • TORAGON 27
      TORAGON 27 2 개월 전 +1

      Holy sheet

    • NERO
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    • 아 카린Kirina
      아 카린Kirina 2 개월 전 +1

      bro is damn right especially after those damn sumeru previews

  • Calschlon
    Calschlon 개월 전 +29

    After watching this for some time, here are all the tiny details I've noticed:
    1. For every region, there is a split second where they showed the main element along with the name of the region.
    2. For every region, while the region's name appears, for a brief second, it is showed with the colour of their element (E.g. Green is Anemo for Mondstadt)
    3.You can actually see something orange/red that looks like a flame that matches Cyno's eye colour, which wisps out from his eyes. 1:51
    4.Dreams are a big part of the lore in Genshin and it is mentioned again at 3:00 .
    5.I see many people in the comments talk about the chapter storyline, but not the words "Travail" It means labor, which also states that there is always a labor in every region we have to overcome (Pretty obvious). There is also a lot of books which described chapters with one-worded adjectives. Wonder what is the next adjective of the next chapter?
    I'd actually like an end game ending to genshin lol.

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 26 일 전

      @Calschlon I think it’s likely because they hs fight together in trailer

    • Calschlon
      Calschlon 27 일 전

      @rxsyeen maybe

    • rxsyeen
      rxsyeen 개월 전

      wait so about cyno, Alhaitham and we had quest with him and he mentioned about the god that gang from desert been summoning about the god called Scarlet King, so it might've been him?

    • Rezy Agan
      Rezy Agan 개월 전 +1

      6. The ost for every region will become the main city theme

    • jee
      jee 개월 전

      someone also pointed out that we can enter the places the characters that show up in the trailer live in (diluc-dawn winery, ningguang-jade chamber, ayaka-yashiro hq, etc) which is rlly interesting!

  • Dasihan Lapin
    Dasihan Lapin 일 전 +5

    Next month we’ll get the final Sumeru archon quest chapter “truth amongst the purana”

  • Kazooha
    Kazooha 2 개월 전 +38

    Seeing how sumeru is just around the corner, i think it’s time to revisit this preview.

  • Black Banjo
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    It actually makes a lot of sense seeing that Bennett was abandoned in a place to be described as hell on earth to be mare jivari. Adding onto that, the connection between the lavawalker/phoenix and Bennett is also interesting because a phoenix symbolizes resurrection/healing and in Bennett's story, he recovered from a near death experience with the pyro vision using it's flames to heal his wounds. Now coincidentally, in the trailer it said something about resurrection then it showed Iansan who seemingly looks like Bennett but with a darker skin tone and a female.
    But that's not all, In Bennett's poem it says specifically about how the wind blows in mare jivari, however, the wind doesn't blow in mare jivari, so that leaves us with a sign that Bennett might actually feel the wind from that area.
    Now about Bennet's title, there's a lavawalker artifact that says that the lavawalker went through a "trial of fire" now here's where things get interesting, Bennett's title is called "trial by fire" implying that he has to go through a test of something. Another interesting detail is the 5* pyro gemstone, it states " A pilgrimage for a wish; a battle to earn a name...Burnt to cinders for a dream. If the intention yet remains, achieved ██'s truth he has". This connects because Bennett's dream is to be the best adventurers guild in teyvet and the cost of wanting that dream was a test of courage (which was in his story), not to mention that she uses the word "pilgrimage" which means "a journey". The sentence before that means he has to battle in order to gain recognition, but what exactly?
    Well in the trailer with Iansan, Dansleif says "the rules of war are woven in the womb: the victors shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash". This implies that Bennet lost to someone back in Natlan when he was a baby.

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      @Stars basically bro there both cannon but eather being the hood guy an lumine being abyss mage is the cannon story so if u pick lumine ur basically playing a what if scenario cuz the game is set on lumines downfall an is basically allowing players to play lumine for rpg sake

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    • Mark Forster 🎄
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  • ReDempTedSpider
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  • ninja dog
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    The fact that Snezhnaya's music extends to Khaenri'ah honestly makes me suspect that the Tsaritsa actually succeeds in her form of "rebellion", and manages to somehow link her nation to Khaenri'ah.

    • Ben1982
      Ben1982 개월 전

      I believe there is an entrance to the abyss from snenaya, the one that Childe fell into

    • jase
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    • —»sora.♡
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      @Danyas Fuginho didn't the Cryo Gemstone says this instead?
      “Sorry... to also have you shoulder the grievances of the world...”
      “Since you could endure my bitter cold, surely you must have the desire to burn?”
      “Then, burn away the old world for me.”
      There was no “he” in the description. I think you're misremembering it? I'm thinking this is the Tsaritsa talking to either Signora, or Traveler
      [since in a way, Traveler does shoulder the grievances of the world... knowing the truth and having to help people with their problems all the time.]

    • Onigirimiyaa
      Onigirimiyaa 3 개월 전 +2

      Yeah i think the point of Snezhnaya basically is to either repeat Khaenri’ah’s fate or somehow succeed. The parallels are very evident: they are a powerful (wealthy) nation, and they have some sort of advantage over the other regions through manpower (Fatui). I think they are the modern day Khaenri’ah and we will be able to witness what it’s like for a nation to stand up against the gods.

    • ghast
      ghast 3 개월 전

      i have a theory that the tasritsa is going to bribe you into defeating celestia or sum, and ur gonna get some help from the abyss

  • Brickselot
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  • HT Saul
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    1:43 Spoilers after completing Sumeru Archon Quest from 3.0
    "The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself, and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance".
    Ok, so it seems pretty clear to me the Akademiya (representing Wisdom) will be our enemy, probably in 3.1 and we will unite forces with Nahida (God of Wisdom) to defeat them.
    "In the city of scholars there is a push for folly, yet the God of Wisdom makes no argument against it"
    I think this sentence is about what we see in 3.0. People in Sumeru despise dreaming but Kusanali makes no argument because she believes that what Greater Lord Rukkhadevata would wanted since he makes the Akasha in this way that steals people dreaming.

    • Ben1982
      Ben1982 개월 전

      @John Laurence Sareñogon that makes a lot of sense actually
      I always found it weird how they had all of Greater lord Rukkadevatas knowledge but their wisdom is that of Fanatics worshipping a dead god for a lost cause

    • John Laurence Sareñogon
      John Laurence Sareñogon 개월 전 +6

      “And the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance”
      Basically the land of wisdom thought to be an oasis for knowledge is nothing but a mirage and people there are just being held captive in a dream (mirage), one big dream. In reality, it is just a desert of ignorance where people ignore their dreams and aspirations

  • maria😈
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    Something sad: imagine you are in the last archon quest, and in the end, there is a chest, and if you open it the credits will show up, and it will show some scenes from your journey, and it will show a cutscene of every single character in genshin impact thanking you for what have you done, and the siblings finally reunite, and continue exploring new worlds, all your favorite genshin characters saying their last farewell to you
    “Thank you for completing genshin impact
    As you start on a new journey to more and more worlds”
    And then, you slowly close genshin, and slowly close your pc/any device you start getting memories of when you were a new player and you were playing every single day to see if the siblings reunite, you start remembering the characters you loved, and your funny reactions to characters you wanted and got
    And nostalgic memories of this game start to come in
    The word “Teyvat” is very dear too you
    Thinking of paimon saying:
    “is this our final farewell..traveler? you have done a great job traveling all the 7 nations…and guiding you, and meeting you…could’ve been the best part of my life…..
    Farewell, *NAME* “

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    1.3: Hey he's in Diluc's tavern.
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      _don't worry though, he still does his job as collected miscellanies' narrator, man also needs some mora for a living_

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    Edit: well 2.7 was close...
    Edit no2: Cya at Sumeru homies

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    She is called the god of "Justice"
    And she is trying to judge other archons brutality in kaenriahs destruction. She probably found out some secrets of celestia and why celestia destroyed kaenriah. She wants to do something against it bc ofc she wants justice for everyone. But she can't do it because she will become enemy of celestia. If she does it then she will probably get her powers stolen or worst case scenario get killed. And celestia is probably aware of her knowing the truth thats why celestia is always watching over fontaine and seeing if some kind of information about kaenriah destruction gets leaked.

    • Exuvia
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    • Persephone Hades
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      I can also see Fontaine getting completely destroyed at the end of the archon quest. I mean, a technologically advanced nation with an archon already tempting fate and putting the other archons to justice? This feels like Khaenri'ah 2.0 bound to happen.

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      @Andrew p Mora is a catalyst for things like alchemy and forging weapons (in lore too, not just game). So you need actual magic to forge mora, not just gold. Thats why Zhongli said the Golden House needed to be on halt for a long time, because a new archon would need to be selected, and use the gnosis power again.

    • Purple
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  • Miyako
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    So from my assumption, every character shown here will have some relation to that Nation’s military.
    Diluc was a former knight of Favonius.
    Ningguang is the head of the Qixing.
    Ayaka is the daughter of the Kamisato Clan.
    Dainsleif was the former general of Khaenri’ah’s military.
    And from the leaks, “Lord” Cyno is a commander or general of some sort in the desert region of Sumeru so it’s safe to assume Lyney, Lynette and Iansan will have some history with their military.

    • whatever
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      Fun fact that no one asked for: I heard someone say that back in the beta, Ayaka had a voiceline about the Electro Archon being dead. I also heard that the original story of the Inazuma arc was that the Electro Archon is actually dead, that the Raiden was a puppet/figure head, which is why no Electro Visions were being given out (similar to what happened in Japan's history), and that Ayaka was apparently a candidate to be Archon. Idk how reliable this information is so take it with a grain of salt

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      @Ali Harajli Well the Travelers have the power to travel through world's and no Archon is said to be able to do this, so yeah, the Travelers may have power equal or more than that of an Archon in their Prime.

    • I am that one Kanade
    • Yuki Shiro
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