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Genshin Impact - Accolades Trailer

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2020. 10. 28.
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댓글 • 4 901

  • Blazing Flame Koala
    Blazing Flame Koala 년 전 +4297

    "Build your dream team"
    There's a reason why it's called a dream team

    • Nice
      Nice 년 전

      The Minecraft community is full of people who are too sensitive and most of them are gay too. Nothing bad with being gay but maybe gay people are really sensitive or it's just a coincidence

    • Orion756
      Orion756 년 전

      I would if I actually COULD get who I want in my dream team

    • Tungsten
      Tungsten 년 전

      @Ri Doing how much did you spend?

  • Cavan Schraner
    Cavan Schraner 년 전 +988

    “I just want Keqing, Mona, or Diluc”
    -Every player in the game

    • Ayush Soni
      Ayush Soni 4 개월 전 +1

      This hasn't aged well.

    • doplop
      doplop 5 개월 전 +3

      now it's "please don't give me keqing mona or diluc"
      -every player in the game

    • DaxmanG
      DaxmanG 10 개월 전 +2

      Not anymore lmao

    • Pokari
      Pokari 년 전 +3

      This one didn't age well...

    • FranchFries
      FranchFries 년 전

      @一般の路过 All my luck keeps going to 4*, at this rate I'll have all my 4* have C6's.

  • Kryto Derp
    Kryto Derp 년 전 +1764

    "One of the best Gambling Game ever made"

  • GummeeBear
    GummeeBear 년 전 +333

    "One of the best surprises of the year"
    Me who thought venti was a girl : i agree

  • Kanegawa Tsuginori
    Kanegawa Tsuginori 년 전 +409

    “surprisingly deep rpg”
    once upon a time, qiqi died

  • Yohann
    Yohann 년 전 +7625

    "Surprisingly deep RPG"
    Timmy: The pigeons may not come back
    _just like my dad.._

    • Sunfish999
      Sunfish999 년 전

      The old man in qingce village and the stranded old woman and her daughter on yaoguang shoal

    • gardener moncarat
      gardener moncarat 년 전 +1

      Has anyone visited the graveyards at the back of the Monstadt church. The Dad saying "Daddy is always with you" in front of their child's tombstone BROKE my heart

    • Dimas Naufal Pratama
      Dimas Naufal Pratama 년 전

      childish jiang story might be the saddest IMO

    • 白神话
      白神话 년 전


    • Anastachios
      Anastachios 년 전

      The first time I spoke to him that caught me off guard so bad lmao

  • Derp Engineer
    Derp Engineer 년 전 +773

    "Surprisingly deep RPG"
    Childish Jiang: *exists*

  • Joonwolf
    Joonwolf 년 전 +72

    “The beginning was so good I played it over and over and over again.”
    - Every F2P Player that has rerolled

  • GoGoChibiAKU
    GoGoChibiAKU 년 전 +6

    Mihoyo you've earned this!
    Hard work and so much love for the details results in so much good feedback and ratings!
    Best wishes to you for your and the Games Future!
    Keep up the good work and please expand the world and its end-content!
    Love goes out 💕💗❤️💖💞

  • Hi
    Hi 년 전 +1581

    “Spend 60 resin to watch this video”

  • Blu
    Blu 년 전 +4542

    "Still hoping for better drop rates, more primogems, and more Resin" - Everyone at World Lvl 3 and up
    Edit: I no longer have these issues with the current updates. I like what Mihoyo has done! Just gotta grind dem ascension materials :3

    • nicolee
      nicolee 년 전


    • AngelTyraelGM
      AngelTyraelGM 년 전

      ​@nuke the U.S i am fine with that just need them to at least give me like old slave table leftovers, i am not greedy like i said i am fine with 0 constellation, but at least give me diffrent characters if i play the game long enough.

    • nuke the U.S
      nuke the U.S 년 전

      @AngelTyraelGM u got point there, changed my mind a bit. But i still rather they'll make a free select of a *4 character than *5. cuz yeah *5 shouldn't be that common, and many *4 char can actually be like a *5 like razor for example

    • AngelTyraelGM
      AngelTyraelGM 년 전

      ​@nuke the U.S not sure what you think is bad, they release alot more then 1 character, they need 6 constellation on top of that, even if u played for 1 year nonstop u would never max out anything unless u get super lucky maybe on 1 character, i dont see your logic its like you never played any game or something 2-4weeks is allready extreme and this is excluding constellation extreme, with constellations it becomes an extreamly unfair game, but personaly i would be fine with a a new character despite the fact that some contellations make you op

    • nuke the U.S
      nuke the U.S 년 전

      @AngelTyraelGM and I'm actually okay with how things are going rn. I mean they update the game with alot of contents every month (which is really good). I mean c'mon huge updates every month is actually really quick since those update are regions, quests with such good scenery and animations

  • Blavatsky Vertite
    Blavatsky Vertite 년 전 +502

    people: we need better resin system!
    mihoyo: hehe.
    people: hehe?! te nandayo!

    • ThatOne Guy
      ThatOne Guy 년 전

      idk what do you mean
      I'm livin my life with the resin system made it to ar 46 in less than 2 months in fact

    • Excalibur of Gacha games
      Excalibur of Gacha games 년 전

      Mihoyo: *adds in 160 resin cap but no timer decrease* "hehe"

    • Kirbytrax
      Kirbytrax 년 전

      @Helius xX
      I mean yeah cap increase to 160 is really nice but I think that in the next updates they will increase the condensed resin cap to 5.
      3 is low but it’s still nice to be able to have condensed resin

    • Pamasich
      Pamasich 년 전 +2

      The resin system is so bad so they have room to improve it when they need to throw us a bone. So unless they're super generous (which they clearly aren't), they won't actually improve it until their income starts going down. The upcoming new resin storage item and the resin increase are actually more generous than I expected. Lots of people are complaining about the system, sure, but people are still dumping money on them, so they don't really have much incentive to change it.

    IDA OFFICIAL 년 전 +126

    "all chests should respawn at least weekly"
    -AR 40 and above players

  • Makinu
    Makinu 년 전 +101

    The ad forgot to mention “you’re never gonna get these really cool characters that have the most fun kits and damage”

    • Kryto Derp
      Kryto Derp 년 전

      @retired westbrook fan 💯% you will get that character banner no 50 50 chance like genshit

    • Kryto Derp
      Kryto Derp 년 전

      @retired westbrook fan honkai have better gacha system

    • retired westbrook fan
      retired westbrook fan 년 전 +3

      Nah thankfully you guaranteed a 4 star every multi and with the way the pity works your EVENTUALLY gonna get the character you want. Hell, the best character in the game is a 4 star

    • Unclassified
      Unclassified 년 전


  • John Michael Ulep
    John Michael Ulep 년 전 +3

    Please don't stop improving the game. We know that the world is already cruel, let's have this game improve and be immerse as we skip the reality.

  • Sola
    Sola 년 전 +1588

    "In terms of mora, we have no mora"
    -Zhongli, Mona, AR 35+ players

    • Tianfeifei
      Tianfeifei 년 전

      Me at AR 39 and 2.9 million mora: *laughs in rich*

    • Nab
      Nab 년 전

      thats why ley lines exist, so u guys dont rlly have to spend all resin at artifact or material talents, u an atleast spend ghe rest to the ley lines

    • Auki Shariko
      Auki Shariko 년 전

      Im AR38 with 1,3M :/

    • GrassFudge
      GrassFudge 년 전

      Wait I didn't realise money becomes a big problem later on I've already spent hundreds of thousands of mora buying food and ingredients at shops

    • DJInu
      DJInu 년 전

      @Ryumi I already run several times in yellow, I dont want to spend my fragile resin cause its for 5 star artifact, I have Mona, Keqing, Venti and diluc with several 4 star. I need two teams each have main dps, 1 healer, and 2 support for abyssal moon run. Trust me, you gonna need better characters which related to mora.

  • ZajDabNeeg
    ZajDabNeeg 년 전 +1

    Being selected for the early access testing to the beta phase, I already knew this game was going to be fun before it even came out. Just didn't expect this much attention.

  • Justin Ray Brady

    I really love this game the music the art style the cute characters it's all there guys are doing an excellent job

  • uncaringbear
    uncaringbear 년 전

    It's legit a great game. Amazing graphics, incredible soundtrack and the combat is deep and technical while still being accessible. But it does have negatives: the gacha system is brutal. The chances of you getting a 5 star character are near impossible. The resin system is extremely constraining and often stops you in your tracks when you really want to farm for critical resources. But overall, this is a fun game, probably the best of this year. Just beware of the gacha!

  • Loki Dah Trickster

    The soundtrack relaxes me, and gives me a since of adventure😌😊

  • Fern Synergy
    Fern Synergy 년 전 +1

    Awesome trailer! Pretty epic! One of the few games helping me deal with this pandemic. This will certainly be part of my memories during this time.

  • セイラ
    セイラ 년 전

    Truly one of the bests! Never been this hooked to a game mylife. ❤
    My goal is to enjoy the adventure, maybe building up and strengthening in are needed to surmount trials, but I am certainly here for fun fun fun!! - Paimon style of speaking 👶

  • UMAR
    UMAR 개월 전 +1

    love the game
    i have been playing since 1.3 and have loved every moment of it

  • Rage N Reddit
    Rage N Reddit 년 전 +108

    "Paimon is not emergency food"

  • Proj Blacklight
    Proj Blacklight 년 전 +1218

    "In terms of Mora, we have no Mora."
    -Mona, Zhongli and AR34+ gang

    • The Aquatic Dude
      The Aquatic Dude 3 개월 전

      Damn. Must be lucky. Ar 45 with 2 million mora

    • Society
      Society 년 전

      @Joe Simmons right now I'm at 3 full lvl 80s and like four lvl 60s and two lvp 70s materials and ascension materials are killing me

    • Joe Simmons
      Joe Simmons 년 전

      @Society that explains it, only two 70s. Wait til lvl 80 and getting full teams for late abyss.

    • Andres Avila
      Andres Avila 년 전

      @Meh I'm AR 43 and I the endgame is a huge grind to get the best sets and honestly I don't mind it giving the fact that the game is gonna keep updating

    • rimrock
      rimrock 년 전

      While me who just saving up mora:👁️👄👁️

  • Fabrizio Diaz
    Fabrizio Diaz 년 전

    ...I love this game that's all I can say, and I'm surely going to grind for those new characters

  • Rendy Alviansyah
    Rendy Alviansyah 년 전 +89


    • Aldi Nurhendra
      Aldi Nurhendra 년 전 +3

      Or an option to play as paimon

    • exgamemaster
      exgamemaster 년 전 +13

      We need these
      - Enable "Emergency Food" Pet traveling companion
      - Disable "Emergency Food" voiceover / at least make her a bit less annoying :D

    • Styre GT
      Styre GT 년 전 +2

      Not for console players

    • akmalas46
      akmalas46 년 전 +5

      There a bug for that

  • Alexander Lleras
    Alexander Lleras 년 전 +471

    “Where is this Genshin impact everyone is speaking
    about” - Xbox Players

    • Cainomania
      Cainomania 년 전 +2

      @Who's Rem been rejoicing since the update went live.

    • Who's Rem
      Who's Rem 년 전 +1

      @Cainomania rejoice, mobile controller support on IOS is here

    • Cainomania
      Cainomania 년 전 +5

      Xbox player here
      The game is too good to be missed, Im playing it on my iPad even though I hate playing on mobile

    • Excalibur of Gacha games
      Excalibur of Gacha games 년 전 +1

      Playstation 5 players:"Where is this console everyone speaks of"
      Xbox series x players:"They're all bricked🤣🤣🤣"

    • Jeijuan Vines
      Jeijuan Vines 년 전 +2


  • Jeison Galindo
    Jeison Galindo 년 전

    Para mi Genshin siempre será un 12/10 , es de lo mejor, increíble en cada aspecto , puede mejorar ?, si y mucho, pero aun tiene mucho tiempo por delante

  • Tau Ari
    Tau Ari 년 전 +1307

    I'm here faster than you can empty your resin for today.

    • Raikeran
      Raikeran 년 전

      @Reblaze444 if you mean temple by large sealed door then yes. those unlock at certain AR levels, but the best items drop at the highest tiers. you should see resin count top right in the map menu, but i wouldn't worry about using it other than on things like world bosses for now. i haven't done more than a few domains yet and i'm going by just fine at AR 20.
      iirc quests and commissions are more important until you get to the point those domain rewards matter, at lower level those rewards are usually obtainable from just exploring

    • Aodan
      Aodan 년 전

      On Point

    • Eugene Lee
      Eugene Lee 년 전

      you underestimate my power

    • You Dont Need To Know This
      You Dont Need To Know This 년 전

      3 minutes of gameplay let's go

    • Reblaze444
      Reblaze444 년 전

      @Raikeran Are domains those temple things? And do I have resin rn? Because I saw a video where it said be smarter with resin at the beginning of the game so what should I do

  • probably not heaven right?

    I love how they show the MC uses his geo attack, and then sucrose made an anemo bird and then they cut it to show qiqi just running around.
    Like they should.

  • Gorem
    Gorem 년 전

    Bring this game on! I cannot wait to be a part of every update! :)

  • Kazrel _
    Kazrel _ 년 전

    Despite it's very few but glaring faults (I'm looking at you Resin and Primos) this is probably one of the best mobile and pc games I've ever played. Thank you for the amazing work Mihoyo, I'm eagerly waiting for November 11. m(__)m

  • abi wabi-sabi
    abi wabi-sabi 년 전

    One of reasons why I love this game is because this is one of the few f2p that the actual game looks and feel exactly the same in the trailer.

  • Ferhad
    Ferhad 년 전 +41

    I love how the video says everything is perfect, while in the comments people only have complains
    btw mihoyo if you read this, please bump up the rates, I’m ar33 and still don’t have a five star

    •  •Ash•
      •Ash• 년 전

      mc is 5 star lol

    • krakenspar
      krakenspar 년 전

      @Cainomania cool i also have c1 chongyun

    • Cainomania
      Cainomania 년 전

      @krakenspar sadly , your a week late.
      Got keqing, zhongli, mona and c1 chongyun
      Replaced kaeya with chongyun.
      I might use him for cryo resonance in spiral abyss to get more crit.

    • krakenspar
      krakenspar 년 전

      although saying that i’m considering dropping him since i recently rolled diluc. if i raise him to the same level as the team that carried me since ar 12 and he’s good i might consider using him, what’s your thoughts? and btw diluc is my only 5 star

    • Cainomania
      Cainomania 년 전

      You can enjoy with a 4 star team with the traveler
      I’m using xiangling, fishl, Kaeya and anemo traveler, all with f2p weapons, except the sacrificial sword which is basically the Barbara of 4* weapons.
      Reached ar 40, completed every quest and waiting for the next update
      I do need to get rid of kaeya tho, he’s dragging my team down

  • enrique Carreon
    enrique Carreon 년 전 +2

    i just love how sucrose uses her charge attack at a distance where she clearly wont hit the plant. but hey it looks cool

  • Gabriel Simoes
    Gabriel Simoes 년 전

    Indeed, a pleasant surprise I was not expecting. I am totally addicted, been playing since day 1. Probably the best game I have played in the last decade.
    PS: Wait, you can actually use the Geo Stone to block the fires from the Pyro Flower? OMG!

  • Haru ハル
    Haru ハル 년 전

    I am very happy that Genshin Impact is doing well. The game is really very awesome!!!

  • Anime Yahallo
    Anime Yahallo 년 전 +6351

    " .... The game emptied my bank account. "
    - Wannabe Whales

    • Gurkaran singh
      Gurkaran singh 년 전

      Not as if there was anything to begin with in my bank account

  • Envy
    Envy 년 전

    I never knew that I would love this game this much, I just downloaded it at launch thinking I would kill some time.

  • MeloMewo
    MeloMewo 년 전 +16

    "One of the best surprises this year"
    Yes, I found out Venti was a boy

  • 『ʜɪɴᴀ🦋』

    all my characters are already level 20 very good game congratulations i hope it grows more and more congratulations on the wonderful game

  • MÊ AMV
    MÊ AMV 년 전

    Congratulations on doing so well 👌 your game is really great and it is so much fun that it is now so successful, so much to look forward to in the new updates, we hope you develop ghenshin impact will put more new things into the game to make it more interesting 🙂 wish the game more successful in the future :)) do your best, we will support you,👌👌👌♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • sasukeeehhhhh
    sasukeeehhhhh 년 전

    Love this trailer and love this game!!!

  • — hjansk
    — hjansk 년 전

    All jokes aside, even if this game has some flaws, it's one hell of a game. Dare to say the best game of 2020 in my opinion. The graphics, the character designs, the lore behind everything, the soundtracks, and a lot more. Even as an AR 52, it's still very fun to explore. (Except there's not many chests.)

  • Kitty
    Kitty 년 전

    I love the game I just wish co-op was available earlier on

  • GamerzHub | Studio
    GamerzHub | Studio 년 전 +1

    Y'all got me hooked keep up the good work 😌🙌🏿

  • SauraXD
    SauraXD 년 전 +649

    "Look at all these characters you'll never get" - ME

  • Enzo4Zero
    Enzo4Zero 년 전

    I love this game because everyday, it gives you some rewards, and not greedy as hell

  • Risolu
    Risolu 년 전 +23

    "suddenly my exp books disappeared..."
    -AR40+ gang

  • Hodaya Zambuka
    Hodaya Zambuka 년 전

    damn i love this game with my whole heart i think this the best RPG game in this 3 years

  • Kyuna
    Kyuna 년 전

    All jokes aside, this game is game of the year, with the best soundtracks and graphics that is available on so many platforms

  • Juan González Alonso


  • ASPECT Gaming
    ASPECT Gaming 년 전 +1

    Thank You miHoYo for giving this game in android/iOS.
    Genshin Impact shows What Mobile Devices Can do.

  • Kuma -sama
    Kuma -sama 년 전

    Today i spent all the primogems i grinded for weeks, made a 10x pull and got two 4* swords. Thanks a lot mihoyo🙃

  • Arnav Deepak Ram

    Nice work. Keep up the amazing updates 😊😊

  • B
    B 년 전 +624

    you've got a great game going here mihoyo, i really really hope you guys keep the train going and continue building on the momentum you guys have got going for many years to come. this game has some serious potential and we're only just getting started

    • Tibor Vrh
      Tibor Vrh 년 전 +1

      @シロロ u can grind mates for 10m yes after that u run out of energy and need 2 wait for the next day.

    • Tibor Vrh
      Tibor Vrh 년 전

      @Sefa Çelik No you cant once u did all.

    • Tibor Vrh
      Tibor Vrh 년 전 +1

      @Syfq Irwnsh_ u joking right?

    • Tibor Vrh
      Tibor Vrh 년 전

      @melenacholy There is an energy system in place that limits what you can do to 120 energy(which is roughly around 10m of gameplay)

    • Kiwi Iruna
      Kiwi Iruna 년 전

      @Sanger Zonvolt You basically just proved the point.
      You have 20 Resins because by buying the battle pass you had no problem with mora/exp books in the long run, therefore you didn't have to use them.
      You fell right into the trap, and gave them $10 to be able to level up your characters in a way that feels satisfying, and you can also be pretty chill about getting and testing a new character, because you have enough materials to do so.
      So yeah congrats on being manipulated into giving away money for meaningfl progression

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple 년 전 +1

    I can't stop laughing at the part when Qiqi is running and the ground is blowing up behind her

  • Nicholas Ciunek
    Nicholas Ciunek 년 전

    Esse jogo é bom demais

  • Just A Random Weeb

    Imagine this game in VR. The possibilities would be endless.

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 년 전

    We need more enemy types, or is that just me being weird.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 년 전 +208

    “In terms of Primogems, we have no primogems.”

    • onellux
      onellux 년 전

      we all relate to zhongli too much

    • Dani RC
      Dani RC 년 전 +7


  • ϟ
    ϟ 년 전

    A simple QOL improvement to the resin would be
    - reduce the regen rate from 8 min to 4-5 min
    - leylines dont consume resin and put a limit of how much u can do in a day
    - every time u lv up it fills it up to the max also the capacity goes up bit by bit per lv
    - weekly bosses should also not consume resin

  • W. Dreamer
    W. Dreamer 년 전

    Beautiful game ❤️

  • Funk Daddy
    Funk Daddy 년 전

    The most expensive f2p game that I've fallen in love with
    The world is so gorgeous.
    The gameplay is perfect with the right amount of action and elemental strategy.
    The story is fascinating.
    The waifus and husbandos are perfect.
    Abysmal drop rates.
    Cost of wishing is too high (100 would be perfect)
    Resin regeneration is so damn slow(8 minutes for 1 resin omg) its appalling really.

  • Florian Rabouin
    Florian Rabouin 년 전

    Just 2 word to describe this game : Deserve it

  • Cedric Wong
    Cedric Wong 년 전 +41

    I appreciate how many interesting combat mechanics show up in this trailer.
    0:49 canceling normal attack combo into charged attack
    0:54 projectile collision with created terrain
    1:05 abusing elemental burst i-frames
    1:09 Keqing's standard 3-hit sequence to trigger weak points
    1:14 Placing Keqing skill before burst, but recasting skill afterwards to maximize buff duration from passive talent 1

    • Emily S
      Emily S 년 전

      I love abusing invincible frames with ning, my attack artifacts happen to also have a ton of energy recharge so I'm constantly ulting.

  • Mr Maquina
    Mr Maquina 년 전

    2020 was a really bad year, but this game... this game changed things. Is just amazing.

  • Hazard Dee
    Hazard Dee 년 전

    best game i played in awhile.
    easily top 3 of the year.

  • Weeb Haven Arktt ch.

    yep they really had to make Keqing look badass and I love it

  • Quarter_Turn
    Quarter_Turn 년 전

    This game is very deserving of its accolades

  • Lulullaby -
    Lulullaby - 년 전 +230

    I still play this game every day for about 1-2 hours, absolutely amazing game to just pick up and play :)

    • curiousMirror
      curiousMirror 년 전

      @saitama no it's not. not at all.

    • Harold Garzon
      Harold Garzon 년 전

      @saitama not for me..grinding is gud for ur characters

    • saitama
      saitama 년 전

      @Harold Garzon Are you trying to say that grinding is not boring?

    • Harold Garzon
      Harold Garzon 년 전

      @saitama i dunno wat u talking but if u dont grind and only use ur resin den it will be 30 mins but if u grind for ur weapon upgrade and other stuff den its longer dan dat

    • ravador
      ravador 년 전 +1

      @Nirwan Yeah, me too. Until I did all of that. And now there is no content left, except the one timegated by Resin.

  • Kevin Subekti
    Kevin Subekti 년 전

    "...and a wildly satisfying combat"
    I agree with that only if the game is generous enough for us F2Players to get various characters with various different elements and play styles. Sticking to a F2P is an option, but diversifying the playstyle and character build is also a massive aspect of the game I think. Using only 4 stars (mainly characters like Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa for the most part since they're F2P) when you're unlucky in your Wishes (thankfully, I was lucky), can get quite dry and people will demand easier build up and diverse characters to be more accessible. Please try to change the wish system a bit to make it more accessible for us F2P. Having to wait for 90 pulls for a single guaranteed 5 star can take a while and can make people demotivated to play the game because they're using the same characters because they get unlucky.

  • W T
    W T 년 전

    Don't forget the best part: THE AMAZING SOUNDTRACK!!!

  • Sapphire Wilhelm

    Wonderful game, don't need to spend money at all if you are patient enough.
    But if you want to support the game, 5$/month for the subscription and 10$ more for battle pass are the best deals this game offers.
    We'll see how the game goes in 6 months but it's definitely a yes for me right now.

  • OVATMFarLyg
    OVATMFarLyg 년 전 +1

    make it so that players can walk together, explore the map, do quests and have fun together. It's boring to study the map alone.

    • JZ Esu
      JZ Esu 년 전

      That's what co op is for.

  • Guferus
    Guferus 년 전 +286

    The trailer should include the part at the end where after epically defeating the Regisvine there is a "Sorry you are out of resin to claim the drop"

    • Not registered name
      Not registered name 년 전

      Did you forget, Weekly rewards claimed

    • this is a username!
      this is a username! 년 전

      why would you fight an elite enemy without checking your resin first?

    • Egali
      Egali 년 전

      That's what happened to me haha had to spend my fragile resin

    • Akmaj Theathority
      Akmaj Theathority 년 전 +5

      @Kenzie LC no i mean, you won't get primogem from doing any of the ley line deposit or domain or elite bosses(which uses resin). The only way to get free primogem repeatedly is doing daily commission

  • Kovex
    Kovex 년 전

    All chests should respawn at the start of the week. It would give people at ar 30+ something to do that doesn't require resin, would be a consistent source of primogems for people who take the time to search and would make the world feel less empty for those that have already cleared it.

  • MirroZero
    MirroZero 년 전

    My first actual gacha experience, and a game so open world its almost the new skyrim. I enjoy this game as much as I do with Destiny 2.

  • SpiderriaN
    SpiderriaN 년 전

    If this game can change to become more like a real deep rpg instead of a free to play moble game, it truly could become one of the best games of 2020 and even 2021 with all of the new content planned. Please oh please mighty emergency food lords, make the resin system less restrictive to do anything after AR30 and bless us with a bountiful gift of mora!

  • Shop
    Shop 년 전

    All im saying is that it would be cool at the end of story mode for traveler to get all his past powers and be able to play as him. But I feel like that would be too easy so you should habe to go through some other stuff to get it.

  • Arruzeru
    Arruzeru 년 전 +960

    Loving everything but resin system

    • Gamefreak346
      Gamefreak346 년 전 +1

      @Dididererste This is, quite possibly, the worst counter-argument anyone could ever give.
      When someone's car breaks down or is made unsafe due to an error in its manufacturing, do you tell that person "well, you can't complain because you don't have the time, money, expertise, or necessary tools to mass-produce a better and more reliable vehicle and distribute it at the national/global level"? If someone's meal at some expensive restaurant comes out raw, rancid, or covered in some rando's hair, do you tell them "you aren't allowed to complain because you aren't a multiple Michelin Star chef who owns one or more of the world's finest restaurants yourself"?
      No? Then why, pray tell, should players be required to have the skill and financial backing of an entire massive development studio to give criticism to a video game, especially when the flaws are so painfully obvious to anyone even briefly looking over the final product?

    • Dominus
      Dominus 년 전


    • Magmascan
      Magmascan 년 전

      @Ardi Setyiawan That's actually not true. If it was, then how come you are not kicked out of the game after a certain period of time? Your resin runs out, yes, but you are still able to stay in the game. What you are probably thinking of is the law for minors playing, where they are locked out after around 2 hours of play.

    • Lay
      Lay 년 전


    • Luis Gustavo Fernandes
      Luis Gustavo Fernandes 년 전 +1

      Just give the devs time so they can implement new content, we do need resin changes but we need new content sooo much more. Think of what you enjoyed while leveling up... wasn't spending resin... exploring and discovering new things about the world is what drove most people to play the game. We need more CONTENT

    DAFAS 년 전 +4

    *This gonna be Nostalgic Some day*

  • tushaar
    tushaar 년 전

    I hope they make an update where they give us a multi each week

  • Maxiboni19
    Maxiboni19 년 전

    They deserve It that, this game is awesome. I Love It

  • giant salamander

    Idk if I got luck or something but my first pull brought me Fischl and Nin, and they have carried me far,
    Second pull brought me Cho which is great because he pairs well with Fischl.
    Only thing I’m lacking in is weapons, only Fischl and Cho got 4 star weapons

  • KuuhakuDesu
    KuuhakuDesu 년 전 +78

    The game I always wanted, but didn't know until it came out. I've been obsessed with Genshin Impact since I started playing it and I feel like my hype isn't dying anytime soon.
    I just hope Mihoyo will make the right calls and make the game even better.

    • Nata
      Nata 년 전

      @Tuan Anh Dang I don´t play a lot lol

    • Tuan Anh Dang
      Tuan Anh Dang 년 전

      @Nata how-

    • Tuan Anh Dang
      Tuan Anh Dang 년 전

      @KuuhakuDesu Liyue has like 6-8 story quests and they are hella fast

    • Tuan Anh Dang
      Tuan Anh Dang 년 전

      @bruh in still ar 32. I play an hour then plat in the evening for 3 more hours to farm mini bosses(elite? Idk how u call it) not only that i have quarantine here so...

    • Sir Saif
      Sir Saif 년 전

      @Tuan Anh Dang i did start from 1st day only rank 36 f2p only people with no life 40+ 24 h spam game can do that exp so hell in rank 35+

    AFK_BIN 년 전 +1976

    After playing Genshin Impact I have learned that Paimon is Cute & Delicious??? 👀

    • Z
      Z 년 전

      @Devil's Advocate he said "delicious" that would be an R-18G art on pixiv.

    • crystallexves
      crystallexves 년 전


    • barats lol
      barats lol 년 전

      Hey! That's even worse then being called a mascot!!!

    • insert name
      insert name 년 전

      Best emergency food

    • Haruka-San
      Haruka-San 년 전 +2

      *This single phrase can be interpreted in 2 different ways*

  • KirbyDash
    KirbyDash 년 전 +1

    Honestly I’m so into it since September 25th 😂

  • Viktor Bass Play

    Просто топовая игра, можно поиграть за компом, надоест, прилег, взял айфон и погнал дальше фигачить

  • Rc Joox
    Rc Joox 년 전 +1

    I hope genshin impact will update soon so the story can be continue :)

  • h h
    h h 년 전 +1874

    "... Surprisingly deep RPG"
    Story of my life man

    • Unclassified
      Unclassified 년 전 +1

      @Cold is the Void true

    • Hamka
      Hamka 년 전

      @Solarmax ooooh thanks!

    • dotz kie
      dotz kie 년 전

      you meant surprisingly deep RNG right?

    • EntertainedAstral
      EntertainedAstral 년 전

      @Slimy Toilet that’s up for you to decide, and wether that will actually make you happy

    • Slimy Toilet
      Slimy Toilet 년 전

      Wooft Honestly.... I want the adventure. You know what? I'm gonna step out of programming a bit and book a trip to hawaii. How does that sound?

  • nonononon
    nonononon 년 전 +10

    i swear, imagine how happy the genshin community would be if they'd just improve, or even rework the resin system.

    • kokoro
      kokoro 년 전

      Or with primogems and chances with good characters

    • nonononon
      nonononon 년 전

      @Pamasich Probably as a guy who hasn't really seen much of the real world, I guess i'm underestimating how profit-driven companies are. After all, if I were in their shoes, I'd try to build like a reaaaally diehard fanbase from he start. But realistically, I don't see (or haven't) companies doing that sort of stuff.

    • Pamasich
      Pamasich 년 전

      Well, they are improving it, just not enough. They are adding a way to store resin and increasing the cap. Not much help for people with lots of free time, but at least it allows people who have to work to better manage their time.
      I think it's unrealistic to expect them to actually improve the system right now. They are earning money and praise. Mihoyo has experience with gacha, this isn't their first. So, this isn't a mistake, they made the system this bad on purpose. It's probably so they can throw us a bone when people start leaving the game or their income goes down. The thing is, the game is successful currently, so I don't see any real changes coming soon. They don't have any incentive to change it.

  • Fortunato Atoy Sulayao

    Fix Resin CD, Fix Drop Rates for every character. That's the only we need Mihoyo, now this game can be addicting

  • Cristian Adriel Luna Felipe

    Excelente trabajo

  • Oreki Houtarou
    Oreki Houtarou 년 전

    I really hope they make collaboration with konosuba or other isekai anime....that would be mind blowing

  • アルバダヨー
    アルバダヨー 년 전 +784

    "We won't fix our resin problem"
    --someone, somebody

    • Renzo
      Renzo 년 전

      @pratita sujatmika thats a very superficial definition. It's much more complex than that. By that point, comparing eastern gachas with western lootboxes is outrageous for me. I'm not owner of all truth, but I get my share of knowledge and experience from japanese culture to draw a line and differentiate these two. I suggest you get a VPN and Qooapp to play some japanese gachas so you can see it for yourself. You may still not agree with me, but I least it would make more sense to what I'm saying.

    • pratita sujatmika
      pratita sujatmika 년 전

      stamina system is not making people top up/recharge. stamina is also not making people missing roll on a banner. they lost their gems into farm more than rolling.

    • pratita sujatmika
      pratita sujatmika 년 전

      @Renzo for what exactly you think why resin/stamina is needed? they could get a lot of money by people rolling tho and not distracted by stamina system.

    • Renzo
      Renzo 년 전

      @pratita sujatmikaI get what you are saying, but I think people are forgetting to think logically about the overall context of the product.
      From a gaming development cycle POV, gacha "needs" a stamina system. Just to be clear, I'm not defending this system. It's just feels wrong how people are approaching the issue. If people don't like how things are, blame gacha not the stamina system. And if people don't like gacha, support something Pay-to-play with future DLCs and minor transactions.

    • pratita sujatmika
      pratita sujatmika 년 전

      @Renzo gacha games doesnt mean it required you to have stamina in the game tho. gacha games meant its require you to spend ingame currency to get virtual item/characters in game with random chance to obtain it. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gacha_game

  • KawaiiHinari
    KawaiiHinari 년 전

    I like how the gameplay is in the video but it edited so well that you probably thought it wasn't the gameplay but just an animation trailer

  • Symbolism
    Symbolism 년 전 +1

    "Thank you for all the support! You're all amazing! To express our graditude, here's 30 primogems, enjoy!"

  • Ane Mari
    Ane Mari 년 전

    The only RPG that I've come across that has the exact gameplay experience as the trailer.