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The Shimmering Voyage Vol. 2 - Disc 3: A Turbulent Peregrination|Genshin Impact

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 05.
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  • tnbee
    tnbee 개월 전 +986

    Elogia Cinerosa.... what a perfect name for a perfect theme to plot something evil

    • Someone Existing
      Someone Existing 개월 전 +3

      Oh also it's pronounced "Élogia Kinérossa" and the g is pronounced like in "game"

    • scawamouche
      scawamouche 개월 전 +1

      @Someone Existing bro that's neat

    • The Amargot
      The Amargot 개월 전 +1

      @Someone Existing and it could mean grey as in Moraly grey

    • rae tÿ
      rae tÿ 개월 전

      Hello legend

  • flicker
    flicker 개월 전 +2748

    Seriously how do humans come up with masterpieces like this 💀

    • Ivan G
      Ivan G 3 일 전

      @FBI abism

    • Alguma Coisa 0_0
      Alguma Coisa 0_0 18 일 전

      @FBI Hyakunin Ikki event. I think it also played at the Delusion Factory domain from Act.3 of Inazuma's Chapter.

    • Bardock
      Bardock 개월 전 +2

      I'm a musician. if you want to make this kind of music, you need to sacrifice all your time to practice.

    • Michael G
      Michael G 개월 전

      @FireBlueZ source?

  • Kiên Trung
    Kiên Trung 개월 전 +1560

    All tracks description and their appearance
    0:00 2.1 Moonlight Merriment cutscene (krclip.com/video/sHshbPUOXo4/비디오.html)
    3:42 Osial’s wife vs Liyue Qixing (Interlude Chapter Act 1)
    7:59 Enter Raiden Makoto realm (Raiden Shogun Story Act 2)
    8:59 Raiden Makoto cutscene (Raiden Shogun Story Act 2)
    11:04 Yae Miko Story cutscene
    14:37 Enkanomiya big door open cutscene (World Quest)
    15:04 2.5 Three Realms Gateway Offering cutscene
    15:25 Electro Abyss Lector activate a device and made Khaenri’ah people (Dainsleif, Hilichurls, Black Serpents) headache (cutscene, Chapter 2 Act 4)
    16:56 Halfdan farewell (Chapter 2 Act 4)
    18:16 Ayato and Traveler first meeting (Ayato Story)
    19:09 2.6 Iridori Festival final cutscene (krclip.com/video/bVDDhl26Q0I/비디오.html)
    21:16 Itto break a stone wall and fainted (Interlude Chapter Act 2 - 2.7 Perilous Trail)
    21:56 Paimon panicked and hits the Fantastic Compass (Interlude Chapter Act 2 - 2.7 Perilous Trail)
    22:30 Xiao and others exiting The Chasm’s Bed underground (Interlude Chapter Act 2 - 2.7 Perilous Trail) (krclip.com/video/C24nvloZZhE/비디오.html)
    26:26 5 yakshas cutscene (Interlude Chapter Act 2 - 2.7 Perilous Trail) (krclip.com/video/ZVnfjTVZrWY/비디오.html)
    30:22 Yelan Story cutscene
    31:54 Kazuha Story cutscene
    33:42 The moment when gaa island shows illusion (mirage) of Fischl, Mona and Kazuha island (2.8 Summertime Odyssey part 2 early cutscene)
    34:25 Gaa island all cutscene combined (except the early cutscene in part 2) (krclip.com/video/0YzmuPmUYE4/비디오.html)
    37:28 Delusion Factory and Hyakunin Ikki 2.1 theme (Inazuma version of Against All Odds - Spiral Abyss and some domains theme song. Original version can be found here: krclip.com/video/hgEIVSL8xVY/비디오.html)
    42:51 The Game Awards 2021 entry video (krclip.com/video/YjiloHxQ5eE/비디오.html)
    44:28 2.5 story promotional video (krclip.com/video/nU0MnCpsUD4/비디오.html)
    45:03 Ayaka short trailer video (krclip.com/video/rAlymhPyKhQ/비디오.html)
    48:13 Fatui Harbingers video (krclip.com/video/TmaAOV4SJNQ/비디오.html)
    52:31 Ruu’s song MV (krclip.com/video/O_Udh58C2dM/비디오.html)
    Update: Correct some timestamp and add a link to video in some tracks

    • Satian R
      Satian R 29 일 전

      Thank you

    • Vale Vary
      Vale Vary 개월 전

      You're doing godswork tqsm

    • Óc Chó Liên Quân
      Óc Chó Liên Quân 개월 전

      Chuyên hế

    • wumbo
      wumbo 개월 전

      BROO this is great, thank you

    • Dian
      Dian 개월 전

      thank you so much for the description! cause I can't remember where i heard these lol

  • Mista
    Mista 개월 전 +1644

    [MASSIVE Quest spoilers for the Inazuma Arc (2.X)]
    00:04 Moonchase Guoba cutscene
    03:42 Lantern Rite - Liyue vs Beisht
    07:59 Raiden Quest II - Entering the Domain the second time
    08:59 Raiden Quest II - Makoto Cutscene
    11:04 Yae Quest - Prayers with Yokai Spirits
    14:38 First time entering Enkanomiya
    15:04 Three Realms Gateway cutscene 2.5
    15:25 Halfdan Sacrifice
    16:56 Halfdan Soul meets Dain
    18:16 Ayato teaser (or story quest) [EDIT: First time meeting Ayato & Thoma playing the game in his story quest]
    19:09 Irodori 5 Kaisen
    21:16 Itto Chasm Door cutscene 2.7
    21:56 Paimon dropping the Compass Chasm Cutscene 2.7
    22:30 Xiao Chasm Cutscene
    26:26 5 Yaksha Animated cutscene
    30:22 Yelan Story quest cutscene
    31:54 Kazuha Story Cutscene
    33:44 Introduction/Appearance of the Mirages in GAA 2.8
    34:25 GAA Cutscenes
    37:29 Against All Odds Inazuma version (played in the first Hyakunin Ikki and in the Delusion factory)
    42:51 Genshin's Game Awards Entry with Itto, Yoimiya, Gorou and Kokomi
    44:28 Inazuma Story Promotional Video
    45:10 Tsubaki in Snow. Ayaka Animated
    48:13 The Harbinger Teaser theme!
    52:31 Ruu's Melody
    What a Brilliant OST Disc. Shimmering Voyage is my Favourite OST Disc Series!
    [EDIT: I haven't done all quests so THANKS to replies and Kiên Trung(Check out their comment for even more descriptive list!)]

    • Kiên Trung
      Kiên Trung 개월 전

      The stellar moments and upcoming version trailer ost is better (in my opinion)
      Also this is not spoilers (hear quest music doesn’t count as spoilers)

    • Hoaxen007
      Hoaxen007 개월 전

      You purposefully didn't insert the Song of Innocence XD

    • Taxara
      Taxara 개월 전

      I think those smaller tracks before the Xiao chasm cutscene were those two smaller cutscenes in the same quest. One where Itto hit the wall and the other when Paimon knocked the compass over.

    • Hi Mpeg
      Hi Mpeg 개월 전

      Guoba not gouba btw

    • Noorツ
      Noorツ 개월 전

      Thank you 😊🙏

  • pop
    pop 개월 전 +832

    Elogia Cirenosa is such a masterpiece I don’t think Yu-peng chen is a human when creating music, he is a literal god

    • Night Lancer
      Night Lancer 29 일 전

      @Samsa, Umar Alikhan 45k primos 3-years-before-hand saving confirmed *SeemsGood*

    • space dust
      space dust 개월 전 +1

      For real it's so epic

    • 5H1-1N4
      5H1-1N4 개월 전 +4

      Glory to the Music Archon

    • CGSDR JC
      CGSDR JC 개월 전 +2

      You mean music Archon?

    • Samsa, Umar Alikhan
      Samsa, Umar Alikhan 개월 전 +18

      Columbina making fall for her with her "la la la lala la"

  • guni
    guni 개월 전 +516

    52:31 Gotta thank Kapatcir for this banger 🙏. Mf got interrupted halfway jamming to this song and genocided the entire island 💀💀💀

  • Director Hu Tao
    Director Hu Tao 개월 전 +348

    52:31 ruu's theme is always in hoyoverse and genshin players heart🙂

    • Nox Bobby
      Nox Bobby 8 일 전

      who is ruu?

    • DevilCaller
      DevilCaller 개월 전 +1

      @midnightkatana Same. I have this on teapot, and Kazari's theme inside the teapot mansion. No escape from the sadness...

    • midnightkatana
      midnightkatana 개월 전 +6

      @Wahyu Panji I did the same thing.... Though I wish we had this one now for the teapot

    • Mavis
      Mavis 개월 전 +4

      @Wahyu Panji SAME

    • Wahyu Panji
      Wahyu Panji 개월 전 +58

      @Thanh Nguyen Duc and im the masochist who set ruu's theme in teapot 😭😭😭

  • Rodney
    Rodney 개월 전 +700

    Guoba's story makes me cry, he didn't even hesitate to put all his power, sacrificing everything to save the humans.

    • SBZ
      SBZ 개월 전

      That's why Xiangling's 5th constellation is very scary.

    • Jorge Pérez Casas
      Jorge Pérez Casas 개월 전


    • Nova Skura
      Nova Skura 개월 전 +5


    • Lumine
      Lumine 개월 전 +3

      my favorite one

  • croix
    croix 개월 전 +571

    7:10 this part where Shenhe stops the tsunami waves gave me chills bc of the music

    • Togekill
      Togekill 개월 전 +3

      Best cutscene in the whole game, a more triumphant version of her demo theme playing, absolute perfection

    • Nicole Chan
      Nicole Chan 개월 전 +2

      no bc the erhu hits different...

    • kou-nyancat
      kou-nyancat 개월 전 +2

      The moment Shenhe started walking and her eyes glowing honestly gives me goosebumps every time I remember that cutscene, it's unforgettably chilling

    • Elly
      Elly 개월 전 +7

      It makes we want to cry WHATS WRONG WITH ME HELP ITS JUST SO GOOD

    • Victoryfraud
      Victoryfraud 개월 전 +7

      I just love every version of Shenhe's theme...they're all really heroic, which fits her perfectly.

  • Nova Skura
    Nova Skura 개월 전 +558

    This music is so magical, it simply makes me forget the world around me, it’s so breathtaking, it’s relaxing in the most intense way, I’m always surprised by the music they create for us we all owe them a huge thank you! ❤️

    • saiomii’s lost…
      saiomii’s lost… 개월 전 +5

      The “Hang by a Thread” just screams that Xiao cutsene and while listening I could hear it lol
      The Elogia one and Ruu’s Song gives me chills fr

  • Orkus Re Orca
    Orkus Re Orca 개월 전 +527

    48:13 this one always give me chills whenever I hear it, such a powerful moment with powerful music

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T 개월 전 +77

    26:27 Yaksha's Reminiscence Is the most beautiful song, that makes me goosebumps every time I hear it😭😭

    • Shapp
      Shapp 7 일 전 +2

      ikr people forgot about this

  • Humanity
    Humanity 개월 전 +139

    Time stamps and where these tracks play!
    00:00 - Moonchase Festival - Marchosius, God of the Stove
    03:42 - Interlude Chapter Act I - Shenhe and Liyue VS. Beisht
    07:59 - Raiden Shogun Story Quest Act II - Returning to Makoto's Plane of Oneiric Euthymia
    08:59 - Raiden Shogun Story Quest Act II - Makoto's final words and the Sacred Sakura
    11:04 - Yae Miko Story Quest Act I - Banquet of Parting
    14:37 - Enkanomiya - Opening the doors to the region
    15:04 - Three Realms Gateway - the Dainichi Mikoshi
    15:25 - Traveler Archon Quest Act II - The Abyss Order activates the device
    16:56 - Traveler Archon Quest Act II - Halfdan
    18:16 - Ayato Story Quest Act I - Meeting Ayato
    19:09 - Irodori Festival - the Five Kasen
    21:16 - Interlude Chapter Act II - Itto opens a new path
    21:56 - Interlude Chapter Act II - Paimon drops the Fantastic Compass
    22:30 - Interlude Chapter Act II - Escaping the Chasm
    26:26 - Interlude Chapter Act II - Bosacius and Boyang
    30:22 - Yelan Story Quest Act I - Exposing Zhiyi and Yusupov
    31:54 - Kaedehara Kazuha Story Quest Act I - Reforging the blade
    33:42 - Golden Apple Archipelago 2 - The mirages appearing
    34:25 - Golden Apple Archipelago 2 - The four characters
    37:28 - Inazuma Archon Quest Act III - Entering the Delusion Factory
    42:51 - TGA 2021 Trailer
    44:28 - Inazuma 2D Animated PV
    45:03 - Kamisato Ayaka's Vision Story PV
    48:13 - Interlude Chapter Teaser - the Fatui Harbingers
    52:31 - Ruu's Theme Music Video

  • cas
    cas 개월 전 +161


  • xo
    xo 개월 전 +547

    they never fail to amaze me with their powerful music man

  • RedFlower Disaster
    RedFlower Disaster 개월 전 +82

    Columbina's lalalas contrast to Ruu's lullaby at the end though..
    Columbina has a creepy and eerie lullaby that feels dangerous and gives you goosebumps, while Ruu is heartwarming, and relaxing feels like a miracles is happening in the presents and you just want to sleep peacefully into the night
    Kudos to Hoyomix,Hoyoverse and Mihoyo for making such beautiful songs that has little to no lyrics but tells a beautiful story

  • David R. B.
    David R. B. 개월 전 +103

    25:40 this scene gave me goosebumps with the imagery and music, and I'm feeling it again just listening!

  • Nara
    Nara 개월 전 +354

    I love the music in genshin so much. I literally have never appreciated a games music this much. It's amazing

    • Imam M S
      Imam M S 개월 전

      @Madara even tho i agree genshin is not "the best game" but chill, why do you care so much what people enjoy, if people are saying "this game is the best at 'music/battle/story/etc" why do you even care, it's their OPINION, you dont agree? its okay, but no need to get aggressive, no need to feel superior just because you played more games than them..
      my top 5 video game of all time :
      1 suikoden V,
      2.shadow of the colossus,
      3 metal gear solid 3 snake eater.
      4 tenchu 2 birth of the stealth assassin
      5 NieR: Automata
      and everyone can have whatever opinion on those games

    • Артур Милкович
      Артур Милкович 개월 전


    • Hanrry Oliveira Stolze
      Hanrry Oliveira Stolze 개월 전 +1

      Genshin orchestra are in the same level of games like the Old Medal of Honors, the beggining of the CoD franchise, Final Fantasy's, Nier or even classic and nosltagic movies as jurassic Park, Back to the future, Indiana Jones, they used to bring a lot orchestra to make the scenes better and vivid! I miss games and movies that use orchestral, always mark me and make me remember them because of the good soundtrack ❤ sorry for my bad inglish guys, i wish youncan understand and forgive my mediocre way of tipping :')

    • Madara
      Madara 개월 전

      @Indra D.wtf are u saying man . If u played form PS2 u should obviously know that there are better games than genshin and again like a million times i said before genshin is an above average game .

    • Madara
      Madara 개월 전

      @Indra D. I am 26 and i picked those cause they have good music but i obviously know way more games .

  • SteezyZ
    SteezyZ 개월 전 +247

    The best feeling is listening to these tracks and reliving the exact moments in game where it was first played. Love it

    • TheRoseFrontier
      TheRoseFrontier 개월 전 +6

      *Me experiencing renewed stress just at the sound of the Xiao cutscene from the Interlude Act 2 chapter
      Honestly though, there's so much emotion attached to some of these. It's a real treat to get to listen to them again as instrumentals

    • Jonathan Wilson
      Jonathan Wilson 개월 전 +16

      Completely agree. It’s a completely nostalgic experience.

  • Rizqi Ilzha Bimantara
    Rizqi Ilzha Bimantara 개월 전 +162

    45:03 Tsubaki in Thawing Snow
    48:13 A Winter Night's Lazzo (Columbina Damselette)

  • Maple
    Maple 개월 전 +35

    yaksha's reminiscence is such a hauntingly beautiful piece, and it tells its own story *without* the cutscene. i'd consider it quite the feat to make thousands of people cry watching a ship spin in circles.

  • Lichi
    Lichi 개월 전 +143

    i really appreciate all the effort that yu peng chen and all the musicians put into the music! it's such a blessing to get to listen to this all for free.

  • TK Will
    TK Will 개월 전 +80

    07:03 For me this is the best quest Ost in Genshin it's so melodic, dramatic and beautiful!

    • Franck Vázquez
      Franck Vázquez 개월 전 +1

      Battle vs Osial is a masterpiece, but when 2,4 cames from, and Mihoyo used an arranged version of Battle vs Osial, that moment is when all the heads of the players go boom

    • Stan Kotaro
      Stan Kotaro 개월 전 +2

      Shenhe's theme is masterpiece I really really love it

  • Kzalca
    Kzalca 개월 전 +110

    FINALLY! The OST that plays when you first open the door to Enkanomiya is here! "A Region Rediscovered" is short but so good. Definitely elevated the feeling of awe when witnessing Enkanomiya for the first time.

  • 黃柏翔
    黃柏翔 개월 전 +8


  • Potatozshara
    Potatozshara 개월 전 +47

    17:00 - Dainsleif and Halfdan's cutscene 😭
    I definitely didn't expect them to release the Winter Night's Lazzo's ost so soon (48:17) thank you HYV!!

  • The Fat Cake
    The Fat Cake 개월 전 +127

    The vocals at 50:26 are the best. Definitely the best song from the whole album.

    • The Fat Cake
      The Fat Cake 개월 전

      @Guy Person True, God knows how much their music will improve in future updates.

    • Kefir
      Kefir 개월 전 +1

      @Guy Person can't wait for the villages yo

    • Guy Person
      Guy Person 개월 전 +1

      @Kefir I mean, not all of Shnezneya is evil, so I guarantee that we'll hear some normal music while exploring smaller towns and other areas, but hear more menacing themes at the capital/Northland Bank/mysterious locations in Shnezneya. Itll be perfectly balanced.

    • Kefir
      Kefir 개월 전 +4

      @Guy Person i hope it's not gonna be just evil music (although i fkin love it), i wanna hear some traditional russian music as well lol

    • Amigo
      Amigo 개월 전 +1

      @Mo ahahahha, for the first time I see bot using Cyrillic

  • The Fat Cake
    The Fat Cake 개월 전 +232

    Genshin music is breathtaking. It's hard to find this kind of quality music from a free game.

    • Michael G
      Michael G 개월 전

      @Vaiolette Westover very well said and sums up pretty much.

    • Michael G
      Michael G 개월 전

      @FireBlueZ Kuro Game hire which composers? Chinese composers or Japanese composers?

    • Vaiolette Westover
      Vaiolette Westover 개월 전 +3

      @Shihab Chowdhury I have played Arknights since literally day 1. Most of Arknights' music are fairly generic with some standouts like Blemishine event and vocals by different groups.
      No one will agree with you that Arknights music is remotely in the same league as Genshin music.

    • Shihab Chowdhury
      Shihab Chowdhury 개월 전

      @Vaiolette Westover I'm sorry but I hard disagree. Genshin's msuic is really good & awesome but saying Arknight's music doesn't come close really dumb & wrong. You clearly a fanboy & never heard of their other many soundtracks. They just don't have modern music but also traditional music with traditional instruments they make based of the settings of their main story & side story event & they have come really close to Genshin's music. Just like Genshin, Arknights has all kinds of music. Mostly they have modern type music is because It has a modern, futuristic setting while Genshin is completely fantasy themed. Your mistake was to compare two different games with different settings catered to different audience. By that also means different type of music. If you don't like that type of music, just say so. There was no need to down play Arknights' music because not everyone has the same taste in music as you & thinks that Genshin has the best music & no one could come close to it. I know it's your opinion but down playing some thing to just suit your taste doesn't make it a good opinion & people can agree/disagree with other people's opinions.

    • Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout
      Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout 개월 전

      @Antares i played Nier automata a few weeks ago and I reached that desert part. I uninstalled it then, it was not fun at all for me.

  • Antonio’s Aesthetic
    Antonio’s Aesthetic 개월 전 +30

    Both Miko’s Ingenuity and the scene it plays during is so magical. Made me tear up honestly.

  • かたわれ時
    かたわれ時 개월 전 +41

    #01 The Liyue Romans-Fleuves - 00:00 (Moonchase event cutscene)
    #02 Bravery and Tenderness - 03:42 (Archon Interlude I quest cutscene)
    #03 Rumble of Thunder - 07:59 (Raiden Story Quest II cutscene) [Traveller enters Makoto's realm]
    #04 Roots of Tranquil Eternity - 08:59 (Raiden Story Quest II cutscene) [Makoto leaves for the final time]
    #05 Miko's Ingenuity - 11:04 (Yae Miko Story Quest cutscene)
    #06 A Region Rediscovered - 14:37 (Enkanomiya quest cutscene)
    #07 Cold Light - 15:04 (2.6 Enkanomiya event cutscene)
    #08 Broken Blade - 15:25 (Chasm quest cutscene) [Halfdan's Sacrifice]
    #09 Unfulfilled Aspirations - 16:56 (Chasm quest cutscene) [Halfdan leaves]
    #10 Evergreen Cypress - 18:16 (Ayato Story Quest cutscene)
    #11 Magnificent Irodori - 19:09 (Irodori event cutscenes)
    #12 Breaking Point - 21:16 (Archon Interlude II quest cutscene) [Itto hits the wall]
    #13 A Clueless Case - 21:56 (Archon Interlude II quest cutscene) [The Fantastic Compass appears]
    #14 Hang by a Thread - 22:30 (Archon Interlude II quest cutscene) [Xiao's Sacrifice]
    #15 Yaksha's Reminiscence - 26:26 (Archon Interlude II quest cutscene) [Xiao and the Yakshas]
    #16 Easier Said Than Done - 30:22 (Yelan Story Quest cutscene)
    #17 A Single Thought - 31:54 (Kazuha Story Quest cutscene)
    #18 Prelude of Change - 33:42 (plays in Kazuha's domain in Summertime Odyssey)
    #19 Phantasm Suite - 34:25 (plays during Kazuha's cutscene in Summertime Odyssey)
    #20 The Everlasting Trail - 37:28 (plays in the Delusion Factory, Inazuma Archon Quest Part III)
    #21 Dazzling Stars - 42:51 (Genshin Impact's TGA entry)
    #22 The Floating World - 44:28 (Inazuma promotional video)
    #23 Soar in the Wind - 45:03 (Tsubaki in Thawing Snow) [Ayaka receives her vision animation]
    #24 Elogia Cinerosa - 48:13 (A Winter Night's Lazzo) [Fatui Harbingers reveal]
    #25 Song of Innocence - 52:31 (Through the Mists) [Tsurumi choir]
    Special thanks to Genshin Impact Fandom

    • PrograError
      PrograError 15 일 전 +1

      I feel if ya going to do this next time, maybe put the timecode at the start. the HTML blue highlight is like a wave this way. Just some suggestion.

  • That Tricky Trickster
    That Tricky Trickster 개월 전 +27

    “A Region Rediscovered” is very underrated. Despite it’s shortness, it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of actually rediscovering a long lost civilization. It legit gave me Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy vibes all at once.

    • JimRaynor2001
      JimRaynor2001 개월 전

      When I saw the scene and that music pops up. Wow, I was speechless and emotional

  • Auoric
    Auoric 개월 전 +22

    2:28 I can't believe it's been a year and I finally get to listen to this without the dubbing 😭❤

    • Divine
      Divine 개월 전

      @Farida moonchase came out on september so yeah almost a year

    • Farida
      Farida 개월 전

      Not a year, but probably 7-9 months lmao

  • Annie Kwok
    Annie Kwok 개월 전 +122

    Genshins soundtracks are always so well composed 😭

  • Lil_Angy2
    Lil_Angy2 개월 전 +61

    22:32 WHEN I FIRST HEARD I THAT PART I WAS LIKE "oh no" i do not want to remember that scene i cried

    • Hazal
      Hazal 개월 전

      Same T_T

    • Kimkim Serly
      Kimkim Serly 개월 전

      Lol, I got the lyre version learned

    • Yolkkyz
      Yolkkyz 개월 전 +4

      Which Scene was that? It just sounds so familiar OHHHH Is it Xiao aight now I wanna cry too

  • Moofasa Does
    Moofasa Does 개월 전 +25

    6:41 Finally! I've been waiting for this for forever! Shenhe's story got me crying during this part. 😭

  • Antonio’s Aesthetic
    Antonio’s Aesthetic 개월 전 +25

    Elogia Cinerosa sounds so beautiful yet so haunting. Truly a masterpiece.

  • Huotaru Channel
    Huotaru Channel 개월 전 +7

    I truly feel blessed to be living in a world where beautiful and amazing music like this exists

  • Luis
    Luis 개월 전 +84

    Learning that the Flavors of the World theme is finally out honestly makes me cry. One of my favorites.

  • siripmia
    siripmia 개월 전 +46

    00:00 is this Moonchase?
    03:55 Ning's Jade Chamber scene and Shenhe's gave me chills
    09:00 this one on Ei's second story quest. Make me want to cry again.
    17:00 Hanfdaaaan 😭
    24:58 I love this part with Xiao
    27:00 Boyang and Bosacius

    • Eighty Eight
      Eighty Eight 개월 전 +7

      Yes it was! Guoba's story was honestly one of the cutscenes that caught me completely off-guard because it was so wholesome yet so sad 😭

    • Akira Leeroy
      Akira Leeroy 개월 전 +1

      Yeah the 1st one is Moonchase Festival

  • Jill
    Jill 개월 전 +119

    no one beats the genshin soundtrack

    • Yatta
      Yatta 개월 전 +2

      Honkai can :D aka Hoyomix lmao

    • Cozysundew33
      Cozysundew33 개월 전

      @Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout Genshin’s up there with the Ark Survival Ost & both Ori Ost

    • Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout
      Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout 개월 전

      @Zlimee I'm sorry, but are you really sure you're talking about MINECRAFT's music???

    • Zlimee
      Zlimee 개월 전

      @Scarlescent -ReadMyAbout Minecraft I’d say has very good music but probably because it’s more nostalgic, I agree that genshin has insane music because I have never gone out of my way to search an OST for a game before

    • Elmina
      Elmina 개월 전

      You don't know NeiR musics

  • Marcellus Hawari Prijdarma

    35:14 “To you who lived here in the past, I hope you liked the song.” -Xinyan

  • MiakiSanAgain
    MiakiSanAgain 개월 전 +13

    "General Alatus, falling in!"
    Thank you god and mhy for finally releasing this ost god its so good

  • chogiwaaa
    chogiwaaa 개월 전 +11

    37:28 the Inazuman version of Against All Odds. What a bangerrr. They should include this in spiral abyss

  • Aranakin Skywalker
    Aranakin Skywalker 개월 전 +12

    22:30 General Alatus Fantastic Compass
    26:26 Bosacious and Boyang stuck in the Chasm
    48:13 Rosalyne's Funeral

  • Alwin Chai
    Alwin Chai 개월 전 +5

    Passion and emotions can be seen & felt in Genshin’s team work in music, really excellent job

  • —»sora.♡
    —»sora.♡ 개월 전 +14

    “Elogia Cinerosa” is my favorite.
    Colombina's voice is so... beautiful. It's almost enchanting.
    I never thought I will end up liking the Harbingers, but- move away, Archons, the Harbingers are my new besties now.

  • Keira Films
    Keira Films 개월 전 +31

    Genshin's music really makes you feel like you are part of Teyvat, like you are THERE. It is amazing how music written so amazingly can do this.

  • yanli 。
    yanli 。 개월 전 +2

    It’s crazy to think how these musics can bring back so much memory and I know exactly which scene it corresponding to. The turning points, the climax.
    Just by listening to them makes me emotional.

  • space dust
    space dust 개월 전 +6

    48:13 Elogia Cinerosa my beloved, I have finally found you
    Hang by a thread is a masterpiece too. What am I saying they're all masterpieces

  • November
    November 개월 전 +6

    I love Shenhe's theme 6:41 in the Osial battle. It's very emotional and very noice.

  • M Sinclair
    M Sinclair 개월 전 +9

    2:28 I'd gotten so used to hearing this part with Madam Ping's charming retelling of Guoba's story, yet hearing it on its own is honestly its own wonderful experience.
    (And I am EXTREMELY glad to finally be able to hear the Beisht version of Overlord of the Vortex, I have been waiting for this moment since the Shenhe Story Quest first came out 👀)

  • junnielocked
    junnielocked 개월 전 +7

    26:00 This part hits me everytime. Thank you Zhongli.

  • Carissa
    Carissa 개월 전 +6

    22:30 sometimes I wonder if the orchestra ever knows what scene they are playing for and they’re reactions when they do find out…

  • Fate
    Fate 개월 전 +31

    I skipped to the end because I know they always save the best for last.
    Now my heart is broken once again. Ruu deserved better

    • Azale_22
      Azale_22 개월 전 +2

      I swear his song will always make me sob I feel so bad for him.

  • Kevin Hone
    Kevin Hone 개월 전 +6

    This one is so badass 51:38, it's like a new villain is preparing for....

  • kou-nyancat
    kou-nyancat 개월 전 +4

    51:43 this part when Signora's fiery moth rest on the coffin and then the game tilted appeared left a deep impression on me. The goosebumps is still there :'D

  • zay !
    zay ! 개월 전 +52

    The director of genshin’s music must be literally godly

  • Milff Mil️️ff❤️

    7:10 this part where Shenhe stops the tsunami waves gave me chills bc of the music

  • Adnine
    Adnine 개월 전 +4

    22:30 the goosebumps this music and the cutscene gave me during the chasm quest will forever me unmatched. the faint hint of xiao's theme here was the cherry on the top

  • Ryu Gaming
    Ryu Gaming 개월 전 +37

    Beautiful 😍 anyone else think so too? This is truly a musical masterpiece and takes true talent to pull off

    • Bully Maguire 🅥
      Bully Maguire 🅥 개월 전

      Here is the full vid.

  • Ultascer Renzo
    Ultascer Renzo 개월 전 +24

    11:04 Miko's Story Quest Cutscene Music!

  • Heiani HAMBLIN
    Heiani HAMBLIN 개월 전 +49

    The music in this game is so GOOD like istg, it got me shiver all the time

  • Shogimaster
    Shogimaster 개월 전 +26

    Oh my days, ruu's theme and bosacius theme, this left me teary eyed

  • Duckatsuki
    Duckatsuki 개월 전 +8

    Ima cry when genshin ends, and i will probably create another account and play all over again, from the beginning to end and enjoy the game to its fullest once more.

  • tiffanyzen
    tiffanyzen 개월 전 +5

    37:28 I've been waiting for this one since version 2.1 😭😭

  • Nery Benitez
    Nery Benitez 개월 전 +3

    45:03 I will never, ever get tired of hearing the many variations and remixes of Kazari and Ayaka´s theme. Soar in the Wind, sweet Shirasagi Himegimi!

  • Laurzure
    Laurzure 개월 전 +37

    Golden Apple Arcapeligo music is always so nostalgic. This place may disappear but it will still be in our memories.

  • M
    M 개월 전 +9

    Elogia Cinerosa really captures the coldness of the Harbringers and the sadness Pierro and the Tsaritsa felt over Rosalyne's death. Well done.

  • gigie gigie
    gigie gigie 개월 전 +10

    I thought I'm over it but as soon as Yaksha's Reminiscence playing I'm sobbing again

    GIGAMERZ 개월 전 +13

    Without all of the sound effect, I realize that miko ingenuity is truly mystifying!

  • The Archives
    The Archives 개월 전 +26

    The music of this game makes up so much of the amazing atmosphere of genshin.

  • cherrygirl
    cherrygirl 개월 전 +2


  • lammmm<3
    lammmm<3 개월 전 +27

    soar in the wind had me SOBBING oh my god the arrangement is a masterpiece

    • Pasta
      Pasta 개월 전 +1

      @Rachel it's from the "tsubaki in thawing snow" video

    • Rachel
      Rachel 개월 전

      which scene is thisss

  • Fwave
    Fwave 개월 전 +39

    Holy crap the second song has been one I’ve tried to find for so long!!! I loved that quest and that cutscene will always be in my heart.

    • Kuudere Chan
      Kuudere Chan 개월 전

      @Fwave Oh I remember it now thank you

    • Fwave
      Fwave 개월 전 +1

      @Kuudere Chan it was the rebuilding jade chamber quest with shenhe and yunjin

    • Kuudere Chan
      Kuudere Chan 개월 전 +2

      Which quest was that?

  • Didit Alizar Firman
    Didit Alizar Firman 개월 전 +3

    46:17 My favorite part

  • Oniplus
    Oniplus 개월 전 +3

    I might be hearing things but that one theme when guoba found xiangling(2:03) and the fatuis theme(48:13) got this really uncanny resemblance for some reason, is there any deeper meaning to it that I missed?

  • Flurry Quackers
    Flurry Quackers 개월 전 +3

    25:00 The Xiao and Bosacious siblings reminiscing before their own sacrifice will always be iconic.

  • Charlotte Marino
    Charlotte Marino 개월 전 +3

    29:27 I don't know how, but this part feels kinda lacking without the Yakshas' scream o-o

  • Cacing
    Cacing 개월 전 +12

    They end the album with ruu's song. The feels......

  • IsaFox
    IsaFox 개월 전 +4

    I love so much Miko’s ingenuity ( cutscene ost from her quest)! At 12:15 it’s so pretty!!!! (The whole ost is pretty tbh)

  • Divearn
    Divearn 개월 전 +8

    Unmatched OSTs'. Freaking Masterpieces. Well done Hoyomix, nothing but praise. You all are genuinely amazing. Keep up the amazing OSTs' for Genshin. Masters of your craft in music, no doubt in that for sure.

  • Dawn
    Dawn 개월 전 +5

    Idk I- I just tear up and feel so grateful for being able to play this game.Like- the music gives me all the flashbacks of the quests/cutscenes and just everything. Oh God I just love this game and will continue to play it until the end

  • over9000
    over9000 개월 전 +5

    don't you just get chills down your spine and your skin tingles when listening to these masterpieces!!!

  • Noah 10
    Noah 10 개월 전 +7

    These musics are just beyond insane. Enjoyed every moment 😌

  • Yuk
    Yuk 개월 전 +5

    Yaksha's reminiscence broke me lmao im bawling my eyes out rn

  • Electron X
    Electron X 개월 전 +3

    30:24 I cried even without playing yelan story quest yet, hoyo mix QAQ

  • LuddyFish
    LuddyFish 개월 전 +2

    36:41 I knew this melody in Mona's Phantasm cutscene was so familiar and I've finally found out why. It has a similar tune to the violin pieces in HTTYD, which is one of my favourite childhood movies!

  • Nick Villar
    Nick Villar 개월 전 +10

    Yu-Peng Chen gives the best, culturally-representative yet uniquely enjoyable pieces. This is the true modern art of our time. Thank you, HoYo

  • Storm Austin
    Storm Austin 개월 전 +8

    the music saves genshin so much, how does it keep getting better? what did we do to deserve it??

  • Shirou
    Shirou 개월 전 +3

    6:45 this gives me chills. Was looking for the background music and finally It's here. Hoyomix and Yupeng truly OP

  • haruki
    haruki 개월 전 +8

    Literally hoyo-mix's music is one of the best aspects of the whole game I am absolutely in love with it 😍

  • Lunaaa8.35
    Lunaaa8.35 개월 전 +7

    I was having goosebumps on the Fatui song and suddenly heard Ruu's song 🥲 they really know how to put more feels, now im crying 😭

  • Pramana
    Pramana 개월 전 +4

    We have to appreciate all the efforts HoYo-MiX put into all these great pieces. This is how the money you guys put in the game turned into.

  • RagnaTHEbladage
    RagnaTHEbladage 개월 전 +3

    I waited so long for most of these songs, I#m sooo happy , espacially Elogia Cinerosa from Winternights Lazzo was so hard to find a good version on youtube, I LOVE IT!

  • AdequateThing 09
    AdequateThing 09 개월 전 +12

    Max Volume isn't enough, I need to marry the soundtrack

  • Milff Mil️️ff❤️

    I love the music in genshin so much. I literally have never appreciated a games music this much. It's amazing

  • Gipsy D
    Gipsy D 개월 전 +2

    I love how at the end it went from a choir of adults singing some real dark and somber melodies(Elogia Cinerosa) to a choir of children singing simply and innocently (Song of Innocence)

  • British Ei
    British Ei 개월 전 +3

    After almost 2 years, I can't still believe that this is a free game 💀.

  • Milff Mil️️ff❤️

    Genshins soundtracks are always so well composed 😭

  • Milff Mil️️ff❤️

    Genshins soundtracks are always so well composed 😭